Eboni: Megumi knows!

Suzy: Yessss, finally.

Pamela: She knows and she cries.

Eboni: I cried. It was a very hard moment in the show. She just kept repeating how the people you are supposed to meet in life you meet. Which I totally agree with.

Suzy: She and Takuto definitely still have a connection (as if we ever doubted it) because even though she could only say "we meet," he still knew exactly what she was referring to. Oh, destiny.

Pamela: She was destined to meet him a second time so she could understand why he left the first time.

Eboni: But now she is engaged to Shige Senpai! Ugh! I just can't help but think she doesn't love this man. Megumi-chan, please!

Suzy: She doesn't...she can't! He's just forcing it, and she's unfortunately going with it. But since Takuto told her he heard she was engaged...doesn't that mean she probably knows Shige Senpai kept the ALS a secret from her? Please be mad at him.

Pamela: I hope she gets mad at him, at least a little. Megumi at least had a few miniature arguments with Takuto; there's no way she and Shige Senpai will get along as well as they have been by the end of the series. (Well, I hope they don't get along as well, anyway...)

Eboni: Moving along, Takuto is kind of amazing at this point to me. It has been at least a year and a half and he is really doing all he can to continue to live life. I admire him a lot, though it could just be my ignorance talking.

Suzy: No, he is definitely amazing & inspiring! Just to have the optimistic mindset of "my goal is to find my goal" is so nice to see. Obviously he still struggles, but he's looking to the brighter side now. It's great seeing actual moments of joy from him, like when he "kicked" that soccer ball back to those kids. Eeee, I loved it.

Pamela: He's not obsessing over the loss of the use of his limbs. What Takuto is able to do is live each hour without wasting it by obsessing over its passing. It's kind of beautiful, really. That and his precious little smiles are just so contagious.

Eboni: His smile is infectious! Rituko is even trying to take some queues from his big brother now. I love that Takuto had a real conversation with him about his behavior. He really does not have a disorder; it was a lack of experience of learning how to cope with minor problems as a child. Mom crippled him by taking care of all his problems for him. I felt a twinge.

Suzy: It's such a complicated and twisted situation. He's upset at the mom for how he ended up, and she's upset because he's upset and she doesn't know why. And on top of that, Taku's trying to help his brother feel better about his life, when you'd think it would be the other way around. Rikuto definitely has problems interacting with people, but he's getting there! I'm just waiting for him to show some real emotion about his brother's disease.

Pamela: That'll come eventually, I think. Rikuto has become "Poor Baby No. 2" for me...It's obvious who is No.1... But anyway, that little breakdown he had kind of helped me see that he's still vulnerable, but he's trying to shut everyone out instead of letting people in.

Eboni: His breakdown made me think that he still had a shred of decency. I cannot wait until next week.

Suzy: Me too! Takuto & Megumi are finally connecting again, yay!

Suzy: Oh, and before we go, can I just say that Mamo-chan is still the best? Because he is. Okay, I'm good.

Pamela: He really is the best.

Eboni: Love that BFF!

Suzy: See everyone next week for more fun (and frowns)!

Pamela: Hopefully, all the hours of our lives until the next episode will be as fulfilling as Takuto's!

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