Eboni: HOML episode 5 was the most progressive episode to date! Takuto finally told his mother and BFF.

Pamela: He told practically everyone...which means my intense, fangirling encouragement didn't go to waste.

Suzy: Practically everyone...EXCEPT MEGUMI. I am proud of him though, especially for telling his mom.

Eboni: Exactly, but I am disappointed in her! Shige Senpai?! Really Megu Chan? Ugh!

Pamela: Shige Senpai was given the go-ahead by Takuto, but it wasn't necessarily nice of him to instantly start his moves on Megumi...

Suzy: Yeah, the whole thing is kind of sketchy. I am also feeling no0o chemistry whatsoever between Megu & Shige-senpai...but I guess she's just trying to move on? Maybe?

Eboni: I think the horrible thing is that Shige Senpai didn't ask permission like a sincere friend knowing he was doing something wrong. He was going to go after Megumi despite Takuto's approval or not. He broke guy code! Megumi is trying to move on, but this isn't the way to do it.

Pamela: Megumi was distracted by Shige Senpai long enough to get over Takuto, though, if we judge that progress by her actions...Shige Senpai didn't even have to try that hard.

Suzy: If you look at it in the worst way, he's sort of taking advantage of Taku's sickness. Blegh, I am disliking him more & more the more we talk about him.

Eboni: Exactly. He gets a "No" from me. Let's go back to pleasant (as much as it possibly can be) topics. Takuto is really trying to face his sickness head on. I do not know if I could be as brave as Takuto. Do you think it is another mask or is he really coping?

Pamela: It's difficult to say; as he pointed out in the beginning, a lot of his existence has been a mask. But then I remember that the doctor told him not to think about what's happening to him. In a way, this could mean, "Don't think about losing everything, but think about what to do to live." It would've been awful if he'd just tried to deny it for much longer.

Suzy: That's a good connection back to the beginning! I think he's sincerely just doing the best he can, and there really isn't much else we can ask from him. We can just keep cheering him on to make the most out of his life...until it ends. Sorry, am I getting too depressing again?

Eboni: Not at all, even though I hate the mother, her reaction was to most difficult to watch. To hear your child tell you they are going to die and there is no cure-- I don't have kids but I cannot imagine what she was going through.

Pamela: The drama topic itself is depressing, so such references are expected. *shrugs* Thinking back on that scene, I think about how my parents would feel watching this, or how they'd feel if this happened to me or my siblings, or if my siblings experienced this kind of sickness...It would be hard not to break down for a minute.

Suzy: It was such a powerful scene, not only because of the subject matter (clearly), but because it showed that his mom truly cares about him, even though she seems to focus so much on Riku. It was nice to see (through my tears).

Eboni: You are right. Even though this show is sad, I anticipate next week's episode.

Pamela: Let us all anticipate another hour of our tears!

Suzy: There should be plenty. That preview...a wheelchair? An ENGAGEMENT?! Oh boy. Guess we'll see next week!

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