Hours Of My Life drama club back, discussing progress, hangups, and potential conflict! Let us know what you think about what is going on in the show!

Eboni: Episode 7! A lot of things happened in this episode! Thoughts?

Suzy: I actually found myself smiling throughout this episode! Well, for some of it, at least.

Pamela: There were a lot of smile-worthy events in this episode… For example—Megumi and Takuto being set up by their eternally shipping friends.

Eboni: Cute thought (for the friends to do) but an awkward moment. I understood why Hina did it, but I wish they had more to discuss or—discussed more of what they wanted to say to each other.

Suzy: I loved how Hina wasn't even phased by the situation and just sort of pulled a "my ship WILL be canon no matter what." It was a bit uncomfortable at first, but even after three years, they slipped right back into the glaringly obvious chemistry they've had since day one.

Pamela: Now Megumi's been put in an awkward position. I mean, Shige Senpai is nice and all, but the two of them just seem bored together. Megumi seems obviously regretful whenever she has to leave Takuto, be it because of her role as his temporary caregiver, or because of the smiles the two of them share. The love triangle becomes more urgent. *raises one eyebrow*

Eboni: There are definitely question marks in my eyes too. I think Shige Senpai is faking it. He doesn't want Megumi over there helping, but he can't say no because he would seem like an *censored*. Megumi will have to decide what she really wants—Shige Senpai or Takuto (in whatever capacity he wants her around).

Suzy: I still can't fully figure Shige Senpai out. I agree that he's faking it, but even by acting understanding he's actually coming off a little scary. Megumi even seems afraid and he's her fiancé; I sort of feel like he's going to blow up at her one of these days.Even though they're moving (which Megu Chan conveniently brings up every time Takuto is mentioned) she's definitely not going to fully cut off contact with Takuto again. And I just hope she stands up for how she truly feels!

Pamela: Now, on to another hope I have—I hope that Rikuto keeps being cute with his enthusiastic, nerdy ramblings...

Eboni: Rikuto really made some leaps and bounds this episode! I knew he didn't want to be a doctor and I am glad he discovered it before it was too late. *Rubs his head in encouragement* Good job Riku Kun!

Suzy: It's super cute how Takuto is helping him socialize too. Totally was not expecting the parents' reactions though. The mom is still having trouble understanding her sons, but the mostly-absent-until-now dad is actually caring. He's a doctor and he's still optimistic about an ALS cure. He's human and it's wonderful to see. I wish Riku Kun didn't have to move out though!

Pamela: With all the brotherly bonding that was happening, Rikuto seemed to be increasingly cheerful, comfortable, and empathetic. Takuto was getting to be useful as an older brother, too. It's nice that now that Takuto is less physically able, people are letting him shine more...if that makes sense.

Eboni: Let's discuss the hug at the end of the episode. Was I the only one who screamed with excitement? I so want these two to be together…

Suzy: I wasn't screaming as much as I was sobbing. When they showed that he wrote he wanted to hold Megumi in his diary my heart pretty much imploded. I love them together so much.

Pamela: That hug didn't leave me screaming; it didn't leave me sobbing; it left me smiling. There's just so much aww-ness when this couple is together...

Eboni: Well Like I stated in my earlier post, I think this is the calm before the storm. Conflict has to occur for there to be a good resolution.

Suzy: Agh, I know. There was so much yelling in the episode 8 preview, I'm nervous. All I can hope is that at least by next episode Takuto's emergency button is more accessible. Like on a necklace.

Pamela: But hopefully, all of the yelling won't distract everyone when and if Takuto falls and he can't get up.

Eboni: I guess we will have to wait until next week!

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