Old Oracle of the Mountain’s prognostications come true, brothers vie to be Crown Prince, and someone gets a beatin’ on episode 11 of The King’s Face.

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Taleena: OK, let’s get into it. Gwanghae cries because Beefy McHotstuff turns on him and it is Ga Hee finally putting her arrows to good use. At least she wasn’t crying.

Firnlambe: I know we knew that this was going to happen . . . but it still makes me rather sad that he let some measly rumors destroy his relationship with his brother.


Wendilynn: Well, an assassin crying ‘Prince Master’s Sun” is a little bit more than a rumor. We knew that Beefy McHotstuff was going to have to take everyone down if he wanted to be Crown Prince since he’s the one no one wants. But to lose the love of a brother has to be hard on both of them.

Firnlambe: And if Gwanghae didn’t lose his love for his brother during his assassination attempt . . . you know he did once poor Teddy Bear was brutally attacked for no reason other than protecting his cub master.

Taleena: Two things here: 1) BMcH dished out the beating after being smacked down by the King and smack talked by Prince Liar, Liar Pants on Fire (I really have to come up with shorter nick names) and his Mom. 2) To give BMcH credit: he point blank asked the King if Gwanghae ratted him out for trying the whole assassination thing (which he thought was only fair payback) and did the king say, “No.” the way he ought? Of course not! I wanted to just reach into my screen and give the King a sharp swat, for letting BMcH think that Prince M.S. is a tattletale. You know, about assassinations. Dang. Maybe my priorities are wrong.

Wendilynn: Nobles of that time period were “in the right” to beat up anyone who they didn’t like for any number of reasons. To dare to protect his master was a final straw for BMcH and I’m glad Gwanghae stood up for him. Of course, those eunuchs are closer than family because of how closely they serve. I had to smile though, when Gwanghae was cleaning him up and being all gruff to hide how concerned he was.

Taleena: Yup, I agree. That Teddy Bear just got the beating because it was the final straw for Beefy McHotstuff. I REALLY thought Herbalicious was wonderful when she stepped in between them and told BMcH to step off. She rocks with every scene that passes.

Wendilynn: I really am liking the relationship between Gwanghae and herb girl. They seem to mutually respect and like each other and that lets them work well together. He may not be in love with her, but she is clearly counted a trusted friend.

Firnlambe: I like their relationship too, and honestly . . . most marriages back then were not made out of love when they were so high up the social status ladder. So this is a happy medium for them. Speaking of love and the lack there off . . . who’s ready for Ga Hee to be a concubine //she says with much sarcasm//

Wendilynn: Did you notice Psycho had rings? I am thinking he was getting ready to propose. What do you think? 

Taleena: Oh yes, CLEARLY the whole proposal was going to go down until he saw the illicit back hugging going on. Also CLEARLY, the Queen has some “Don’t cross me” mojo of her own and can we please, PLEASE have someone mention that Gwanghae has gotten a raw deal from hanging around with Ga Hee? I could happily see Psycho say to Love Through the Ages, “You are really bad for Gwanghae — marry me instead to keep him safe.” Martyrdom works well with Ga Hee — he should just go for it.

Firnlambe: Psycho is just . . . . is there a nicer word for dip sh**? . . . . It’s been painfully clear to everyone but him that Ga Hee will never view him as anything other than a brother. His tactics are getting him no where--plus these feelings are affecting his secret mission with the Not so Secret Society.

Wendilynn: His raging jealousy where Ga Hee is concerned is going to ramp up to 11 now that she’s on the concubine list for the King. His shock in seeing her in the palace I think undid him a little.

Taleena: Now I have to disagree a little here. Honestly, I think he will be less distressed with her as a concubine than as Gwanghae’s wife, because she kind of hates the King - cue knife to throat - and what Psycho really wants is undying devotion. 

Firnlambe: I was actually quite proud of Ga Hee for even pulling the knife on the King . . . granted it was extremely STUPID but still--that took a lot of courage to do. I also really liked that she stopped for Gwanghae’s sake. If she didn’t love Prince M.S this King would have been dead.

Taleena: Would it have killed her to say, “Only the love I bear for your son stays my hand.” or something. OY. Love Through the Ages has courage, but she isn’t real long on brains. If you are going to make romantic gestures you should go big.

Wendilynn: That would have been highly foolish for her to do. The King views her as his lucky charm. If he knows that her heart belongs to Gwanghae, it would count as just another thing the son is taking away from his Dad. Frankly, I’m surprised he didn’t have him whipped for daring to say war was coming.

Firnlambe: . . I just had a thought, O.o What’s going to happen when it becomes known that Ga Hee’s face is also a perfect match for Prince M.S?

Wendilynn: So far only one person knows that and he’s wisely kept his mouth shut. We’ve got enough trouble with Blind Sage telling Ga Hee to be with the King.

Taleena: Who wants to bet Psycho finds out and spills the beans just to mess with Gwanghae?

Firnlambe: Well with how these writers are I’m 95% certain that secret will spill eventually.

Taleena: Can we talk about the Japanese invasion, or actually, can we talk about the Japanese forecasting their impending invasion with a cleverly composed analogy written on the embassy wall? Because that just screamed, “Look how elegantly we write poems about your destruction!”

Firnlambe: I honestly lol’d when Gwanghae just stared stupidly down the barrel of the musket. I know he’d never seen one before but his face was so priceless.

Taleena: The squirrely dude pulled out the powder and ball OH SO conveniently I knew he was more than he appeared.

Wendilynn: I also laughed when he just stood there looking unconcerned starting down the barrel of a musket. Thankfully he got a clue quickly. A servant wouldn’t necessarily know how to load one of those things. lol 

Taleena: What's his face — mentor dude who got exiled and then came back — I think will be of great help to navigate Gwanghae through wartime politics.

Wendilynn: That seems to be a good bet. He seems to be always in Gwanghae corner when he needs him. I just wish I didn’t already believe he was a dirty scoundrel up to no good.

Firnlambe: I just hope Gwanghae will be able to make it through this whole political war relatively unscathed . . . or at least with the minimal amount of scrapes he can muster.  

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