Suzy: Welcome back to the HOML Drama Club! Where we actually had...a pretty damn good week!

Pamela: The wishes of the Drama Club have been granted, and Megumi finally decided to leave stupid Shige Senpai.

Eboni: I knew that Megumi would get her life together and leave him. I was just like, “eww” to Shige Senpai with his denial of the situation.

Suzy: *Applause* Like I said in this week's part 1 post, Megumi was dropping truth bombs all over the place. And Shige Senpai is finally starting to lose his grip on the situation, as he should, though it's making me a little nervous.

Pamela: The worst he could do, is make Takuto die sooner so that he can fulfill his delusions sooner, though, but I don't think he's that much of a villain.

Eboni: No Shige Senpai is a villain. Not the killing your family type of villain, but the type of villain that is sneaky and underhanded. Look at how he manipulated his way into Megumi’s life? *Throw a stone at his head*

Suzy: I'm certainly not expecting any sudden murder plot lines, but he totally does deck Taku in the preview for next episode (can you imagine how angry this club is going to be next week? Preparing our torches now). But seriously, he shouldn't be surprised at what's happening. You can't handle a situation that poorly and not expect karma, or common sense, to bite you in the butt.

Pamela: Just because Takuto initially gave him permission doesn't mean Megumi wouldn't realize with whom she truly belonged with.

Eboni: Exactly, I was like when he said something like he will wait until Takuto is dead to be with her… Dude, she’s just not that into you, it will never be you. But I was proud of Takuto really weighing the consequences of being with Megumi—it shows how much he really cares for her. But like Megu Chan said, “It can’t be anyone but you, Takuto.”

Suzy: Megumi is her own person and she showed some real strength this episode. And so did Takuto! He was understandably hesitant and even a little harsh about being with her again, but Megumi knew the truth and called him out on it, and our favorite ship is sailing off into the sunset yet again! *Happy sighs*

Pamela: Our second-favorite ship is still in pointless denial, though. *points to Mamoru and Hina*

Eboni: BFF said they were together didn’t he? He always says they are and Hina denies. Either way, they do bring a sigh of relief to the show.

Suzy: Poor Mamo-Chan. Forever alone...or is he? Hina is hysterical and surprisingly intelligent at times, so it seems she'll be coming to her senses soon, I think.

Pamela: She'd better, though. If he treats his friends as well as he does, imagine how well he'll treat his girlfriend! You know, when the "How to Sex" book can be put to good use, and she doesn't say they aren't together when they actually are.

Eboni: Oh no! Unni is too young! *Blushes*

Suzy: That'd be nice. And speaking of nice things, we can't let this week pass without mentioning Takuto's mom and how she is finally, finally, FINALLY seeing things clearly. Time is precious in this drama and now she'll stop wasting it!

Pamela: He'll finally get the fried chicken he loves from his actual mother. I'm happy that everything is going well for him...for now.

Eboni: I still can’t with Okkasan. It’s like Shige Senpai, I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, and I got burnt. But I am glad Takuto said what he wanted to say to his mother.

Suzy: All we can do is live in the present and enjoy things while we still have them. See? I am learning from the drama. Thanks, Taku!

Pamela: Until next week, let's smile and make the most of the hours of our lives!

Eboni: Peace!

Suzy: Will do! See everyone next week! *Begins sharpening a spear with Shige Senpai's name on it*

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