So, Takuto’s living his life with a smile, while Rikuto’s in the midst of his young-adult, mid-life crisis. Well, that sounds delightful.

Speaking of delight, I feel the need to bring a certain Mizushima Mamoru to the stage. This man deserves some acknowledgement. *applauds* He is the person helping Takuto to cope, to smile, and to live, and helping us by giving us a break from the sadness and the frightening tick-tocks.

Because Takuto has the support of his friend, his coworkers, and his mother (even if she now has to juggle her worries for her sick son and her depressed son at the same time), he has been able to live with his ailment without just lying back and giving up. Takuto is taking advantage of the remaining hours of his life. *slaps leg and laughs at terrible pun*

(That smile is so precious...)

Rikuto doesn’t understand why his brother is so “happy” despite having ALS. Rikuto has been led around by his mother for most of his life up until this point, so he doesn’t understand very much outside of the medical textbooks in his room.

Personally, whenever Rikuto would act like a little bleep then look away from people sadly, I didn’t really care much before. I knew that eventually, the drama would let us know why he was such a little bleep, but I wasn’t sure how much I really cared. His family paid more attention to him. I paid more attention to his ailing brother.

When he had his breakdown and shoved his mom out of his bedroom, though… *stretches arms out for a hug* (By the way, I think Riku-chan would have been able to talk more calmly with his mom if he’d spent a half hour taking out his frustration on virtual goblins.)

Does everyone remember what the doctor told Takuto a few episodes ago? Takuto was told not to think about what was happening. While watching this episode, I changed my opinion on that advice. The advice wasn’t to try to forget about the sadness of his situation. The advice was more about how Takuto shouldn’t forget about the happiness.

There’s a difference.

Because if you try too hard to forget the sadness, you won’t remember to look for the happiness, and then the hours of your life that remain will be pointless.

So Takuto is still able to joke with Mamoru freely. Now that the people around him, with the exception of his father and brother, have pretty much gotten over the initial shock of Takuto’s confession, no one is paranoid and overeager to baby him. He’s not wasting his time being sad, unlike Rikuto. Now that Rikuto is in the middle of his quarter-life crisis, the younger brother doesn’t know how to remember the happy parts of his existence.

Instead, he opts for crying. Hey, it’s better than sitting at a computer with no expressions at all. *reads over sentence* Wait a minute… *raises an eyebrow and continues numbly sitting at the computer*

Well, as a final thought, I should probably talk about Megumi and Shige Senpai. I’m glad she’s able to have a life of sugar and rainbows with Shige Senpai, but can they have one fight? Please?

I haven’t been in a romantic relationship yet, but I’m pretty sure this one is too smooth.

I doubt she ever even lets him know that she cried after seeing Takuto.

I hope she fights with her new fiancé *cringes* in the next episode. It doesn’t have to be a relationship-ending fight – just let us know that you two are trying.

Anyway, let’s all have life-fulfilling hours before the next episode comes!

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