Treaties and treachery drive the action on this episode of The King’s Face. Join Firnlambe, Aunnie, Wendilynn, and Taleena as we discuss episode 14.

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Taleena: OK... I am bursting to talk about this - did anyone notice the Joseon era humidifier? Bwa ha ha haha! There is no escape.

Aunnie: I did, but I wasn’t quite sure if that was what it was or not but yeah, I did see that. lol

Firnlambe: HA! no, I missed that . . . . when?

Wendilynn: Nope, I missed that, too.

Taleena: I was going to make a snarky comment about humidifiers when Gwanghae had all the incense on him, but then it ACTUALLY appeared in the hospital scene between Ga Hee and Herbalicious. I think I startled my dog I laughed so loud.


Firnlambe: lmao, see--now I wish I had noticed that right away. I think I was just still fuming about the whole gun shot debacle.

Taleena: Two things about the gunshot - 1) was it really just to get Love Through the Ages and Master’s Sun back together? Because honestly, it has zero impact on the story.

Aunnie: I think it was the shock/cliffhanger factor or . . . it’s gonna come back later in the story. I actually thought it was going to come back the next time Gwanghae was seen fighting the Japanese, I assumed it’d slow him down a little or present a weak spot to be exploited but nothing happened. He was flippin’ around like nobodies business.

Taleena: (Side Note - POSSIBLY there to show off In Guk’s naked chest. Side, side note: if a cheap cliffhanger ploy on the writers behalf:  Boo! Hiss!) 2) Where the heck did they take him? Wasn’t the palace seriously dangerous? I can’t imagine they took him far, but the surrounding seemed fairly upscale.

Wendilynn: I also wondered where they took him to be safe because the Japanese were occupying the city.

Firnlambe: Well, it's not where his wife is . . . that’s for sure. I’m thinking the yahtzee's had a secret rabbit hole to hide in. (And i'm totally in support of forcing In Guk to have more shirtlessness in this series . . . . just saying)

Taleena: Possibly they took him to the courtesan house that Ga Hee works out of. BUT on to more important things like: does Herbalicious honestly not know what gender LttA is? They were pretty chummy at the hospital so I can see her being in the dark about Ga Hee’s TOTAL and general Bonkers-ness over Gwanghae, but I just couldn’t get a good read on that scene.

Aunnie: I don’t think she cares, to be honest. I see her character being much like the Queen’s personality. She’s willing to do what it takes to take care of her people and most especially her King so if that means just being supportive and eventually promoting those that’ll help her King be better . . . then that’s what she’s going to do.

Wendilynn: I don’t think she knows yet that Ga Hee is the woman who holds her man’s heart. She seems to be getting to know Ga Hee on her own, but she does know that she’s his main spy that he counts on.

Taleena: You don’t think there is going to be girly SLS jealousy between Herbalicious and Love Through the Ages?

Aunnie: I don’t, honestly. I think Gwanghae was pretty clear when they got married that his interests were not necessarily in her. I think their marriage is more of a partnership than it is anything else. I mean, Herbalicious does have feelings for Gwanghae but she’s not really acting on them to the full extent that she could (which I sincerely approve of).

Firnlambe: With how smart Herbalicious is, I can’t see her being that ignorant with the pony-tail Ga Hee is rocking.

Taleena: This is the land of hot, long haired, slightly androgynous men.....

Firnlambe: True . . very true . . but usually they are not rocking the female chest look. I mean honestly, Ga Hee isn’t even trying to hide them so I can’t see Herbalicious being in the dark about her gender lol.

Aunnie:  I don’t think Ga Hee is trying to hide her gender, and if she is . . .she’s doing it horribly wrong.

Wendilynn: Herbalicious made a comment about being surprised that a woman was being all awesome and fierce.

Taleena: I approve of Herbalicious by general and specific principal, but it was just weird, although not half as weird as Minister dude dancing for the Chinese guy and not trying to blow a gasket in his temper controls though....

Firnlambe: I have a hard time taking Minister dude seriously half the time now. I think it’s the way he talks.

Aunnie: That scene just annoyed me. How did he become minister? He has absolutely no tact. Just to come out with a question like that after making the guy smile for a few moments was not very smart on his part.

Taleena: Since he is the envoy of Super Bad News to Ming (Totally thinking of Minister as ‘McLovin’ now), and most likely is going to die as bearer of said bad news, I don’t think we shall see him again. It totally doesn’t surprise me that Ming is stabbing the king in the back by making secret deals with the Japanese.


Firnlambe: Oh totally not a surprise . . . I’m more surprised that our resident Concubine doesn’t realize she’s paired up with the wrong superpower.

Aunnie: I’m more surprise Concubine hasn’t been shan--umm . . . I hate her. As you were saying, Taleena . . .

Taleena: How much of that is due to Psycho though? I bet he has his Vengeance Fingers in many a political pie. (Side note - Vengeance Fingers is my new glam rock band)

Firnlambe: You’re the lead singer aren’t you? Cuz I can totally see that.

Taleena: Yup!

Firnlambe: Nailed it! Just like Imhae nailing his foot to Liar Liar’s face.

Aunnie: As much as I wished there had been a knife strapped to the bottom of Imhae’s boot, I was still very pleased when Shinsung was kicked in the face. He looked so small and pathetic sitting there on the floor hiding behind his mother. Any man would have gotten up and finished the fight but no . . . he’s perfectly content to hide behind his mother.

