Welcome back Drama Clubbers for another drama filled, tear-jerking, rant-inducing episode of The Greatest Marriage. We have the result of the custody battle, Eun Cha steps up, another pregnancy, and an abrupt ending that is sure to make next week’s final episode a good one! Join Taleena, Amy, and myself as we discuss this week’s episode!

Watch Park Si Yeon navigate single motherhood and modern romance in Greatest Marriage


Jazmine: Okay ladies, we’re getting closer and closer to our finale and I must say this episode was actually pretty good….I mean I was still infuriated, but this particular episode wasn’t so bad. So we started off with the trail, what are your thoughts? From the jump it looked one sided against Ki Young. I had a bad feeling about all of this and of course my suspicions were confirmed when we found out the Chairman knew every single lawyer and judge.

Taleena: She’s a terrorist?! *pausing to inhale a couple of deep cleansing breaths* Stop! you stupid show, just stop . I know that you are trying to use inflammatory language to make the point about The Patriarchy! being insidious and evil, but terrorist is not a word to throw around lightly. We must not use or accept such a degradation of language, even in the context of a show - even if it was obviously hyperbolic - because civil disruption is not an act of terror. Start using too broad a brush and it stops meaning something.

Amy: Agreed, Taleena! I was so mad when they just threw that word out there! I was not surprised when Chairman had his hand in everything. The selfish and power hungry are like that. Gotta get what you want!


Taleena: Eun Cha is the only person I actually enjoy watching anymore. Eun Cha, you magnificent weasel! The whole episode could have been Eun Cha narrating events of the previous episodes. I wanted it to be like that scene in the Goonies, where Chunk starts confessing to everything he’s ever done.

Amy: I only enjoy watching Eun Cha and Pedro. I love that he just blurted out everything. Way to go, Eun Cha! Jazmine, I’m thinking the love he was confessing to was one sided. Like he started loving Ki Young when he found out she was pregnant but has been a coward and hasn’t gone about their relationship the right way.

Jazmine: Eun Cha’s testimony was so...Eun Cha. He said everything he was told to say but of course blurted out the truth, but also lied by saying Ki Young and him had a romantic relationship. I was not surprised by Eun Cha’s actions but happy that he “stepped up” in his own way. His moral compass is skewed but it’s almost pointing in the right direction.


Amy: I don’t care for Sun Nyeo but I love Pedro. He treats women well and Sun Nyeo needs to learn how women should be treated. She doesn’t have good examples in her family and she definitely didn’t have one in her “first love” Eun Cha.

Jazmine: These two. Pedro’s smile has captured my heart and though I do not like Sun Nyeo at all the way Pedro treats her is nice and hopefully Pedro can knock some sense into her or something. I think Sun Nyeo needs to be loved properly. Eun Cha was a jerk to her, and the men in her family can’t actually grasp what love is so I’m kinda hoping things work out with them.

Taleena: Nope. Don’t care. OK, I have a tiny place in my heart that says I hope Sun Nyeo does not get what she so richly deserves, which is a taste of her own medicine. Here’s hoping that Pedro is kind, and Sun Nyeo breaks free of her horrible family.


Jazmine: I could not go this entire episode without mentioning this scene. I thought it was both hilarious and crazy. Why is Mr. Chef accusing Yun Hee of cheating? Were they even in a relationship? And the Nurse accusing the Doctor of adultery when she was once the mistress? The hilarity of this situation comes from its absurdity.

Taleena: Nope. I care less than I do about Pedro and Sun Nyeo, which is to say less than an atom’s worth. Less than a proton. I care about an electron’s wor.... oh, nope not even an electron’s worth. Neither of them are married to any of the others. This is pointless.

Amy: Agreed. It is completely pointless to catch them in the act when they aren’t even in a relationship anymore. What’s the point in hurting yourselves?


Taleena: Poor kid. Not all the sweater vests in the world are saving you from crazy. Side note - is that a giant block of tofu? Also, the orange basket storm troopers come in when she has a week left on her lease? If the week is up, shouldn’t she have packed something? I know I need to stop looking for logic in this show.

Amy: I was asking the same questions Taleena. Poor Dan. I hope he gets some structure in his life.

Jazmine: *tears* Dan is the cutest thing in the world and I just feel terrible that all of this is happening to him. No matter who wins custody or whatever happens between Ki Young and Tae Yeon, Dan will grow up being the child of people who still acted like children themselves/ Ki Young’s right, the person who got hurt the most during all of this is Dan.


Amy: You’re not even going to bring up that Tae Yeon has taken away your job and home, Ki Young? Don’t you think that would work against him? I’m not surprised by the verdict at all but it is still frustrating.

Jazmine: Not surprised by this verdict al all. And I cried of course when Ki Young was crying especially when she didn’t want to go see Dan and then he called out to her as she passed. It was such a sad moment. Though I kinda wished she’s seen Dan off I understand her reasons.

