This week I would like to discuss my feelings on The Hours of My Life episode 7 in 3 categories: The Good, The Bad, and The Annoyed.

The Good: Takuto’s BFF (Mamoru) is more than best friend in title; he puts his money where his mouth is! Everything he does in care of Takuto is simply heartwarming. Asking Megumi (who is engaged to Shige Senpai) to care for Takuto is not only bomb- diggity, it is nothing less than what to expect from a true BFF.

Rikuto grows a heart! I am glad that this kid is learning to be more social and admits to not wanting to be a doctor. The biggest thing that made me smile was he admits he was the one with a complex (I think I said that in an earlier post). Now I hope he finds what he wants to do and pursues it.

Dad gives encouragement to Takuto. I swear a tear fell from my eye when he told him not to give up. It was so short, so sweet, and so to the point—it hit me right in the old ticker *ouch*! It was quite an adorable moment.

Takuto continues to accomplish his goals! I know what it is like to be a less ambitious person; the fact that he is accomplishing more in the last few years than he has in his entire life up until now must be thrilling, scary, and self satisfying. Even though he is not setting out to be an inspiration, I can’t help but think how many lives he continues to touch just by continuing to further his goals.

The bad: Megumi is still trying to move in with Shige Senpai! I don't know what I would do if I was her, but I wouldn't marry Shige knowing he knew Takuto had a disease and didn't tell me— it would just seem purposefully deceptive. I think she still needs some time to evaluate if it is something she really wants to do or if she was trying to move on to remove the sting of Takuto and her break up.

All the others find out about Takuto's ALS; which is Hina and Megu's mom. Megu's mom finally understood why Takuto asked certain questions about Megu's dad. The shock these people must feel is a great one. Nothing to do about it but acknowledge it and help when you can.

Shige Senpai acting all noble to not seem like the villain he is. He may say that he wants Megu Chan to help Takuto, but we know deep down inside it eats away at him and he doesn’t like it.

The annoyed: I honestly thought Takuto's mother was going to do better by Takuto— I see now I was too much of an optimist. She annoys me every time she calls Takuto on behalf of Rikuto, she annoys me every time she refuses to really listen to Rikuto, and she annoys me that she tries to blame Takuto for Rikuto not wanting to be a doctor. She can be added to my "Ekun’s disappear list":

Ekun’s Disappear List:
Shige Senpai

I really did enjoy this week's episode and look forward for what's to come. In my opinion, it has been too harmonious and conflict must arise for the story to really reach a resolution. Peace!

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