I have a confession to make: this drama hasn’t made me cry yet.

There are just so many warm and fuzzy feelings of inspiration that interrupt all of the sadness. The characters have made so much progress throughout the course of the show that I can’t bring myself to tears yet.

We have Mamoru, who has remained a source of smiles and is finally getting what he wanted from Hina and more. Hina has finally opened her mouth to give him an answer besides, “No.” In the end, that’s what many of the solutions have come down to: communication. Talking has made for understanding, which has made for a smiling Pamela.

This process has been especially true for Rikuto. He, in his increasingly adorable awkwardness, has decided what he wants to do with his life. He has grown so much, but he still has the most potential for growth because of his adorable awkwardness. Little Bleep and Takuto have gained the understanding of their parents, and all because of some deep, tearful conversations and a heartfelt slideshow.

I wish Little Bleep luck in his adventures in studying dinosaurs’ pubic bones.

Takuto and Megumi finally reconciled as well, and Megumi’s mom is really the only one that doesn’t want them back together. Well, besides Shige Senpai, but he punched Takuto, so I’m going to block him out of my mind.

Megumi’s mom isn’t a problem, though. The parents in this drama are just being parents. To be honest, I have the same worry as she does. Will Megumi be able to handle it after Takuto is gone? We know she can handle his worsening condition, just as she did Tamotsu’s. But the grief will be hard to handle. For all of us.

Speaking of parents being parents, the Sawada family has officially become a family again. Takuto’s father has tried to keep his family at arm’s length for the entirety of the series, but thanks to a little conversation and the aforementioned slideshow that made me flail in cheer, the father-sons gap has been bridged. The growth of the bond within the Sawada family has quite satisfying.

Bonds have been pretty important to Takuto. He has needed to salvage them, to replenish them, and to keep them. Smiling and crying with his friends, his family, and his love seem to have made the frightening tick-tocks of the clock a little less so. The relationships he has saved help him make the most of each hour. Takuto is not as afraid of what’s to come as he was just a few episodes ago.

From this drama, we have learned about the value of time with Takuto. He is inspiring. Even though he has far less time than the rest of us, he isn’t biding his time apathetically.

I am afraid of what the future holds for Takuto, though. It doesn’t help that Tamotsu has passed away, leaving Takuto to grieve and reminding us that Takuto’s death is imminent. Without the ventilator, he will live the remaining hours more naturally than he would have been able to with the device. He will be living fewer hours, though.

Not to seem like a downer, but the end is coming. Soon. *eyes widen**pouts*

However, at this point, there is so much light surrounding Takuto, and I doubt the remaining two episodes will be able to take all of that light away.

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