Take one snappy news anchor, add a crafty food reporter, mix with an oafish nemesis, and add a dash of clueless intern and you have the recipe for The Greatest Marriage. Come join Amy, Jazmine, and Taleena for the dish on this week’s episode right after we pick the snails out of all these shells...

Her Biological Clock is More an Alarm Clock 

It makes her body buzz and fizz

Taleena: Alright ladies, truth time. I’m a hater. I’m a bonafide Park Si Yeon hater from villianesses she has played soooo well in the past. I know this is going to color my viewing so I thought I’d get it out there. After this episode I am not on board. She seems overly prickly and thin skinned. I kind of warmed up to her during the eating montage, and I liked that fact that she stood up to the president on the fairway. She irritated me with her double standards and the way she blew hot and cold.

Amy: I have mixed feelings about Park Si Yeon. I liked the way that she stood up for herself but I thought she came on a little too strong at times. She does have a cute side, though, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of that. I’m sure her character will get better as the series progresses.

Jazmine: Well, this is my first time watching Park Si Yeon and I gotta say….I love her. I like her character too. I’m really not into the stereotypical quiet or shy girl that most dramas have (and I’m noticing with a lot of recent dramas that’s starting to change). I can sympathize with her and struggles she’s gone through at her job as I’m sure most women in the corporate world can. She is rude though, but she also has this cute side that is subtle that I hope we can see more of.

Can You Trust A Chef That Skinny?

Also, Good Call Not Wearing the ‘Lonely’ Shirt

Amy: I enjoyed Min Woo as Tae Yeon. I thought he did a good job of acting cool on the outside but really being a clumsy goofball on the inside. He definitely had other intentions when he started working with Ki Young. I think he has had a crush on her for a while and has been planning how to seduce her.

Jazmine: I was not sure about Min Woo here, but I really really liked him. He quickly grew on me, though I was a little wary of how fast everything went. Though, that first kiss was….wow. As far as him being a chef, I’m totally love guys that can cook! In his first scene when he’s preparing dinner for two, but it’s only him and he’s watching Ki Young’s broadcast...I found it kind of weird. I feel like there’s more to him and his attraction to Ki Young than meets the eye.

Taleena: I really liked No Min Woo as Tae Yeon here. While I don’t see what he sees in her, he really seems to know how to grab her interest. I love his horrified look at her fridge compared to the perfect organization of his. He was a funny mix of cool, collection and confidence what he has mastered vs. crazy flailings and faces when he is working at something new. His desperate maneuvering for a kiss (Boy howdy! Nice kiss! The body language from awkward to into it was very well done.) and chasing the chickens was hilarious.

A Politician With Ethical Problems?

Say It Ain’t So!

Jazmine: I don’t like Bae Soo Bin’s character but he’s doing a great job portraying him so far. I wonder what other sort of problems he’ll cause in the future. He’s already caused quite a few. He does have the potential to be one of those characters that starts off bad and eventually becomes less bad (but not really good). I like dramas with complex characters so I hope there’s another side to him, but I’m not holding my breath.

Taleena: Bae Soo Bin is playing the role of “The Patriarchy” here. Brash, whiny, entitled and patronizing. Also the reason Park Si Yeon’s Ki Young is so adamant about dealing with men the way she does. Let’s hope that he manages to avoid another lawsuit. Oh and I hate the word ‘patriarchy’ used as a pejorative.

Amy: Oh Bae Soo Bin. I have a feeling he’ll drive me crazy but I will like him at the same time. He has a cute side to him despite the patriarchal attitude. He is doing a really good job in his role, though, and I enjoyed watching him. His facial expressions had me smiling.

Hey, At Least You Are a PAID Intern

Got to learn to budget someday

Taleena: Look sweetie, you are on the catch for a rich husband. Gotchya. Just don’t be a COMPLETE gold digger and I’ll be on your side. You’ve got the cute doe-eyed thing going. Just be sweet and spunky, learn to budget, and maybe you’ll be able to comfort Tae Yeon if he becomes Second Lead. It’s not likely, but it could happen. Also - you have a cool sister. Don’t forget to tell her thanks.

Amy: I feel like I didn’t see her enough. I like that she knows what she wants but at the same time it’s not cool to be a gold digger. I’ll have to see more of her to form a full opinion.

Jazmine:: I agree with Amy. I need to see more from her. I don’t like the fact that she’s a gold digger or that she spends what she obviously doesn’t has. I’m interested to see where her character is going and how she’ll develop as a Second Lead. As of now she’s not completely wicked and mean. You can still see some niceness and naivety but we’ll see how long that lasts.

And the Rest...

Sorry You Didn’t Quite Make the Top 4

Amy: The chairman is very old fashioned and I can see why Min Woo wants to stay away from him. It has to be hard to live with someone who feels like they have the right to rule every aspect of your life. I didn’t get the whole talking about sex in front of a kid thing. It bothered me. You think kids don’t listen? They hear and absorb everything. I’m looking forward to episode two and getting to know the characters more!

Taleena: As for the rest of the characters we only kind of meet... So the chairman is Min Woo’s dad right? That is the logical conclusion here. This will be interesting. Ki Young’s sister? friend? Who talks about sex in front of a 6 year old? Really?! Will creepy stalker be back? He sent her a barbie doll and some rather plebian underwear, disturbing! I felt sorry for the chicken farm restaurant guy losing out on a whole day of sales receipts because Ki Young didn’t show. I thought that Myung Yi the intern would get that dress. Eating live squid is disturbing to think about, got a little Old Boy there for a minute. Boy, it sounded as if I hated this show but I really didn’t. It was fun and engaging and I really am looking forward to the next episode.

Jazmine: I was happy that Ki Young spoke out against the chairman. I would have done the exact same thing. The rest of the characters we met are interesting in their own right. I like when secondary characters are fun because they help mellow you out when the leads are giving you the feels. I also didn’t like them discussing sex in front of the kid and they were speaking as though they were talking about the weather. About the live squid….I almost fainted when the tentacles were moving on her face. It was too much! Oh and I have to mention that the woman in the courthouse with Eun Cha was Jo Eun Ji. I loved her in Personal Taste and I’m really looking forward to her role! I hope we see more of her! I as doubtful of this drama at first, but I’m really starting to like it.

What did you think drama fans? Is Ki Young pregnant? Will she quit rather than work with Eun Cha? Will Tae Yeon finally taste the chocolates? Sound off in the comments.

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