Suzy: Welcome to the Drama Club discussion of HOML episode 10! Unfortunately, our beloved Eboni-unni couldn't join us this week, but she's here with us in spirit.

Pamela: Yes, in "Hour" spirit. This week saw a lot of the first half of the episode, anyway.

Suzy: Oh man, I can't even get mad at that pun. And yes! Takuto & Megumi officially living together = lots of time to be the cutie-pies that they are.

Pamela: Lots of time to watch Takuto's condition disintegrate...and to watch Rikuto be the most adorably awkward Little Bleep ever. *flails across the room again*

Suzy: Ugh, let's stick to the happy stuff first. I love how we all went from side-eyeing Rikuto with all our might to flailing and cheering for him within just a few episodes. Why so cute?!

Pamela: I feel bad for disliking Rikuto then. I just relate to his social awkwardness so deeply that seeing him brings a grin to my face...

Suzy: I was always ever-so-quietly rooting for him. And I know we were all rooting for Mamoru & Hina! I wasn't expecting their wedding so soon, but *sniff sniff* good for them!

Pamela: Applause would work just as well as sniffling...I look forward to the happy couple's anime marathons and comforting hugs. Mamoru, don't get jealous of Ed, ahkay?

Suzy: Omg, can we PLEASE get that as a spinoff? And while I'm making suggestions, can Shige-Senpai go away forever? He may have possibly shown a hint of humanity toward the end, but his conversation with Mamo made me hate him more than ever.

Pamela: The whole self-conscious act can redeem Rikuto, but not Shige Senpai. At least he was worried when Takuto went missing...

Suzy: Or he wanted to find him first and beat him up again! Grr. Okay, probably not, but still. He may be self-aware, but I'm waiting for him to actually apologize to Takuto himself, who's having a hard enough time as it is lately.

Pamela: His respiratory paralysis must be a frightening symptom...

Suzy: I know it's frightening for me. I just wanted to reach out and hug Takuto when he was breaking down talking to Megumi about it. Thankfully she's consistently strong for him, because while he's inspirational and frankly kind of badass, he needs a shoulder to cry on every once in a while.

Pamela: She's his badass, I guess. Hopefully Takuto's family and Mamoru will support the decision Takuto is making concerning the ventilator. I understand they want more time with him, but he'd just be lying there in the end.

Suzy: They've ended up supporting him with everything else, so we'll see. It looked like Takuto was wavering a little bit on his decision though. I know I'd be going back & forth every other minute. Whatever he does, I hope he can at least get one med school class in.

Pamela: This is probably the hardest decision he's had to make, because it has the power to elongate or shorten his time. The weight of his condition is really raining down on him now...literally.

Suzy: Pretty sure that rain was just a collection of my tears. Agh, that scene though. Where were you going, Takuto?! At least there were plenty of people around to help in the next episode. I have faith that the ending of this show, while sad, will be beautiful.

Pamela: I have faith that the ending will still be hopeful despite the likely sadness. Everyone still has a future, and everyone still has things to be thankful for in the present.

Suzy: Definitely. Until next week's finale, more power to the hours of your lives! *facepalms at myself*

Pamela: As my hour puns have finally caught on...Let's brace ourselves for tears in advance! *raises fist in the air*

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