Here we are again, drama fans! Ki Young makes big strides as she embraces her pregnancy. Eun Cha faces the consequences of his choices. Myung Yi and Tae Yeon hash out their relationship. Join Amy, Jazmine and Taleena for this week’s episode of The Greatest Marriage. There was a lot going on in this episode, but I think we can narrow it down to few key cause and effects:

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Cause: Myung Yi is, in fact, pregnant.

Taleena: What Myung Yi says and what is actually the truth are two different things that seem to barely cross paths. Only the fact that she was talking to a pregnancy test and was willing to show up at an actual hospital with witnesses, persuades me to believe her. She says that she wants Tae Yeon to love her, but I am thinking that it injured gold digger pride speaking. True love does not value a person in nickels and dimes - or in denominations of Won. Tae Yeon seems to only have two modes: Slightly Goofy Chef mode and Angry Throw Money At It mode. I miss Goofy Chef. I’d want to watch a show about Goofy Chef.

Amy: I believe that Myung Yi is pregnant but I’m questioning whose baby it is. She seems crazy enough to have a boyfriend with no money but marry the rich guy so her kid will have everything. I want Goofy Chef back too. I miss him. He is going through a lot of crap due to poor decisions, though, so I can kind of understand where he is coming from.

Jazmine: I think Myung Yi’s baby is Tae Yeon’s and I’m really shocked by this turn of events. I didn’t think we’d have two pregnant women on this show. I’m interested to see how it plays out. Myung Yi and Tae Yeon’s relationship is the un-healthiest relationship I’ve seen in a drama….and that’s saying a lot. They don’t belong together. I hope Myung Yi doesn’t think that a baby will make everything better. She may get all the money she desires but Tae Yeon will never love her. And if she wants that, she’s going about this the wrong way. Seriously, who volunteers to be the side chick?

Effect: Myung Yi’s Goes to See the Dysfunctional Parks

Taleena: A very small, or maybe not so small, and mean part of me was happy to see Myung Yi called out on her manipulative baloney. Myung Yi is exactly what Tae Yeon’s family was worried about with Ki Young, only this time with a trembly lip and downcast doe eyes. As a manipulative cast iron witch herself, Mama Park is not impressed. Tae Yeon ought to stay buried in the countryside digging up mushrooms with monks. He’d be a lot happier.

Amy: Oh I was definitely happy that Myung Yi got called out. I wish that Tae Yeon’s family wouldn’t accept her but I know they will. Tae Yeon is putting himself in a trap that he won’t escape.

Jazmine: I was happy during this scene too. Myung Yi isn’t fooling anyone with her doe-eyed act. I think you’re right Amy, I feel like Tae Yeon’s parents are gonna accept her for some strange reason. Myung Yi will likely do whatever they say to get in their good graces. A part of me hope I’m wrong. Really, really wrong.

Cause: Eun Cha’s Slap Dash Reporting Lands the Girl In The Hospital

Taleena: Even though there was brough-ha-ha over the missing tape nothing ever seemed to come of it. That Ki Young strenuously objected to the manner that the story was presented, then kicked the Anchor in Training from the girl’s hospital room, and comforted her without looking for reward made the result of these events that much more satisfying.

Amy: I was proud of Ki Young in this scene. She is becoming more human with each episode. I like that she is less focused on her career now and more on the well being of the people around her.

Jazmine: I almost cried during this scene. It was so touching to me. Ki Young’s motherly nature was shown here. I’m so glad everything came to light the way it did. It was very satisfying. 

Effect #1 -Ki Young Gets Her Anchor Job Back

Taleena: Well this is Dramaland so we don’t have to weigh real life considerations like regular schedules and less wear and tear on a pregnant body, but can just be happy that Ki Young is able to simultaneously have a child and fulfill her ambitions.

Amy: It is awesome that Ki Young has her job back! I know it is dramaland so there will be more obstacles but I’m satisfied with this for now.

Jazmine: Finally! I was very happy to see Ki Young return to her position as an anchor. It was satisfying to see the same people who turned their backs on her go asking her for help. I am concerned for the stress on Ki Young’s body but because she’s not hiding her pregnancy anymore, I think her and everyone around her will be more cautious.

Effect #2 Eun Cha’s Epic Thrashing to Save His Job Causes Mega Misunderstanding

Taleena: The only love I have right now for Greatest Marriage is concentrated on the only warm, generous person on this show: Pedro. If they ruin Pedro I will start a one woman campaign of anti-fan heights that - who am I kidding? I won’t start a campaign, I’ll just quietly loath the show with my whole being. Please show stop showing us toxic people and let’s just follow Pedro running errands as a “husband for hire”. Eun Cha is lucky that Pedro is a sweet, moral, stand up guy or he’d be in real trouble right now.

Amy: I am watching this show for Pedro at this point. I love Pedro. He is awesome. If they ruin his character I will be very unhappy but I know I’ll keep watching in hopes that everything will be better in the end. I want to watch a drama centered around Pedro. Will someone get on that?

Jazmine: I like Pedro a lot. He’s like a breath of fresh air in this drama. I am concerned about his level of devotion to Sun Nyeo. He turned down the proposition to hurt Eun Cha, which I thought was good but I hope he doesn’t escalate what he’s willing to do for her. I don’t think we’ll have that problem, but with this drama I’m not too sure.

Cause: Dr. Choi Gets a Little Too Cozy With His Nurse

Taleena: Didn't take too long for the "We have separate bedrooms" shoe to drop. Do you think either of them are going to own any of the responsibility for the deterioration of their marriage. I hated Yeon Hee casually threw out that she was "punishing" Dr. Choi with caring for their daughter when she went out to eat with Ki Young. Whatever lady. You lost me.

Amy: Sigh. Dr. Choi just not cool at all. He seemed like a decent guy at first. Why so many bad people in this show? Do we only have Ki Young, Tae Yeon’s sister, and Pedro?

Jazmine: I was not expecting this! I really like Dr. Choi at first, and yeah I understood the marital problems that he and Yeon Hee are having because it seems like something a lot of married couples go through….but this was a bit much. The nurse’s face looked so guilty too.

Effect: The Choi’s Divorce Proceedings Causes Ki Young Take Action

Amy: I didn’t like this. They still aren’t communicating well and everyone is getting hurt. Ki Young should ask what Tae Yeon really wants and Tae Yeon needs to be honest with her.

Jazmine: They’re so frustrating. But I have to give props to the writer because this is definitely not where I expected the main couple to be almost half way through this drama. I want them to reconcile soon but I feel like that’s more far off now more than ever. Both of them are so terrible at expressing how they feel to one another it just frustrates me. Tae Yeon is also so irrational. He’s pissed because Ki Young wants to restrict his parental rights, so he goes and says he’ll marry Myung Yi? What sense does that make? He acts off impulse and it’s really damaging to his relationship with Ki Young.

Taleena:  Tae Yeon's family is so toxic, and he obviously has emotional impulse control issues, that I don't blame her for wanting legal safeguards in place. I know that in dramaland you are supposed to be horrified at the barriers she is erecting in their relationship, but I just can't be.  I would be singing a different tune if he were emotionally stable and indicated that he wanted the child for itself and not just as a lever of control over Ki Young.  As it stands? Girl it's time to move to America away from the Park Family Issues.

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