We've made it to the penultimate week of The Hours of My Life, friends, and as we near the end, we're brought back to the very beginning. But before we get to Takuto lying helplessly on the ground in the rain (and me clutching helplessly at my computer screen trying to help...), let's discuss some of the other memorable moments from episode ten, shall we?

Takuto and Megumi are officially living together! I sighed and I smiled throughout all of their adorable antics, and I have to say that my admiration for both of them grows with each episode. I'm glad that their parents, though reluctant at first, have come to accept their decision to spend as much time together as possible. They are adults, after all.

I wanted to point out something I noticed about the Hongo ladies this week that I really enjoyed--whenever either of them spoke about Megumi's relationship with Takuto, they referred to it as unending, using words like "forever" and "always." My heart, it glows. Respect all around.

Seriously, there was a lot of respecting going on this episode...except when it came to the issue of the ventilator. I don't necessarily want to say everyone was disrespecting Takuto's decision to live the remainder of his life without one, because something like that just has so many factors and emotions involved; no one is looking to cause anyone else pain. The only problem is that either decision has an endless list of cons.

It's so sad seeing Takuto break down, but it's expected and overwhelmingly understandable. Not only is he afraid for his own future, but his family and friends are giving him a hard time about it (you know, in a loving "we want you alive" kind of way).

Mamo! I don't like seeing you upset! But I know that you just care for your best friend. At least he achieved some happiness this week, at the altar and in the bedroom. Heh.

Seriously though, that tux + that hair, you're lucky Hina said "I do," man. I'm kidding. Kind of. But speaking of Hina, another part of this episode that I especially loved was when she actually showed some real emotion about Takuto! She's a great comic relief, but when your friend is dying of ALS, I would hope you would care. And she does! A+, Hina. On the other hand...

...I haven't forgotten about you, Shige-Senpai. Is my mediocre Photoshop enough to express my hatred? I'll use words too, just in case. I'll be realistic--I'm glad that he recognizes that he's the one who was wrong, and I'm glad he showed concern for Takuto toward the end of the episode. But I certainly don't have to like him. The facts that he 1) only liked Megumi because she was with Takuto and 2) saw Takuto's disease as a chance for to finally "win" make me sick. You're no senpai of mine.

But Rikuto, you could totally be my little brother! I know I wouldn't be as good of a mentor as Takuto, but I just want to put you in my pocket and maybe hug you for a few hours or so every day. I hope his new co-workers treat him well, and maybe let him blab about dinosaurs every once in a while.

And that brings us back to the rain incident. I knew it was coming as soon as it began getting dark out. So depressing, but he still has time to make the remaining hours of his life meaningful, and I think the finale will be heartwarming in that sense. It has to be. I just need to wipe the rest of the fingerprints off my screen so I can see it clearly.

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