As news of her pregnancy spreads, Ki Young contemplates her future while everyone around her schemes. Join Jazmine, Amy, and Taleena as we dissect episode four of The Greatest Marriage—right after we brazenly lie to a room full of reporters...

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If I Only Had a Brain

Jazmine: I'm so on the fence with Eun Cha now. After the whole hospital scene I like him a lot more. Even though I know he's sure to cause trouble later on it's hard not to like him somewhat. I was happy over how excited he as to see the sonogram of Ki Young's baby. It warmed my heart. Throughout the whole episode I could tell that his attitude towards Ki Young has changed slightly but he still has his personal goals as #1. 

Amy: I think he is a good guy but like you said his personal goals come first. I think he'll grow as the series progresses and it will be interesting to see how Eun Cha changes. I liked how he brushed off the blackmail video. Psh. That's nothing compared to what he's already been through!

Taleena: Eun Cha has managed to be not annoying for a whole episode now, in spite of his schemes to be the lead anchor. I really enjoyed his looks of "Are you sure you know what you are in for?" I am also not surprised that Ki Young's blackmail video was easily brushed aside. What is a little dignity when you have had a brush with real scandal.

... A Heart ...

Jazmine: Again, this girl is just an annoyance. I was happy she got to hear what Tae Yeon really thought about her. I thought it would be a wake-up call for her to leave him alone and stop pursuing him. Instead, she tells huge lies. Lies, that I'm surprised she could tell with such a straight face with like no remorse whatsoever. Not only did she spread lies, but she's also telling people that Ki Young is pregnant and tried to make her take digestive pills that could harm her baby. I understand Myung Yi was hurt that was just too much for me.

Taleena: Myung Yi started off eavesdropping on Ki Young and Tae Yeon's nasty conversation and got an earful. She finished by paying them back with lies and going full Gold Digger.  You never go full Gold Digger. I think those lies will be easily exposed. At least the lie about the abortion. Ki Young seems all to ready to believe that Tae Yeon is a player.

... (Came from) A (Decent) Home...

Jazmine: I was actually shocked that she wanted to leak Ki Young's pregnancy. I wanted her to be a character that maybe Ki Young could use as support when dealing with Tae Yeon's parents since she's his sister and all. She's focused on advancing her own agenda too, whether she destroys Ki Young or not. 

Amy: I already didn't like her character and I like her even less now. She seems like a spoiled brat who isn't used to not getting her way.

Taleena: Wow, she's moved from a little understandable payback to full on malice. It stands to reason that coming from such a ruthless family she would have no problem using someone else's situation to advance herself.

.... Da Noive...

Jazmine: I felt bad for Tae Yeon here. He definitely doesn't how to express his emotions toward Ki Young or otherwise. He does all this destructive behavior, but for what? He's going through a lot. I just wish he would find another outlet. I tend to like characters that throw themselves into something productive when they're having hard times, but I can understand letting loose every now and then. He really shouldn't have picked that fight though....he got beat...bad.

Amy: I felt for Tae Yeon too but  I really wish he would just communicate effectively with at least one person. At the very least find a friend to talk to so that you can get your frustrations out and maybe get some helpful advice. It seems like his character is regressing but I think (hope) things will turn around for him soon.

Taleena: Tae Yeon is attending his own little pity party in this episode.  After the hospital fight with Ki Young he mopes around then gets drunk, picks a fight, gets the tar beaten out of him and drunk dials the wrong girl. Dude it's episode 4—you have got to pace that downward spiral.

What She's Got That They Aint GotCourage.

Jazmine: This was brave. Ki Young is well aware of the repercussions of her pregnancy and now she's opened herself to all sorts of criticisms and name callings and just terrible things. I think she did Tae Yeon a favor (and herself too) by not naming him as the father. One, that helps defend her from other people's moral standards about  sex before marriage. Two, she also saved face for the broadcasting station seeing as how Tae Yeon's father is the Chairman (they should thank her). Lastly, she's decided to take the burden all on her own. It's not like men get any of the blame for an unplanned pregnancy anyway, but now no one is looking at Tae Yeon. The focus stays on Ki Young. So this is not only a brave action, but can be seen as a kind of selfless one too.

Amy: I guess this was a good solution to get Ki Young out of immediate trouble. I don't think this solution will last very long because someone will most likely spill the beans about who the father is but for now it works. I don't think Tae Yeon wants her to take this burden alone. I think that he wants to help her even if she decides to be a single parent which I respect him for. At least in that aspect he isn't like a spoiled kid.

Taleena: Well—that's one way to try and CYA.  I don't think it will hold together long. Too many people know she was dating Tae Yeon—people who have no trouble making trouble for her. I do hope now that the big news is out there, Ki Young will own her decision and stop double and triple guessing it.

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