Welcome back Drama Clubbers for another episode of The Greatest Marriage. This week, Tae Yeon returns, there’s an actual kidnapping, and everyone goes a bit crazy. Join Taleena, Amy, and myself as we discuss this week’s episode!

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A spitting image if there ever was one….

Jazmine: Alright ladies! This episode was full interesting developments and a whole lot of crazy. I mean, I was like these people need to be psychiatrically evaluated. Well, when the episode got started we see Tae Yeon’s mom scrambling through baby photos of Tae Yeon and comparing them to the photo she took of Dan. Looking at the photos it’s totally obvious that Dan is Tae Yeon’s son, but what did you think of Tae Yeon’s mom’s reaction? I didn’t think she’d react that strongly. And what about Tae Yeon’s dad?

Taleena: They are all certifiable. To paraphrase PG Wodehouse, crazy is calling to crazy like Mastadons across the primordial swamp. It does not even surprise me at this point that we have two to four simultaneous kidnapping plots underway.

Amy: I mean, you’re assuming that the kid is your grandson because he looks exactly like your son as a baby? That’s just...I don’t even. Sigh. Ya’ll need to turn your crazy down.


Tae Yeon’s back….but not in a good way

Taleena: So a three year stint abroad has done nothing for Tae Yeon’s narcissistic streak. Everything is about how Tae Yeon feels: even if it means pushing a boy and beating up an innocent bystander.

Amy: This man needs to go to the hospital. Like, he is so far gone he needs to go and get treatment. I don’t even want to deal with him right now. I feel bad for him but he could have USED HIS WORDS and this whole messed up situation would have been avoided.

Jazmine: Of course the first thing Tae Yeon does when he comes back to Korea is push his child away, get into a fight, and get arrested. I not surprised to see Tae Yeon lashing out, but goodness I feel sorry for him. He just can’t seem to get his life together. He wants to run from his problems but I feel like he should face them head on. He’s tormenting himself really.


Our forever shining Pedro

Amy: PEDRO! I love you. Now stay away from the crazy and keep doing your modeling thing okay? We don’t need you going crazy and getting into trouble too.

Jazmine: As always, a breath of fresh of air to the drama. Though he should really leave Sun Nyeo alone. I just more and more trouble heading his way. It is endearing how he missed her though and not gonna lie I would have gotten a tad jealous if I saw him surrounded by gorgeous models too.

Taleena: Pedro, Pedro. You should have let the army do the dirty work for you and given you the excuse you need to keep your distance. I hope you don’t end up in jail or the hospital.


Finally, a look at the past.

Taleena: Ki Young still obviously cares for Tae Yeon. Too bad he acts like she is worse that fish guts, and does bat skippin’ crazy around her. That was a hard time in her life, but she made time to sit with him. It’s like she’s a grown up and not a spoiled child.

Jazmine: I thought it was interesting how she visited and even apologized to him. I wonder if he knows that? Even if he did I doubt that would change his actions too much. I also think it was mature of Ki Young to pay him a visit, if only Tae Yeon could also show some sort of maturity.

Amy: I know that Tae Yeon is married so Ki Young is keeping her distance from him but these two seriously needed to talk things out so long ago and it is ridiculous that they have not done it yet. I commend Ki Young for being the adult in this whole situation but seriously. Words. Use them.


They sort of make a good team...when they’re not married.

Jazmine: So I was not surprised to find the doctor and nurse’s relationship up in flames. That’s karma for you. I’m surprised Yun Hee interfered. I might have just gone in my room and let Nurse Jung go at it. Though it still Yun Hee’s house, and yun Hee obviously dislikes Nurse Jung….anyways I thought the conversation between Yun Hee and her ex-husband was needed. It was civil if anything, which makes me happy because though I don’t want them together I hope their relationship improves for the sake of Ara.

Taleena: So doc finally realises that people make the beds they lie in. That’s a step forward. I really take issue with the fact that almost everyone is portrayed - and especially the women - with dishing out a breathtaking level of domestic violence and it is OK. I am not talking about passionate expression or getting a little wrist grabby. I am talking about full on beating someone bloody. Not OK for guys. Not OK for gals. Not OK. I’m especially looking at you Sun Nyeo, but Doc, Nurse and Ex Wife? Same goes.

Amy: Yes. Domestic violence is not okay no matter who you are. It needs to stop. Period. I’m glad these two are becoming a good team and I hope it continues. They have a child together and she needs to see them working well together whether they are married or not.


But you’re the cutest alien ever!

Taleena: uhhh Illegal alien? I feel like this is a cultural translation issue. Dan? Kids are barbarians and it’s our job as grown ups to civilize them. Keep on trucking. It’s sad that his best current role model is Eun Cha. I keep barking out sad, disbelieving laughs. The whole “sperm donor” thing is the least of this kid’s worries. His parent figures range from well meaning but fairly incompetent (Ki Young. A three year old - even a remarkably well spoken three year old - having to make sure his mom takes her meds?) to undisciplined ego centric (Eun Cha, sees Dan as a real person only mmm 50% of the time) to the violent narcissist (Tae Yeon).

Amy: I agree with Jazmine about Eun Cha. He really does want to do the right thing but his goals have him blinded so he has a really hard time. I see little glimmers of his goodness peeking through, though, and that is very appreciated. At least someone is making some kind of improvement in this show. Dan is just way too sweet. Love him to pieces!

Jazmine: Dan was just so adorable this episode. Love love loooveeeed him! I was sad when he said this because it’s like the bullying has already started. I hate that he has to go through that already, but kids are mean. I agree with you Taleena, that his parent figures aren’t the best but I have to give them credit. Ki Young is a single mom and despite that sickness she is doing everything she can. Eun Cha, however, is very conflicted. I think he really wants to reach out and be a full fledge surrogate father but he can’t see over his own ambitions and goals


Wow, that’s a tad harsh.

Amy: If you are not absolutely, 100% sure that a child is, in fact, your family the thought of custody should not even cross your mind let alone kidnapping. What the actual freaking crap? Do you have a brain? Does it work? Is it really that difficult to use some of your money to hire a lawyer and at least go about this legally? Like, I can’t even begin to understand what they are thinking and how they would feel like it is a good idea to kidnap a child.

Jazmine: Ugh! You can obviously see where Tae Yeon learned his behavior. If I saw this man barking and yelling with every word he says and then looked over at Tae Yeon doing the same thing I wouldn’t want to marry Tae Yeon. It’s looking into the future. Both of his parents were just waay too much for me this episode (as they usually are every episode).

Taleena: Because it is not about gaining a dearly sought after grandchild, it’s about making someone who was rude to you three years ago pay.


Please don’t.

Jazmine: I can’t believe I was shocked when Myung Yi had Dan kidnapped but I was. The lengths this girl has gone to can only be described as greedy. Instead of having some shred of dignity or some moral compass she’s gone completely criminal. They all should be charged with kidnapping, which baffles me as to why Ki Young hasn’t gone to the police yet. I need Dan away from Myung Yi and his crazy grandparents ASAP!

Taleena: Myung Yi *sobbing* “I NEEEED a meal ticket. It doesn’t matter that I have a generous alimony coming. It’s all about MMMMEEEEE!”

Amy: Sigh. Do I need to add anything to this? Myung Yi just go away please. You are dismissed.

What do you think? Will Ki Young be able to get Dan back? Will Tae Yeon snap out of his craziness and mature? Has Myung Yi reached her goal? Will she finally stop her antics? What else is in store for our characters? Let us know in the comments below!

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