Well that was a hot mess! Episode 14 had one misunderstanding after the other! Join Amy, Jazmine and Taleena as we talk episode 14 of The Greatest Marriage.

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Amy: Oh look. Tae Yeon is being a jerk as always. Is anyone surprised?

Taleena: Ya know ladies, after a few weeks of Narcissism and Crazy queueing up as the Villain, I was almost happy to see The Patriarchy! make a roaring comeback as the root of all problems. Nice to see Tae Yeon rock the black turtleneck like an Evil Steve Jobs.

Jazmine: The Evil Steve Jobs! Ha! Let’s me just say thought that this entire episode pissed me off. If it wasn’t for Dan being so freaking adorable I would have been frowning the whole episode. That being said, I’m not surprised by Tae Yeon’s actions. He’s acting as he always have throughout the entire drama just now he’s taking out his anger on a child which is really a new low even for him.


Jazmine: I was like “awww Dan don’t cry”, but then Tae Yeon appeared and I was like “please leave” he’s hurting so much on the inside when he doesn’t have to. He’s completely responsible for the way he’s feeling and if he wanted to improve as a human being he would do so by acting like one, but he can’t.

Amy: You know what could have prevented this whole situation? COMMUNICATION. Poor Dan has a selfish mom who wouldn’t use her words and an even more selfish dad who not only wouldn’t use his words but also went overboard with his hurtful actions.

Taleena: It is a symptom of this insane world they have built that being a chef is somehow not manly. “Only /Girls/ cook, you big girl! Boys build! Grrr” It’s a kindergarten argument, but it is not just the kindergarteners saying it. So world famous chefs, Bobby Flay, Masuhari Morimoto, Wolfgang Puck will just laugh at that reductionist strawman all the way to the bank, and my argument for this being a fever dream only seems more plausible.


Taleena: Tae Yeon thinks that no one knows that he is still obsessively mooning over Ki Young as the centerpiece of his fantasies, but Myung Yi as ALWAYS known her turn on the gravy train was short. Bets on whether or not Tea Yeon would have an “accident” after sharing custody of Dan with Myung Yi but before they could divorce?

Jazmine: I want them to get divorced so bad it hurts. There is nothing loving or caring in their marriage so they don’t need to be together. Myung Yi definitely isn’t as dumb as I thought she was in the beginning, either that or marrying Tae Yeon and his crazy family brought out the crazy in her. She knows what’s really going on in Tae Yeon’s head and she knows exactly what buttons to push to make him act a certain way.

Amy: The divorce talk was pretty much the only logic to come from any of the main characters in this episode. I’m all for divorce between those two! Go for it! Fighting!


Amy: Oh look. Daddy used his position and money to get Tae Yeon a job so that he will have the upper hand in the custody battle. This will go well.

Taleena: It’s a sad fact of this world that money and influence buy nice occupations for feckless sons. It is BONKERS that said feckless son would be put in a position of any consequence other than the urgent duty of organizing and tracking the company’s paperclip usage in a TPS report. Maybe it is a cultural thing, but I have to believe that everyone in that company would be more concerned about how the company was reflected in the public gaze, rather than go along with Tae Yeon’s axe grinding.

Jazmine: Ugh. Just ugh. Tae Yeon literally got into this position, caused major trouble, and then disappeared. I was surprised everyone went along with it so easily, but money does really have this kind of influence. And of course he would target Eun Cha out of sheer jealousy.

Jazmine: All I was thinking during this scene was “oh so now she hasn’t done anything wrong?”. Where was all this support and encouragement like 4 years ago when Ki Young was preggo? That’s something so common you see. While the woman is pregnant (when she really needs the most support) people will look down on her but once the baby is born it’s like everything is forgiven because the child is here and look how precious he/she is. No, support for mothers should be from the time she finds out she’s pregnant. Ughhh this drama makes me angry.

Amy: I was wrong. It didn’t go well. Tae Yeon made sure Eun Cha reported about the trial and speculation along with incriminating pictures of Eun Cha and Ki Young. Good plan, Tae Yeon! You show them. Now everyone is after Ki Young for lying. I’m glad her mom is finally behind her, though!

Taleena: You know what I love? Overwrought emotional displays, accusations of starving your son, and a suggestion of tragic martyrdom in front of a 3 year old. Poor kid already has the bad Park genetics working against him, by all means raise him to think that histrionic displays and sweeping generalities are they best way to communicate.


Taleena: After 50 minutes I was happy to see Ki young pull up her big girl panties. She really has nothing else to lose once the media got a hold of her story. Myung Yi didn’t exactly do anyone a favor, other than Myung Yi, with those pictures did she?

Jazmine: I was also quite happy to see the Ki Young I love return to her strong self. She’s slowly coming back and this episode made me happy with Ki Young. And Myung Yi with those stupid pictures. You have to be an idiot to believe that bed picture. Who let’s the paparazzi get that close? Myung Yi is just desperate to do whatever it takes to stay in that house.

Amy: I’m glad Ki Young decided to go to trial instead of taking the settlement. She’s finally standing up for herself. What will Tae Yeon’s family try to pull now?


Amy: If there is anything good about Eun Cha it’s that he’s determined. Tae Yeon’s dad said if he testifies in court against Ki Young he’ll get some backing from someone on the National Assembly. Think he’ll go for it?

Taleena: Sing with me now! “To Dream the impossible dream, to fight the unbeatable foe! To bear with unbelieveable sorrow, to RUN where the brave dare not go!” Oh Eun Cha, turn that weasel brain to good. To Good! This show is called The Greatest Marriage. I really want that marriage to be Eun Cha and Ki Young now.

Jazmine: Taleena I thought I was the only one! I don’t know when I started shipping Eun Cha and Ki Young but I do! I don’t see the romance between them but between Eun Cha and Tae Yeon….Eun Cha is the better choice. I think Eun Cha will testify on behalf of Ki Young in court...or I’d like to believe that. Eun Cha’s political career means a lot to him though so you never know.

What do you think will happen next? Will Eun Cha take the bait? Will Ki Young be able to keep Dan? Will Tae Yeon ever grow up? Sound off in the comments below!

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