Ki Young navigates the rocky shoals of postpartum as everyone around her ups their daily levels of Crazy.  Join Taleena, Amy and Jazmine as we discuss Episode 10 of The Greatest Marriage.

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Eun Cha announces his step daddy-ness to the reporters at the hospital. His stooge in the reporter pool is there to make him look good to the public at large.

Jazmine: Typical Eun Cha. I’m not surprised. I did think for a moment that he would actually be doing this for the benefit of Ki Young, but my hopes were too high. I do wonder if he planned that Ki Young would take a longer maternity/child-care leave. If so, smart thinking Eun Cha, you conniving person you.

Amy: Sigh. Eun Chan, Eun Cha, Eun Cha. I really want to like you but you’re making it difficult for me. Your little speech was totally awesome and then you ruined it by saying those things just to help yourself. I like you, though, because yes you’re selfish but I know what you’re going to do and here lately you haven’t been completely awful. At least you’ve helped others a little while gaining more for yourself.

Taleena: Is it wrong that I almost like Eun Cha because, while he may pat my *ahem* shoulder, and tell me I shouldn’t worry my pretty little head, he is wouldn’t go off on a crazy tirade and scream his head off because I told him his was an ass? He is predictable. Will it benefit Eun Cha? Then Eun Cha will devote time and attention to it. He is a pretty simple guy. Feed his appetites and stroke his ego, full stop. Are we sunk so low that this is looking good? Selfish trumps crazy, that doesn’t mean it’s wonderful.

Second Verse, Same as the First, A Little Bit Louder and a Whole Lot Worse: Tae Yeon loses it completely. Registers his marriage to Myung Yi. Is an Ass. May die.

Jazmine:I really can’t stand her. I sympathized for her because of the loss of her child, but to say he/she was just a meal ticket really upsets me. I think Myung Yi is mourning, but her words speak so different. It did hit me that Tae Yeon also did lose a child. It wasn’t until Tae Yeon was hysterical in the elevator I was like “Oh.” It made me sad. Tae Yeon just doesn’t know how to properly communicate and it just makes everything sad.

Amy: This girl just doesn’t know when to stop. Full on crazy mode all the time.

Taleena: Hey! Speaking of crazy! I guess that explains if she thought of her own baby as a meal ticket or not. As for Tae Yeon, he can cry in elevators and bathrooms all he wants, but if he really cared about anyone other than himself he wouldn’t be such a (explicative deleted because nice girls don’t use those words.)

Ki Young’s mom visits. Has major drama meltdown, tries to steal kid. 

Jazmine: When Ki Young woke up and her baby was gone, I was like “no her mom didn’t take her baby”. Her mom is bona fide crazy. Usually moms like that calm down after the baby is born cause they’re like “aww my grandchild” but not this mom. She needs to go back to her restaurant and get some sense.

Amy: I mean, lady, I don’t even know what to do with you. I would be happy if you didn’t show up again. I get that you think your daughter is ruining her life but that is her decision to make. Trying to steal a baby? I’m putting in in the crazy category with Myung Yi. Why don’t you just stay away until you’ve had time to reflect and repent okay?

Taleena: I don’t understand your play here Mama. Everyone already knows the kid is Ki Young’s. It’s pretty awful when the character says/screeches, “Maybe I should kill myself!” And you nod to yourself saying ‘ yup, good call.’

Sun Nyeo vs. Pedro. Sun Nyeo vs. Myung Yi. Sun Nyeo vs. the World.

Jazmine: I wished Pedro would have realllyyy given Sun Nyeo a piece of his mind when he found out that she ratted him out. I was so done with Sun Nyeo at this moment, and I’m done with her now. But the Pedro kiss was mad cute though. Pedro is a sweetheart through and through.

Amy: All right Sun Nyeo. I think you deserved that. Okay? Like, you’re just crazy. Yes, you have rational thoughts sometimes like when you told Myung Yi she shouldn’t be a trophy wife and you don’t like that stuff but you need a time out too. I think I’m putting most of the characters in this drama in a time out. They all need to stop the crazy and start the thinking.

Taleena: Hey Sun Nyeo! Why isn’t “trophy wife” a valid career path? I thought feminism is all about making choices that make you happy? Isn’t that what makes her happy? Or is it that only choices you approve of should be valid? Or is it that you want to be a wife but don’t think you will ever be? I think your brand of feminism is nothing but a mean girls club. I don’t like Myung Yi either but you are no prize. Pedro! She set you up for a serious crime! DON’T BE AN IDIOT! Don't kiss crazy. Don't let her off the hook. Use this time in the Army to make a clean break.

Yeon Hee and Restaurant Guy Kiss. 

Jazmine: Eehhh, I felt weird about their first kiss. It was kinda awkward for me, and maybe it was supposed to be awkward, but I wasn’t feeling it. I did think it was a little weird that he touched Yeon Hee’s kid...which just made it even more awkward. I think Restaurant Guy is a good person but I was not a fan of this scene!

Amy: I don’t know. I don’t know if it is because this drama is so full of messed up characters that I just expect things to go badly now but I don’t have a good feeling. At the beginning of the drama when he was hanging out with Yeon Hee’s kid I got a weird feeling and then during this kiss when he put his hand on the little girl’s back I got it again. I could be fully wrong and I hope that I am but that is what went through my head.

Taleena: Wow I really hope you are wrong Amy. I totally didn’t read that in the scene. I read it like, Yeon Hee feels as if her girl is an impediment to the things she is wanting in life and Restaurant Guy is disabusing her of that notion. Still, this show is ruining every character it can, maybe I should stop looking for the bright side.

Ki Young’s Babysitter Blows

Jazmine: Did the babysitter not call 119 (the 911 equivalent in Korea)? Like...a taxi wouldn’t stop so she didn’t got to the hospital. That’s how you know the babysitter wasn’t a mother. A mom would have gotten on the subway, the bus, a bike...anything! I’ve ridden public transportation in Seoul, it’s very efficent! I do wish Ki Young didn’t feel so overwhelmed with the new baby though, I mean he is a newborn and she went through a lot during her pregnancy with him...I just wish she’d take a breath and calm down.

Amy: What the actual freaking crap was that babysitter thinking? Did she actually leave a baby alone? Like I can’t. I just don’t even. Ugh! At least someone said something that makes sense in this episode! That a mother’s love isn’t a handicap. Thank you!

Taleena: WooEEE! That’s a bold statement there Tex. A mother’s love. That it even needed to be said tells you how messed up they all are. That baby sitter would be taken to court so fast her head would spin here in the US.

Well Drama Fans, what did you think? Is Amy right about Restaurant Guy? Have we seen the last of Pedro? Did the Wild Boar give Tae Yeon a much needed personality adjustment? Let us know in the comments!

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