Here we are at the end of The Hours of My Life. We are smiling, tearful, and satisfied! Even though the content of this show is pretty heavy, you would be crazy not to watch it! Without further adieu... HOML Drama Club Finale!

Eboni: Here we go! HOML has finally come to an end and I feel satisfied and full of hope. How about you ladies?

Suzy: Gah, I'm ready! I had like three separate HOML dreams last night I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Pam: I feel like smiling...It's kind of difficult to articulate how I feel, now that the final hour is complete.

Suzy: Well, I may have been crying throughout the episode starting 6 minutes in...But it was a happy ending! It was very realistic. Not all happy endings are rainbows and butterflies in real life.

Eboni: I enjoyed that the ending was as positive as it could be. I love the reasons Takuto decided to live. I personally do not think that I have the courage to endure it.

Pam: I love how Takuto has the courage that many of us probably don't have. Part of this could be due to him knowing that he has people around him loving him regardless of his decision, but even so, I admire him for his strength.

Suzy: He's incredible. I was so happy to see that he still had a sense of humor too after he got the ventilator. It was all just unexpected for me because I went through the whole drama thinking he'd die at the end!

Eboni: If it was another drama I believe that he would. But I believe the writers really strive to keep it positive. Yes, we looked at the bad, horrible, scary, etc. but everyone around Takuto became a better person, continued to find new goals, and lived each day doing something they loved! How Bomb Diggity is that?!

Pam: In my mind, I had challenged the drama to get me to cry in the final episode, but our final experience with Takuto was hopeful enough that there were no tears. Unless you count the tears of laughter during Rikuto's friendship-building scene...

Suzy: I was just overcome with every type of emotion ever, the tears wouldn't stop flowing. Rikuto's scene was THE cutest though, and let's not forget the little one Mamo & Hina had on the way...

Eboni: The fact that Hina was pregnant at the end was like the icing on the sweetest cake! I liked when Megumi mentioned Rikuto going on a date with a girl! I could not help but smile.

Pam: I wonder how that date went...Hopefully, she found his social ineptitude as adorable as we have.

Suzy:Who wouldn't?! Rounding out the important side characters, we have to mention Shige Senpai...who I'm glad showed his support for Takuto...but who also still never apologized for being the absolute worst so, glad we're done with him.

Eboni: Can I just say how much I hated him through this show? And then was it last week him admitting why he wanted to date Megu (indulge me since I miss last week readers)! I seriously turned my ottoman over! I digress-- I could care less about him in the end since I called it quits a long time ago. *Politely steps off soapbox*

Pam: He at least became somewhat aware that what he did over the course of the show wasn't very nice. *cough* punching Takuto *cough* But Shige Senpai, I think, should have manned up a little more. He just sort of tried to walk away from it all.

Suzy: We all know how I felt about Shige Senpai and his confessions in my post last week. Anyway, let's get back to Taku & Megu and their matching beach bottle notes! Awww.

Eboni: I am so happy that Takuto and Megumi got back together and stayed together. They even got married! I do believe the people you are supposed to meet you meet. Thanks for doing that so well show.

Pam: I learned a bit about the capacity people can have for caring from this show. The ways Megumi and Takuto (and most of the characters, for that matter) cared for each other over eleven episodes have been enjoyable to observe.

Suzy: The way everyone cared for each other in their own ways was so heartwarming. Everyone was so well-written and well-acted. Here's to hoping that Takuto & Megumi live a long, happy life together out there in drama land.

Pam: I'm not really sure how to end my first Drama Club experience, but I will say this: I'm grateful to this drama. I'm grateful for the lessons learned about interaction; for the appreciation I've gained for the reality of our mortality. There's also the fact that I'm pretty sure Rikuto is my spirit animal. *awkwardly giggles* Let’s just pretend I've said something profound just now about appreciating our mortal hours. For this learning experience, arigato! *bows too low and falls over*

Suzy:*Helps Pamela up* I loved being a part of this club! Arigato to DramaFever, everyone who kept up with us, and to my lovely fellow club members! This drama was SO excellent, and I hope everyone who watched enjoyed it as much as I did. I also hope the show has given hope to its viewers, especially any who have been affected by ALS in real life. Everyone can find a happy ending in their own way. Now I’m off to start my own notebook of goals. Enjoy the hours of your lives (and watch more dramas)!! P.S. Call me, Miura Haruma!

Eboni: *Give Pam an ice pack* I loved this show. It was heartwarming, positive, and real. I loved the girls who shared this drama experience with me. I feel like being a more ambitious person after watching this drama. I hope that people take the time to watch even though it deals with some pretty heavy stuff. Arigato for keeping up with us! And Suzy? Unni called dibs on Haruma- san long ago. Sorry! Peace!

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