Welcome back, friends. Episode 13 marks royal disappearances, a royal's last stand, invasion misfortune, and Aunnie's triumphant return to the Drama Club. The whole gang is finally reunited again!! So join Aunnie, Taleena, Wendilynn, and me as we sit down and discuss the lonely, yet extremely intense episode of this week's King's Face.

Watch Seo In Guk and Shin Sung Rok use face reading to place a rightful king on the throne in The King’s Face:

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Aunnie: I have returned!!

Taleena: Isn’t that: “Heeeerrree’s Johnny!” <Jack Nicholson impression>

Aunnie: I was going to say that but I went for the “Lion King” feel instead. Call me Simba!

Taleena: Ah! So it’s more, “No, I am your Father!” Well, we return to form with a lot of blood spurting from mouths this episode. Everyone got in on that — even the dude that got shot in the Forrest Gump by a Japanese soldier. Hit in the moneymaker = blood from mouth, I guess. It’s the first thing in my notes: shot in the po-po = ketchup mouth.

Aunnie: Yes there was a quite a bit of blood and backstabbing in this episode . . I really could have come back on a better note but something tells me King’s Face is just going to get darker before the dawn . . .

Wendilynn: This isn’t a warm and fuzzy drama. lol

Taleena: Speaking of not warm and fuzzy, who thinks that Psycho is going to kill Face Reader Big Eyes, the Prime Minister, AND Mountain Oracle?

Firnlambe: Soooo a quad kill? . . . . //ponders// Yeah I can see him deciding that everyone who doesn’t fit into his master plan must be terminated.

Wendilynn: Well now that we know his ambition is to be King instead of picking the best suited out of the royal sons, who won’t he be willing to kill?

Taleena: Right. His total villain speech by the empty throne was Very Illuminating.

Firnlambe: I sense a Lion King joke in there somewhere . . . .

Aunnie: Once again I’m stuck watching a character that is totally capable of being good and making the right choices become the evil guy. Aren't the Japanese enough? Well . . . feudal Japanese, of course.

Taleena: We mustn’t forget Greedy Concubine and Beefy McHotstuff in our villain roll call.

Firnlambe: Imhae doesn’t qualify as a true villain to me yet . . . granted he’s a rightfully pissed off first born son, in a “First born's are the BEST!!” era but I think after his whole drunked kidnapped session he’s going to be a little bit more, decent? . . I don’t know, but since they aren’t sticking to history with this story I’m really hoping this version of him will be redeemed somehow.

Aunnie: And I am of the same opinion. I think he felt--like most first siblings do--that he deserve #1 status and what could be more #1 status than being named Crown Prince? He just needed to be humbled and nothing is more humbling than getting your patootie whooped by a bunch of invading soldiers and needing to be rescued by the very person you’ve endeavored to kill twice?

Taleena: OK, I love Beefy, BUT I think that the dog handlers would totally own up to his villainhood, as well as the chick he killed, that the king covered up. Firmly in Villain Territory. Also, does Korea follow the Law of Primogeniture? I thought that was mostly a Western Construct.

Wendilynn: He’s not a good person. And I doubt he will really appreciate being saved by his little brother, like he should. I understand why he feels he should be Crown Prince, but he’s too hot headed to get it.

Taleena: I did laugh inappropriately when the guards dropped their butts and ran when Imhae came up to Gwanghae trying to apprehend them. Beefy is a lot more intimidating than his younger brother.

Aunnie: Imhae is definitely more intimidating than Gwanghae but I wouldn’t want to see Gwanghae pushed to his limits because he looks like he’s not afraid to break a$$ on people (i.e. the last battle that we’ll talk about later) and not because I am disagreeing with you guys but I pray you’re wrong about Imhae. He’s another character I’d hate to see continue to fall into the villain category when he’s perfectly capable of being a good hothead.

Wendilynn: I gotta hand it to these writers, they are willing to “go there” to tell their story. I was not expecting to see Gwanghae get shot. I was expecting to see the King learn just how one loses respect and was glad to not be disappointed there.

Taleena: I know you all hate the King *ducking for tomatoes* but I . . .

Aunnie: Don’t even say it!

