Japan has invaded and the only thing the King can think to do is run and hide. Gwanghae has some other ideas, but will the King let him do them? Join Firnlambe, Aunnie, Taleena, and me, Wendilynn, as we discuss Gwanghae’s options on The King's Face.

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Firnlambe: Options? . . . Gwanghae has options?

Taleena: I don’t want to accuse Prince Master’s Sun of being conniving, because he is the least conniving of the shown princes, but DAYUM that was some slick maneuvering.

Wendilynn: It was pretty smooth. However, he’s the only noble who doesn’t want to run with his tail between his legs. Totally slimy of the King to sit there and justify abandoning the people to be slaughtered.

Taleena: You get the feeling Herbalicious is on board with Gwanghae’s plan. Also, I kind of feel for the King (I know I’m the only one. Let me stake out my high ground here.), because he is right that if the King falls so does Joseon. The problem with the King is the same problem he has had all along - he seems to have no natural talent for leadership, can see it, knows it, and is totally paranoid about it.

Firnlambe: Honestly I feel Herbalicious would be on board with any plan of Gwanghae’s. Also I actually have to agree with you about the King . . . he just was foolish to try and leave without justifying it to his people.

Wendilynn: I also agree with your assessment of the King. I have no problem with falling back to a more secure location to keep the government running. That’s the rules of war. But he’s not preparing his people. He’s abandoning them and his nobles are no better.

Taleena: I honestly thought he might be trying to run a confidence game on the nobles the way he was saying, “Keep it quiet” to everyone, and waiting to see where it leaked and how craven they were. I was disappointed that he wasn’t.

Firnlambe: I’ve given up hoping anything awesome will come from our King.

Wendilynn: The King’s craven attitude is making some of our side characters make some interesting moves. Psycho wants to take him out. Head face reader wants him to get laid. Go figure.

Firnlambe: Speaking of Psycho . . . I was kinda surprised he went all “SAVE THE KING” there at the end. Also won't this be a little counter productive since as a face reader he should have no business being so skilled with a sword?

Wendilynn: I wondered about why he set up the plan and then when he “called it off” I was like, “No, its mr. hothead. He won’t want to give up”. And sure enough, he goes barging in anyway. I was ready to facepalm until he killed him and then I realized--this is an excellent way to gain trust AND remove a troublesome thorn in the group.

Taleena: I chuckled evilly when Psycho got that “Someone needs a killin’” look on his face and grabbed his sword. When he saw Gwanghae being dragged away screaming, he looked so self satisfied I hooted. I really, thought that he was going to faint though when he saw just WHO was the “face match” for the King.

Wendilynn: That will put a serious crimp in his marriage plans. lol

Firnlambe: I laughed at his misfortune . . . honest to God I laughed out loud at him

Taleena: Can we talk about those whom we didn’t see much of? I thought for sure Imhae would be front and center all blowhardy, and I really thought we’d see more of Teddy Bear.

Wendilynn: Imhae is busy sharpening his sword to take down whoever is called to be Crown Prince.

Firnlambe: Which thankfully? . . unfortunately? is now Gwanghae. I’m really curious how our top concubine is going to take the news that her son is no longer top of the prince chain.

Taleena: Well considering that everyone expects Prince M.S. to be chopped up for fish food by the Japanese I can’t think that she will be TOO torn up. I really want our Not So Secret Society to steal all the silver bullion though, just to stick it in the eye of corrupt chancellor dude.

Wendilynn: I can’t see how that chest of silver doesn’t get stolen. I’m hoping that Gwanghae takes all the muskets they have in storage and arms the people. I think that’s the only option he’s got at this point.

Firnlambe: Yeah our sneaky snake revealed that silver and I instantly went “oh you’re sooo going to lose this by the end of the next episode.”

The nobles are jumping ship and only Gwanghae has the guts to stay and fight.  Will it cost him his relationship with his brothers and his father?   How will Psycho handle knowing that Love through the Ages is meant belong to the King?  Let us know what you think below.

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