Episode 5 of The Greatest Marriage was packed with courage, revenge, and controversy. Join Taleena, Jazmine, and Amy as we discuss this week’s episode!

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Amy: I’m not sure if Ki Young was expecting to be fired right away but I was a little surprised. I thought there would at least be a discussion. Not just a post on the bulletin board. I thought she showed great courage when she stood her ground, though, and that made me respect her more.

Taleena: Eh, I would have been more surprised except that Eun Cha has been trying to get Ki Young out of the newsroom forever, aided by his buddy the boss. Is Eun Cha sleeping with the up and coming anchor? My Magic 8 Ball says, “Chances Are Good.” And what is with Yi Myung’s random walk off the job? Is she that petty that she can’t just get the chair? Wow, 4 episodes ago I thought you were a little cute - how wrong I was.

Jazmine: I wasn’t surprised that they wanted to replace Ki Young but I was upset how they went about it. Ki young is still a professional. She still worked for the company for all those years and she worked hard. It’s sad that she nearly had to be dragged out of her “office”. It just reiterates what Ki Young’s saying. Just because she’s having a baby out of wedlock everyone and their mother is automatically changing their opinion of her. It’s like she’s not human anymore, she’s just some person committing a social sin.

Taleena: Oh my goodness! I get he is hurt and angry. I GET it, but must we use such hyperbole all the time? You pushed me away. You walked out on me. We argued. You lied. I lied. We both lied. All these would be much better at conveying what actually happened. Bonkers! He’s driving me Bonkers!

Amy: Yes. I think he is driving us all bonkers. I don’t know what to think of Tae Yeon. I really liked him at first but now I have mixed feelings. I understand where he is coming from. I do but man. If you want someone to understand you, you have to be able to express yourself better! Saying hurtful things is not helpful. Oh dramaland.

Jazmine: Okay yeah I was having a hard time trying to pinpoint why he was upset. I knew he was mad because she lied about aborting the baby...and he was also mad about Ki Young not naming him the father? See, it’s confusing. Not gonna lie though, I definitely felt Tae Yeon’s frustrations. It was actually a little tear jerking for me.

Taleena: Healthy relationships are not marked by avoidance. Loving parents do not suggest that mutual suicide as a feasible long term solution. At least we know where Ki Young gets her penchant for over the top histrionics.

Amy: I agree that her mom was over the top but I’m wondering if she was just trying way too hard to get her point across. I don’t know. It’s one thing to be upset with your daughter and tell her that but it’s another to suggest dying together because you can’t face the world. Again. Dramaland. The writers are using a lot of cliches in this one but they’re mixing it up at the same time. I’m not complaining!

Jazmine: Ugh her mother frustrated me so much. I was hoping she’d be more understanding...I wish Ki Young had one true advocate for this pregnancy but maybe that’s what the writers want to convey. That she really is alone. Her mother was over the top and like Amy said it could have just been a dramatic way to get her point across. Also, good time to mention how much I love the actress playing her mother! She’s also in Blade Man and whenever she’s on screen. I cry.

Amy: It looks like Tae Yeon is trying to get over Ki Young but I don’t think he is doing it in a healthy way. Call me crazy but starting a relationship when you aren’t completely over the previous one probably isn’t the best way to heal your wounds. I do get it, though, he wants to show her that he isn’t hurt and doesn’t need her.

Taleena: My take on this current course by Tae Yeon is that it’s a ploy to get his awful parents off his back. The way he kept goading the blind date by painting the unwelcome realities of becoming engaged and marrying into his family seems a calculated way to keep her at bay.

Amy: Yes. You’re probably right. I didn’t even think about that. It is probably his way of protecting Ki Young.

Jazmine: I’m not sure if I can say he’s protecting Ki Young...maybe in a way. I think he’s just frustrated with the whole situation. He wants to get back at Ki Young and his parents are really just the worst. Though he paints the reality of what it’s like to get married to him, if he was really protecting Ki Young he’d find a girl and bring her home. To me he’s trying to subtly prove to his parents that no girl in their right mind will agree to marry him under such stifling circumstances.

Taleena: Pretty crafty of Eun Cha to corner her where she can not make a scene.

Amy: Yep. He finally got her. Well, for now at least. I’m sure she’ll find a way out of his trap even if it isn’t right away. I’m going to have a fangirl moment right now and say that I thought Eun Cha was more attractive during these episodes than during the last few. I don’t know what happened. Ha ha!

Jazmine: It’s funny how in like some parts of the episode I love Eun Cha and then moments like this I’m completely over him. Talk about love/hate. I thought he was more attractive too! Eun Cha sure is crafty about getting what he wants. Her text message records? Who would have thought of that? Probably no one, since it’s illegal.

What do you think of episode 5? Will Tae Yeon be able to get over Ki Young? WIll Ki Young’s mom stop encouraging abortion? What about Ki Young’s job? Will Eun Cha finally succeed in his revenge? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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