Sometimes being TOO handsome can be hazardous to your health, but first exposition, exposition, exposition! Excuse Aunnie and Firnlambe, (who enjoyed the VIXX showcase this weekend), while Wendilynn and Taleena discuss dressing in drag, giant lizard bowls, and who is that?, in The King’s Face episode 1.

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Taleena: I am not sure where to start with this because they had to lay a lot of groundwork for the first episode.

Wendilynn: I understand that. I had to go read up on the history of these two kings first myself. Especially since the first 20 minutes has them jumping time periods within the king’s life.

Taleena: OK - let me see if my lazy, non reading self has it sussed out: King Gu Family Book has a face that bodes bad kingly portents. He has tasked Face Reader Big Eyes to find himself a consort who can balance his face on pain of death. Also, he is tasked with using acupuncture to mess up Prince Master’s Sun’s awesome, totally kingly face. Prince M.S. was removed from Crown Princeship because he was just TOO handsome.

Wendilynn: These nicknames are going to be the death of me. bwhahahahahahaha! Pointed chins are apparently a bad kingly trait. I guess that’s what was wrong with all those European kings? lol

Taleena: King Gu Family Book is threatened by the “King’s Face” book due to some harsh words in his youth. This has made him paranoid that his rule is illegitimate and convinced at that everything bad is the fault of his non kingly visage.

Wendilynn: So far it sounds like you’ve got a bead on the story line. 'Cause apparently personality and skill have nothing to do with it. Its all about the chin and how far your eyebrows extend, I guess.

Taleena: Well, when your personality is paranoid . . . . . I digress. Enter our Love Through the Ages rockin’ the drag. I TOTALLY thought she looked like Joong Ki's sister.  Looking at the comparison of her and Joong Ki in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, it was the pretty mouth.

KFe1 siblings.png

Wendilynn: ROFL!  . . . my sides hurt. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to see a resemblance there.

Taleena: Having spent WAY too much time looking at Joong Ki mouth, I am pretty sure that is what tips it into “beautiful” category.

Wendilynn: So, you feel up to speed now?

Taleena: One question: When Prince Master’s Sun was revoked at Crown Prince, was that small child him? Or was it his child?

Wendilynn: That’s a good question. I thought it was his little brother, though. But that didn’t explain why they were killing people around the child. But according to history, the youngest brother was the preferred crown prince by the ministers. He was eventually removed and cast out and died a few years later never having chance to be king. Prince Master’s Sun was then made King upon the death of King Gu Family Book, even though he was an illegitimate child of a concubine.

Taleena: OK, but maybe this is Prince Beefcake vs. Prince Master’s Sun. I think Prince Beef Cake is the younger son. The hothead who wanted to make a move.

Wendilynn: No, the hot head is the oldest brother. And according to history, NOBODY wanted him because of his temper. I don’t think baby brother has been born yet, or if he has, he’s still an infant at this point in the story.

Taleena: So I am still confused by all the cutting and jumping in time they did. Lessons learned in first episode: Scheming Palace Women are universal. Women who dress in drag REALLY like leisurely baths. Never knock over Giant Lizard Bowls. If you must dump ceremonial water in one, for heaven’s sakes Look Where You Are Going!


Wendilynn: Yeah, not a great way to stay inconspicuous there.

Taleena: If she just looked straight ahead and ignored Prince Master’s Sun it would have been fine.

Wendilynn: Logic?!! You want logic in your kdrama?!!

Taleena: Nope, just beautiful men, I’m covered.

Wendilynn: Well, beautiful men we have. I was also tickled to see my favorite psychopath rocking some serious sword fighting on behalf of the peasants. And now I see why In Guk keeps getting sent to the hospital. They have that boy doing some serious stunt work.

Taleena: I really enjoyed the fight scene followed by the archery with King Gu Family Book - cold as ICE! Of course I just realized he was the same actor as in Suspicious Housekeeper. I kept saying Dad, no bad guy, no dad. He’s BOTH!

Wendilynn: He is both and he was great in both roles, even if you did want to shake some sense into Dad. It will be interesting to see what type of King they will make him out to be.

Taleena: It just goes to show you what a solid actor he is, because those characters were so different. And it wasn't just the Evil Spock Beard.

KFe1 faces.jpg

Wendilynn: In Guk has been playing some different roles himself and Sung Rok played a psychopath and then a president’s son and he’s also currently playing a lying game show host in another drama, so seeing him here wielding a sword will be interesting.

Taleena: I am really looking forward to all the intrigue. And Butt Kicking. Is there anything more that needs covering?

Wendilynn: This was a turbulent time in Korean history and despite Prince Master’s Sun’s skill he was deposed later and is not thought highly of, despite his accomplishments. So I’m really curious to see how they portray this time period and these characters.

Taleena: Sometimes nice doesn’t get it done.

There was so much going on drama fans, did you follow all the time jumps? How long before Prince and King clash over the lady (in drag) fair? What does the broken lizard bowl portend? Let us know in the comments!

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