Well, Drama Fans, here we are at the final episode of The Greatest Marriage. All storylines get resolved, all fates are decided. Join Taleena, Jazmine and Amy as we cross the marathon finish line and start looking around for the table full of snacks and gatorade.

Watch the finale:


The moral of our story? Or just a general pro tip on life?

Taleena: Look, Eun Cha may be a weasel and a master manipulator, but his brush with genuinely crazy has opened his eyes to the consequences of misusing power. His heart may have only grown two sizes instead of three, but by golly Eun Cha has turned into a real boy after all!

Amy: Yay, Eun Cha! I’m so proud of him. He turned out to be my favorite main character in this drama. Bae Soo Bin did an awesome job with his character.

Jazmine: I was also happy with how Eun Cha turned out. We got a lot of character growth with him. He was so wishy-washy, but now I see that his moral compass has finally straightened itself out.


Eun Cha and Ki Young get engaged — but not for love.

Amy: I really think that Eun Cha loves Ki Young but he knows that Ki Young doesn’t return the affection. Maybe Eun Cha thinks he can eventually win Ki Young over. I loved that he offered business but also affection if she’d take it in his proposal.

Jazmine: This scene was hilarious to me, but also sweet. It was so Eun Cha. I wouldn’t expect a proposal to be any other way coming from him. I don’t think he loves Ki Young, but I think he can. I’m actually happy these two did end up officially together. If they have romance between them, they need more time for it to blossom!

Taleena: Does Eun Cha love Ki Young? I think he does, as much as Eun Cha can ever love anyone but himself. Eun Cha is self aware enough to understand the give and take needed in a relationship and also to communicate in a way that Ki Young understands and will be able to accept. I like that he is able to offer himself without the rose colored glasses, but savvy enough to offer the glasses too if Ki Young wants them.


Tae Yeon gets a pep talk

Jazmine: Wow, this Chairman guy was actually good for something. His words of wisdom are exactly what Tae Yeon needed. He probably hasn’t heard that any other time in life, so to hear it now was good for him. I hope he can keep on receiving some positive encouragement as his life goes on.

Taleena: Eun Cha’s school buddy offers more good paternal life advice to Park Tae Yeon in 10 minutes than I imagine his actual father would in his entire life. The things you want in your 40s and 50s ARE different than what you think you want in your 20s. I would rather have learned more about this guy than Tae Yeon’s shrewish sister and Ki Young’s selfish friend.

Amy: I agree, Taleena! I was happy for his words of wisdom. I wish he would have said something way earlier. This drama may have turned out a lot better if he had!


Sun Nyeo and Pedro are getting married, Doctor and Yun Hee get back together, and a very awkward song is sung

Amy: Oh Pedro. I still like you despite your golddigging ways. At least you’re honest and upfront about it. I don’t think a relationship should be built on that, though, because something will always be missing and it will eventually fall apart. I was so weirded out by not only the phone call about the period but also adopted dad’s reaction. Like, what in the world? I have no idea where that came from and I don’t want to know. See what communication does kids? If you had talked before you could have saved yourselves from the mess of divorce and been a lot better off!

Taleena: So Pedro is a golddigger, but wears it well. Doc and Yun Hee could have saved themselves a lot of time, money, heartache and a weird and skeevy song if they had just made the effort to confine their attentions to their own spouse. Who tells their adopted dad about getting a period? On purpose? An ocean away? I am pretty sure non pervy dads don’t want to think about these kinds of things.

Jazmine: Every relationship in this drama was a complete mess. I had hopes for Pedro and Sun Nyeo, and even Yun Hee and the chef at first but everything just kinda fell apart. I didn’t think Doc and Yun Hee would get back together so I’m still kinda shocked by that. How they have any trust in that relationship baffles me. Pedro was honest, but I didn’t like that blow to his character. He was our beacon. Other than that, whatever floats the boat works for me.


Myung Yi OR The wages of Golddigging?

Jazmine: Truck driving isn’t that bad? Truck drivers make pretty good money….anyway, Myung Yi’s phone call from her parents was good for me cause I did want her to reconnect with them. However, Myung Yi has been super crazy this whole episode so it surprises me that her breaking point was how Tae Yeon’s family treated her. I just knew she was gonna go crazy and like burn their house down or something. Either way, she’s gone now.

Taleena: Who knew that driving a truck was the worst thing ever? I know that all of Myung Yi’s awfulness, and the shattering of her hopes and dreams are crashing down on her in this moment, BUT she doesn’t seem to care about anything other than her parents are doing something as lowly as truck driving. Also, you want family to lean on? You have a perfectly nice sister you left behind a few episodes back. I feel bad at how disposable the Park family treats her, but she went in with her eyes open.

Amy: I agree again, Taleena. I do feel bad for her in a way but she knew what she was getting herself into. Yes she fell in love with Tae Yeon but she knew that his heart wasn’t in the relationship and how his parents would treat her. She should have gotten out while she could. I’m just happy she came to her senses and divorced him.

Final Thoughts:

Taleena: For as well acted and beautifully put together as this drama was, it drove me nuts. The viewpoints were incoherent, and the characters were so two dimensional and cartoonish that Hanna Barbera could consider an infringement lawsuit. The saddest thing is: we got glimpses of how wonderful and poignant it could have been in the final episode when we stopped talking about the oppression of The Patriarchy! and dealt with honest frailties.

Amy: If the drama had been more like the last two episodes I would have enjoyed it a lot more. The acting was on point, the characters were engaging, and it was beautifully shot. The way the writers handled the plot, however, was lacking to say the least. If they had focused more on the people than on how bad the patriarchy is I would have been more connected to the drama and enjoyed it a lot more.

Jazmine: I liked this drama a lot when it first started and then it just went downhill from their. Ki Young was everything I liked in a female lead but then she just got destroyed throughout the drama and I didn’t like that. Not to mention the Tae Yeon had NO redeeming qualities and there was no character growth for him at all. He just gave everything back to Ki Young because he had a serious guilt trip not because he became a better human being. Myung Yi too. When a drama has a lot of characters characters with bad traits it’s always nice to see them change over the course of the drama. Unfortunately this drama missed the mark. As far as the plot and everything else goes, you guys took the words right out of my mouth.

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