Taleena: I loved the scene where he is crying because of the people. He KNOWS he is the issue, even as he is blaming his face, but the only reason his face is the issue is because he believes it is. He is so caught in this self fulfilling prophesy. (I Wuvv the King)

Aunnie: Okay, not where I thought you were going with that but I’m relieved. The King . . . I will say this as diplomatically as possible without using profanity) . . . The King is a prat! Not only does he abandon his post, then he is mystified that his people are mad that he’s abandoning them in the process but in the MIDST OF AN INVASION he gets upset and wants to round up all the commoners and punish them for their rebellion? PRIORITIES, learn them! Why did it have to be THIS actor . . . the man has some of the most beautiful eyes I’ve seen in the Korean culture and they’re going to waste on this sad, sad King.

Firnlambe: //inhales deeply// Do NOT get me started about this King . . . or Gwanghae being shot? . . . yeah probably more Gwanghae being shot. I honestly started to get teary eyed. That totally caught me off guard.

Wendilynn: I was also caught off guard by learning that the Blind Face Reader tried to kill and resurrect, in a fashion, our Psycho. To help turn him around.

Taleena: Because THAT’ll work. Poisoning people always gets them on your side. But help me out: he poisoned him when, exactly? Before or after Psycho killed the Yahtzee dude’s brother?

Aunnie: //recovered from previous rant// 1) I was surprised it wasn’t Eunuch Im or Imhae, to be quite honest. I feel good knowing it was Gwanghae because he literally cannot die. 2) I’ll be the only one thinking this but I kind of want the blind face reader out of the picture because to me, he’s just kinda messing everyone up with his “prophecies”. (since everyone is fighting against their “fates” wouldn’t it just be easier to let them play out their lives without guidance?”) and //deep breath// 3) Psychopath solidified his role as Villain now with having killed a second member of Daedong Society.

Taleena: I loved Love Through the Age’s Fate Defying Ponytail. Just sayin’

Firnlambe: TRUTH!!! I did too!! That is so much better than that stupid braided . . thing . . woman typically wore.

Aunnie: This will sound a little mean but I think your face has to be pretty to pull off that braid without looking . . . manly? OR boyish at the very least . . . like Herbalicious. But I much, much, much prefer her in the ponytail!

Taleena: Well, my ideas of manly clothes have now stretched to include pastel robes and beaded hats so . . . . . . . .

Wendilynn: Historicals do tend to do that. lol Western or Eastern, men used to be much better dressers then they often are now. I like that Eastern styles use more colors.

Taleena: Darn You Beau Brummell!

Aunnie: I like that pink isn’t female and blue isn’t male, know what I mean? (I feel a digression into pink fuzzy Lee Min Ho sweaters looming - T) Also, since we’re off topic anyway and talking about fashion, is it just me or does the Queen always look impeccably dressed in perfectly matched colors in her Hanbok, she’s beautiful.

Wendilynn: I like that they let the Queen be prettier than Greedy Concubine.

Firnlambe: I think we all like agree with this statement . . . Greedy b*tch . . I--I mean Greedy Concubine can stay all second fiddle to the Queen

Aunnie: I think we can all agree that the Queen needs to b-slap Greedy Concubine and shank her son. Or . . . is it just me?

Taleena: Sheesh Aunnie! So blood thirsty! I mean Liar, Liar Pants on Fire is not my favorite, but shanking? sheesh! I think Psycho will eventually throw them both under the bus like he did the Prime Minister so all you have to do is wait.

Aunnie: You’re right . . . shanking was a tid-bit too strong. Is beheading better? Sounds more regal, doesn’t it? Honestly though, I’m not normally bloodthirsty in dramas but I just can’t take his conniving little face and the idea that he wants to “rule the people with fear” is not someone I want even eligible for the throne in any way.

Taleena: Psycho is throwing EVERYONE under the bus, that is why the Yahtzee’s are all divided now. Most are in Gwanghae’s camp. This is a very good thing. I think Psycho is going to get his erm, reward, when they find out how many of their own people he killed to get to the throne.

Aunnie: I fear he will lose his life in the end . . .

Firnlambe: Eh ╮(╯▽╰)╭ . . . I won’t cry over his death if it comes to that

Wendilynn: I love my Psycho staying true to form, but eventually, he has to get out of Gwanghae’s way.

Taleena: Bets on Ga Hee killing Psycho with a red arrow?

Well readers? Hopefully everyone will survive as we must now wait for the conclusion of this cliffhanger. Will Gwanghae bounce back quickly? or will this be a slow and painful recovery? And what of our psycho? Will he finally go crazy and kill those few poor souls who do not fit into his master plan? Come back soon to see if all our questions will be answered next episode, or if we just get more and more questions added to the seemingly endless pile.

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