I held my breath as I pressed the play button for episode 8 and...everything went better than expected?! Yelling was minimal, and fuzzy moments were ultra-warm. I'd like to thank Miss Megumi, who dropped truth bombs ALL over the place, for such positive progress. She was making moves, just not with Shige-Senpai (ba dum tss).

Truth bomb dropped and landed, with a side of "I'm in love with someone else." BOOM. A little late, considering it was move-in day, but better late than never! This just wasn't going to work out for her; she would be perpetually upset while the delusional Shige-Senpai would have applauded himself daily for "winning" her. Take back your ring, Shige-Senpai, and get out.

No, no, no. I said get out. This is now how true love works, dude. You can wait forever, but do it somewhere else, like Antarctica. And stop whining to Takuto. You are not the victim here. Karma, please continue to come for this man.

With a breakup comes a makeup! Megumi was not letting this go, no matter how hard Takuto resisted, but unlike the whole Shige-Situation, she (and we) knew that he felt the same, just burdened and afraid.

YESSS, favorite line of the episode. Using his own words against him. I mean, technically for him. It worked, so hurray for Megu & The Truth Bombs (potential band name if she ever quits being a care worker)! It was so refreshing to actually see sincere smiles at the end of the episode that have been lacking since their breakup.

Ah, there's your face, Haruma Takuto. An extremely recognizable one, so thank the Jdrama gods that his mom is finally seeing it! This scene was completely heartbreaking, but it seems that the mom is making a sincere effort now with both kids.

Every day counts, and Taku's mom, as well as the rest of the characters, are realizing that. The dad could still stand to stop by more often though. He has some good intentions, but all talk and no action won't make a difference. At least Rikuto has been helpful and adorable. Who knew I'd be calling such an initially distant butthead adorable? Character development, folks, it gets ya every time.

Speaking of adorably developed characters, Takuto's coworkers are all freakin' SWEETIE-ANGEL-BABIES. I know Megumi is his #1, but sometimes I think Taku's more in love with his workplace, and it's well deserved! It's touching to see how much they are trying to help him out. Except...

...We had yet another case of Takuto falling and not being able to get up. Didn't I say last week how the emergency buttons are too high up? I know these scenes are realistic and necessary, but man, they can be scary. Even though he's found help both times, I think it's mostly upsetting to me because he always seems to be holding it together so well, and then it's just sudden panic. Well, I'm panicking at least. How can you not with that clock ticking at lightspeed? *Shudders all the way into next week*

We will, Takuto! You know I'll be back in next week's part 2 post to give Shige-Senpai a piece of my mind and to squee at every squee-able moment. Until next time, spend the hours of your life well and live in the present!

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