This episode of  The Greatest Marriage will have you crying, laughing and wondering just how far people are willing to go to get what they want. Blackmail, revenge, a medical scare, stalking and more! Join Taleena, Amy, and Jazmine as we discuss this week’s episode!

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The cat’s out the bag!

Jazmine: Okay ladies, so much happened this episode! Though for me I’d have to say that Eun Cha stole this episode. He really became the bad guy in that subtle backstabbing way we’ve grown accustomed to with him. We all knew that he’d exploit Ki Young’s unexpected pregnancy to his full benefit but I didn’t think he’d be such a jerk about it. Making her go to that drinking party, “inviting” her on the hike, and screwing up her chances to study abroad. Eun Cha stooped to new low this episode—if that was possible. But it’s antics like this that make this drama more appealing. I’m interested to see how Ki Young will overcome it all.

Amy: Ki Young didn’t have to go drinking or hiking. She made the decision herself to go. Yeah the president was there but when it comes to the health of your baby or career most women would choose their baby. Maybe that sounds harsh but I don’t think all of the blame should go on Eun Cha. I don’t think he should have put Ki Young in those situations but ultimately she made the final choice.

Taleena: Honestly, Ki Young should have known better. I know she thinks she is making the best of bad choices, and she is trying to do her best to strong arm Eun Cha (Blackmail video, anyone?), but anyone who is that ethically flexible is not just going to roll over and take it.


Don’t cry Ki Young!

Amy: Ki Young made a tough decision and I commend her for it. It can’t be easy to decide to be a single mother. I understand that she is pushing everyone away because they are against her pregnancy but there has to be someone who will support her. Well, her baby daddy would if she would actually communicate with him.

Taleena: I am glad they are showing her understand the very real weight of her decisions, but she is pushing away all real help. I am frustrated that this show doesn’t seem to know what it wants anymore than Ki Young. She is shown to want a baby because her biological clock is ticking and she distrusts men, but you get the feeling that if she hadn’t been told this is potentially her own chance to have a child, she wouldn’t be having this one.

Jazmine: This scene was so hard for me to watch. Her dream was scary too. You can tell she wants the baby but societal pressures are getting to her. I really felt for Ki Young because she has so much stress concerning work and now her pregnancy. Everyone around her was pressuring her to get an abortion which she obviously was not okay with. I feel like I’ve grown so attached to her already so it was hard to watch her go through this.


A new member of Crayon Pop?

Taleena: Props to the actor for putting it out there. I get the sense that Eun Cha will not really, truly be deterred by this video. It is just embarrassing, not unethical or illegal. If it gets him what he really wants this will not stop him barrelling ahead full steam.

Jazmine: This was by far one of the funniest scenes during this episode. Though I highly doubt that Eun Cha will just smile and go along with the contract (we can see he’s already finding loopholes). I’m so happy that Ki Young recorded this just in case. It’s hilarious and was a great comedic moment in what was rather a sad episode. Eun Cha made me dislike him a little less thanks to this scene.

Amy:I agree that the video was just embarrassing to Eun Cha. If it does get out I don’t think he will let it affect him too much because he still got what he wanted.


That’s the look of a mother who’s about to ruin some girl’s life

Jazmine: Tae Yeon’s mother surprisingly gave me chills this episode. I was surprised that Tae Yeon voluntarily disowned himself to be with Ki Young, especially after Ki Young and him broke up. It was a bold and unexpected move but I felt kind of proud of Tae Yeon. His mother on the other hand did what most drama mothers do and that is go directly after the girl. I can’t believe that she was investigating Ki Young, even to the point of putting a tracking device on her car! Also, the conversation that she had with Ki Young made me very uneasy. She seemed so fake in that situation and I didn’t think that Ki Young would just sit there and agree to not see Tae Yeon, even though they had broken up I felt like Ki Young’s pride would get in the way.