Taleena: Why doesn’t Ki Young enter Park Tae Yeon’s shenanigans into the official record? Why doesn’t she take a freaking moment to say: “I don’t have a job or place anymore because this bozo is using his money to manipulate the system?” Why doesn’t anyone go for broke with an exclusive tell all at another TV station? Weh. WEH?! I thought she pulled on her Supergirl Underoos (She does not deserve Wonder Woman Underoos), and was ready to fight, but all we got was hand wringing and The Patriarchy! arguments. *sigh*


Jazmine: What a sincere and touching moment between Ki Young and Eun Cha. I was caught off guard when she proposed they get married, but her reasoning was so full of pain. I’m glad that Eun Cha is there for her though. And when she confessed that she felt secure when she saw him I was having a fangirl moment. Though I’m still having a hard time picturing romance between them their relationship is enduring.

Taleena: Are we finally getting around the the marriage that the title laughingly alludes too? This is awful and I don’t know why I keep expecting the show NOT to ruin something. Is it too much to hope for that Eun Cha and Ki Young have a meeting of the practical, hardscrabble minds? Instead we have this confession of safety and comfort out of nowhere. NOWHERE. maybe she feels safe with Eun Cha because, while he is an opportunist pig, he’s not OH crazy.

Amy: She feels safe with Eun Cha because he is the only person in her life who is upfront with her. He tells her that he wants something from her. She knows and goes along with it. I’m glad Eun Cha didn’t just say yes to her proposal. If they do get married I hope it is because of love and not to gain something. Probably won’t happen right?


Taleena: I predict her dad is going to go all Hulk rage and her mother will kick her out of the house.

Amy: I agree Taleena. I think Pedro will help her out though. He doesn’t seem like the type to run away. Who knows, though, this is The Greatest Marriage the show that defies logic.

Jazmine: Oh how the tables have turned! Sun Nyeo is preggo and though she’s not in any public position I really hope Eun Cha does what he does best and meddles in her business. This may be the spiteful person in me but I really want all of the world to know that Sun Nyeo is pregnant. It would only seem fair given what Ki Young has gone through.


Amy: I thought they were going to get a divorce after the trial. That is a good idea. Why stick around? What are you gaining Myung Yi and Tae Yeon? You’re both childish and selfish.

Jazmine: Why aren’t they divorced yet? Though after this scene divorce for them can’t be far. Though I hate Myung Yi, probably more than any other character I’ve seen (except Joon Pyo’s mom from BoF), she does have a way of reading Tae Yeon and what he’s feeling. This girl has manipulative powers for sure but when it comes to Tae Yeon she can make him believe anything. Of course that’s easy to do when Tae Yeon is too childish to check the facts.

Taleena: Myung Yi managed to say something truthful without turning into smoke and returning to her Dark Lord. (Wait, I think I had a whole rant on hyperbole earlier, right?) To wit: Tae Yeon is disappointed that ruing Ki Young’s life and stealing her son didn’t make Ki Young fall into his arms with love beams shooting out of her eyes.


Jazmine: So where were these flashbacks like 14 episodes ago? These were the flashbacks I need to come in the beginning of the drama so I have some clue to why Tae Yeon was so infatuated with Ki Young. I still don’t know exactly why he started to like her, but we can see that Tae Yeon has been watching out for Ki Young for awhile now….ya know until he started to destroy her life.

Taleena: Orange socks + Highwater pants = hilarity. Also, I have no patience for Tae Yeon’s tender memories of stalking Ki Young because he’s a narcissistic creep. That his first memory is being enraptured with a poor girl being berated and humiliated is a big unhealthy clue.

Amy: I really have no sympathy for Tae Yeon. At all. Even if I had known how long he’d liked and taken care of Ki Young 14 episodes ago I would still feel no sympathy because of his actions afterwards.


Taleena: I knew we were getting overdue for Tae Yeon’s periodic crying jag, wherein the tiny part of his heart that is human beats it’s tiny fists against the monolith of Tae Yeon’s ego. Nothing can save this show unless the final episode is a series of people getting slapped in the face and told to “Snap out of it!”

Amy: Sigh. I can’t even say good job to Tae Yeon. I don’t trust him. I agree, Jazmine! If things don’t work out for Ki Young in the end things will be thrown and yelling will commence. Also, Taleena, may I participate in the slapping? I really, really want to!

Jazmine: This ending was so abrupt. I was expecting a little bit more so when the episode ended I was surprised. I was also surprised by Tae Yeon. Finally his guilt had weighed down on him that he runs to Ki Young? I doubt he’ll hand over everything to her so easily. He’s so swayed by his emotions that you can’t trust he’ll say what he’ll do. Also, on a sidenote….I’m really waiting for Ki Young’s moment of justice. Everything better work out for Ki Young in the end or I will throw something.

What do you think? Will Tae Yeon give everything back to Ki Young? Will Eun Cha and Ki Young get married? Do you think Sun Nyeo’s pregnancy will be revealed to the public? What will become of The Greatest Marriage? Let us know in the comments below!

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