To love Shige Senpai or to not love Shige Senpai? That is one of the questions we will discuss this week in The Tears Hours of My Life Drama Club this week!

Pamela: Welcome to The Hours of My Life Drama Club...which should be called The Hours of Our Tears.

Suzy: We'll be here every week to talk about our love for the swoon-worthy Haruma Miura...and cry a lot! Woo!

Eboni: I can’t even enjoy how much I love Haruma because my eyes are always full of tear (and mouth full of ice cream). Shall we get down to the get down?

Pamela: I find it endearing that Takuto is depicted as this normal guy who doesn't think of himself as anything special. Nobody thinks much of him, and his life is neither perfect nor awful, and then he starts showing symptoms. *cries* Poor baby...

Eboni: Takuto is kind of awesome. When we reflect on how he was as a person before he was diagnosed with ALS, he was a melancholic but cheerful person.I think I am annoyed that his family doesn’t notice that something is up with him. I hate them, but I could get over it a little if I felt like they really cared about him.

Suzy: I think that's part of what makes it so heartbreaking...and scary. He's just a normal, nice guy who suddenly is told that he has only a few years left to live. He's relatable, especially when he's nervously laughing or accidentally blowing up on Megumi.

Pamela: He's awkward, and embarrassing, and he lives life with worries like the rest of us: How can he make his way in the world? How will he develop relationships? How can he get his family to understand him?

Eboni: Is it bad that I could care less if his family understands him? I want him to have people he can depend on through this time and not look at him like it is a burden or weakness. Megumi, his BFF (what is his name? cute little friend who likes her friend) and even “Bangs of Betrayal” aka Shige Senpai could serve in this capacity. I have no hope in his family. But in order to let the others help, Takuto has to let them know—I think it can be a trying time in his relationships.

Suzy: Speaking of relationships...what started off so beautifully has ended so suddenly *cries*. I'm sure no one was surprised when Takuto pulled out the "Noble Hero" card and broke up with Megumi. It obviously can't be over that easily though, especially with her love for nursing, her story with her dad, and just how freakin' sweet and caring she is.

Pamela: I agree - as much as Shige Senpai may try to squeeze his way in, I have faith that Megumi is going to try to be Takuto's rock, in a sense, after she finds out what's happening. Takuto will say something; Megumi gets mad and storms off; Megumi realizes what his reasons were. Then the happy reunion commences.

Eboni: I am optimistic these two working things out as well, but Takuto has to be willing to let Megumi in for all that to come about. I can’t help but remember him rolling down the street in his wheelchair when the show first started, he looked defeated and lonely.

Suzy: Yes, yes! Happy reunion!...for now. Although, I'm undecided on how I feel about Shige first I thought he was a home wrecking jerk, but I did respect him for telling Takuto that he loved Megumi, and he DID seem legitimately concerned about Takuto's health. But I just can't ship him (or his stupid hair) with Megumi.

Pamela: He was honest about it in the end, but at the same time, he was being really sneaky about his feelings with all those vague questions. The redeeming quality about Shige Senpai is his concern for Takuto, though.

Eboni: Ok, so I will play the role of “Evil Unni” and give Shige Senpai a “No”. I believe that he cares for Takuto and will be there for him, but his sneaky demeanor speaks volumes of his character. I just don’t like him and never will.

Pamela: The guy (Shige Senpai) reacted more compassionately than I expect Takuto's brother will, though...

Eboni: Of course Senpai did, Rikuto is an *Censored*!

Suzy: All of the interactions with Rikuto have been totally strange, but I sort of think they're hinting at a social disorder? Hopefully when he finds out about the ALS he'll soften up a bit in his own way though.

Eboni: I am not hopeful for the brother changing although he is still young and has time. If anything changes him I think it will be his minor interactions with Megumi… Suprisingly.

Well, things are only going to get sadder from here, so, until next week, HOML Drama Club... *tick *tick *tick

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