Amy:You gotta have the evil mom right? I wasn’t expecting her to be too awful but this is drama land and mom thinks she knows best in drama land. She’ll do anything to make sure her child fulfills her wishes too.

Taleena: Yeah you thought the Chairman was bad news. I get the feeling that his mom is just as bad. That is the look of a woman who thinks no one is good enough for her prize son. The fact that Ki Young said she broke up with him will not really assuage her.



Amy: I’m getting frustrated with this couple big time. I really wish they would just use their words. If they would just communicate even if they didn’t stay together they’d at least know how the other person feels and may be able to work something out. I guess that wouldn’t be entertaining though would it?

Taleena: Jeez that’s just COLD. Neither one of them seem to be able to express their hurt and disappointment in any other medium than cutting remarks. Would it kill either of them to say, “I want to be with you but I am overwhelmed by circumstance?” Nothing is gained by pushing each other away by lies.

Jazmine: I was sincerely hoping that things would have mended a little bit between Tae Yeon and Ki Young but after this scene I’ll doubt they’ll be any mending any time soon. I wonder why she told Tae Yeon that she got an abortion. She could have said a lot of other things to get him to back off or to stop bothering her but she chose the most extreme thing. Also, he’ll be able to tell it was lie when she starts showing. The tension is felt very much through the actors. The acting in the drama is really good so it helps me connect more to the characters. I just hope Tae Yeon and Ki Young reconcile soon!


And this is why you’re Second Lead...

Taleena: There is literally no one likeable on this show. Hey Myung Yi—I said, “DON’T be a total gold digger.” I knew that when she admired the dress in the store it was going to come back and bite someone in the bum. That fact that Tae Yeon saw Ki Young’s reaction to it might help him out, but Myung Yi’s territorial cattiness is working against that.

Jazmine: Tsk Tsk, this girl keeps showing her true colors. Not only are her words, but her actions show how naive and selfish she is. Clearly when Tae Yeon came into the restaurant he was bothered by something but all she could think about was making him notice her. Myung Yi is definitely starting to annoy me more and more. Not only that, did you see the look on her face when Ki Young was dry heaving at the new studio? This girl is definitely up to something and I don’t think I’m ready to see what that is.

Amy:This girl just needs to stop. I don’t even want to deal with her right now. I’m glad that Tae Yeon saw how Ki Young felt when Myung Yi showed up in that dress but I do not like her character. At all. At this point I feel like we could do away with her and nobody would notice.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.48.39 AM.png


Jazmine: This was seriously scary. That is a lot of blood and I could only think of the worst possible outcome and I really hope I’m wrong. If I was sitting in the chair, the moment I felt blood I would have tried to stop the broadcast and I wish Ki Young would have thought the same. I understand that she’s a strong person and doesn’t want to show weakness but this was completely different situation. I was also pleased to see the look of concern on Eun Cha’s face. It made me happy that even though he was a complete jerk the entire episode he wasn’t above true concern for the wellbeing of Ki Young and her unborn child. I’m hoping that everything is okay and that my worst fears are not confirmed. Ki Young, Stay Strong!

Amy: I was disappointed in Ki Young when it looked like she was trying to have a miscarriage by going over speed bumps in her car. I was really disappointed when she kept reading the news despite the fact that she was in pain and bleeding that much. Sigh. It made me happy that Eun Cha tried to take care of her though. I think I came to like Eun Cha during this episode and I’m interested to see how he will develop.

Taleena: Isn’t that what Ki Young was going for? Her freakout in the car going over lots of speed bumps at full speed—isn’t this her passive aggressive way of having a miscarriage? The fact that Eun Cha is suddenly the most real and honest person on this show is bad news.

What do you think is going to happen next? Will Ki Young lose her baby? Will Eun Cha continue his crazy antics? Will Tae Yeon’s mother go after Ki Young more? Who else do you think is going to find out about the pregnancy? Let us know in the comments below!

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