I find it hard to express how I really feel with this show ending, but things ended better than how I expected. I am quite satisfied! (Spoilers ahead)

Of course there's the satisfaction I always feel when I end a show, but because I was expecting Takuto to die and he didn’t, which I am totally okay with, the show left me feeling completely overwhelmed and exposed.

What I love most about this drama is its realness and its consistent positive undertones. Yes, yes, yes, I know crazy, horrible, WTF things happen, but the show choosing to keep Takuto alive, the positive reaction of all the people who encountered Takuto, and the inspiration it leaves the viewers with—I can’t even articulate!

One of my favorite parts of the last episode is Takuto showing how he is the bigger man and the best choice for Megumi over Shige Senpai. I know a lot of people are saying, “But Extrakun aka Ekun aka Eboni, he showed up and supported Takuto when he gave his speech and he even looked for him last week when he went missing! Doesn’t he deserve some credit?” In response I would calmly say no. You don’t get gold stars for doing something you were supposed to do in the first place.

Ahem, now I am officially done with my Shige Senpai hate corner. *Walks back over to the light*

Takuto choosing to live was a choice I personally do not think I would have the courage to follow through with. What I love about his reasons was how he compared all the negatives in conjunction with the positives. I honestly believe there was no right or wrong decision but what was best for Takuto is the most important. I remember saying feel how you want to feel in my first post, and I am glad this character followed through.

Another thing that I loved was the ripple effect of Takuto to his family and friends. BFF (Mamoru) realized a dream to open a coffee shop for the disabled, Rikuto learned how to blend with society and study something he loves, Dad found a way to improve his hospital for families and patients, and the neighbor next door found a long term dream of being an engineer.

Takuto did not ask to be sick (obviously) and I am certain it was a new kind of hell to be put through, but when he was able to reflect on all the things he was able to accomplish despite his disease, his life is at least as meaningful or maybe even more than a prodigal.

This drama is one of 3 dramas/movies that I have seen that involves ALS. Even though I liked the other two for what they were trying to convey, this was by far my favorite and the most inspiring for me. Set goals and achieve them. If you have family issues, communicate and work to solve them. And, the people you are meant to meet you will meet.

So now that we've seen Takuto's decisions, how will you continue to spend the hours of your life?

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