My first thought as I pressed play on episode five was...ONLY FORTY-FIVE MINUTES?! But I was almost grateful towards the end, because I had jotted down enough notes for what could've been a four hour episode. Err, I guess I have a lot of emotions.

Takuto finally started to open up this episode about his ALS-- to Mamo, his coworkers, and most importantly, his mother. It warmed my heart to see the way everyone accepted it (or refuse to accept it). Mamo gets the #1 award from me for being concerned, but still treating Taku equally and keeping their conversations light-hearted. His coworkers are overcompensating for now, but they're just trying their best to help out. His mom obviously needed a little kick to express her love for poor Taku, but once she got one, she showed she clearly loves him a lot. Once Takuto started crying, you know I did too.

On the other hand, we have Megumi, who's still left in the dark..and sort of being manipulated by stupid Shige-senpai. I am just NOT feeling any chemistry between them. He's giving off an overwhelming amount of creepy vibes, with a side of try-hard. His thirst for Megumi is real, and it needs to be stopped. But unfortunately...


Honestly, I had imagined that since they said they'd dig up the bottle again in three years, Megumi would dig it up after Takuto died, but this works too. That final phone call was hard to watch; they were literally so close, but figuratively so far from each other. I know you still love each other. You can't fool me. I'm really curious to how she'll react, and what might change, when she finds out Takuto has ALS, since now she'll have a decent understanding of the disease after dealing with that one patient at her job.

(P.S. did this remind anyone else of Cowboy Bebop? Obviously a little different, but still.)

On a happier, and even funny note, we have Mamo & Hina's growing relationship. Matching "How to Sex" books? EL OH EL, that was fantastic. They're adorable, and it's nice to have some comic relief in the drama. We need at least one couple to root for while the main one is in shambles (*continuously shakes fist at Shige-senpai*).

Taku's leg has started to give out more and more, and every time he trips, my heart drops. The music coming to an abrupt stop and turning into the super quick sound of a clock ticking is actually terrifying. I hate it so much, but at the same time, it's genius and fitting. Bravo, show creators, for filling me with dread in the best possible way...but damn you!

Look out for this week's Drama Club part 2 and join us in raging about Shige-senpai, and for next week's post, because based on that's going to be a doozy.

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