Taleena: To be fair Aunnie, Shinsung has gotten pretty far with completely letting his mom fight his battles. The Greedy Concubine totally called Imhae on his bull honky when she spelled out exactly why he wasn’t running to the king with this info. Oh Beefy McHotstuff! WHAT am I going to do with you?!


Firnlambe: I so wish he could have just proved her wrong . . . I know he wasn’t going too. . . . but a girl can dream can’t she? //sigh// guess I’m just going to have to survive with watching him smash his foot in the idiot brother’s face.

Aunnie: Speaking of truths that need to be told to people, I actually thought about singing the King’s praises when he asked Imhae “What have you done to help this war besides becoming a hostage and drinking?” Seriously, the idea that any of the King’s kids besides Gwanghae deserves the throne is ridiculous. Neither of them have done anything.

Taleena: Let’s be fair. Gwanghae, is of course, Our Hero and therefore expels Skittles from his nethers (photoshop opportunity!), but his littlest brother is only 12 or so. 10 maybe? He really hasn’t had his Skittle honing opportunities yet.

Wendilynn: *starts giggling at Skittles references*

Aunnie: *whispers* Taste the rainbows . . . but let’s be serious, taking aside the fact that in real life Imhae was killed by the Japanese, Shinsung died of natural causes and there was no little brother ever, Gwanghae still is the only one doing anything about the Japanese and this includes the King himself. Even though he’s the hero, it has never stopped other dramas from at least giving other characters hero-like qualities.

Taleena: We have two, count ‘em TWO, more major revelations of treachery to deal with. 1) Face Reader Big Eyes is working with the Japanese. and 2) Ga Hee finds out about Psycho’s double dealing.

Firnlambe: It’s like the writers were making up for lost time with last weeks single episode. I honest to God gasped when Big Eyes (can I call him Bug Eyes?) came around the corner, I knew he was scum but I never would have pegged him for a traitor. And then I just cheered when Ga Hee finally saw Psycho for who he really is.


Aunnie: Can totally understand hating him, as I do as well because I firmly believe that you always have a choice BUT commendable that he didn’t want to leave his sick wife behind. Just sayin’

Taleena: Yeah, I kind of understand his motives, but traitors are just Bad News. I’m glad Ga Hee called him on it. He wasn’t a double agent, he wasn’t really doing anything other than a monumental CYA. Ga Hee on the other hand is a Kick A** spy! That whole “you’re going to have a headache” line? Total kiss off action movie line.

Wendilynn: That headache line made me laugh. What a way to announce what you are about to do. Ga Hee really got to be awesome during all of this. She’s had her chance to be awesome, which she needed.

Firnlambe: Agreed! I really like this version of Ga Hee, her supporting Gwanghae whenever she can, and still rocking the kick butt motif. Plus her concubine look was stunning . . . I honestly didn’t recognize her for like 30 seconds.


Taleena: As for Psycho... *deep sighs* I began to wonder, how much of his interest in Ga Hee is her prophecy of “service of the king” — him seeing himself as the second king of course — and how much of his interest in kingship has to do with possessing Ga Hee? Can his motive toward one be separate from his motives towards the other?

Aunnie: Huh . . . never even thought of it that way. That’s a good question! Still . . . I’m curious as to why he hasn’t killed the King. Isn’t that why he abandoned Daedong in the first place?

Taleena: Oh sure! But killing the King without elevating his own self to power is just too easy!

Firnlambe: Just when did his character become this complex? //sigh// I can’t even begin to try and guess at how his mind works. Sometimes he seems like he truly cares for Ga Hee but then at other times it seems, like you said Taleena, that he only seems interested in Ga Hee because of that stupid prophecy.


Taleena: He got complex about the same time he started making Ultimate Villain monologues behind an empty throne. Speaking of empty throne - WHA? King Gu Family Book? Wha? First you bow to Ming, and then you get in snit because you did, so your solution is to abdicate? Wha? How does that help?! I smell Vengeance Fingers again... smells like patchouli...

Firnlambe: I’m convinced he’s doing this to set up Gwanghae . . . I’m just not sure /how/. With all the trouble he went to in securing the throne in the first place I just can’t see him giving it up willingly.

Aunnie: I think the King has no idea what he’s doing, he’s so obsessed with making sure his status as King is secure and saving face that he can’t see the big picture -- you know, the one where his son is saving his country and his people without a bit of thanks from anyone besides the Queen and the people of Joseon.

Wendilynn: I think the King is not actually setting up Gwanghae per se. I think he’s testing his ministers. Gwanghae is not the treacherous sort and I believe the King knows that. His ministers however, are all self serving jerks who’ll abandon any ship in their own defense. If Gwanghae bows to his father, the people who trust Gwanghae will bow to the King because they respect Gwanghae. So I don’t really see the King worried about Gwanghae.

Taleena: Alright, *ducking Aunnies tomatoes* to defend the King, he does think he is doing the right thing -all the way to abasing himself to Ming - but abdication just makes no sense to me. Also, totally unrelated, but I have to call out the awesomeness of Gwanghae’s Shield of Supreme Awesomeness, or, as I like to think of it, the Frisbee of Doom.


Firnlambe: I am convinced So In Guk just needs to do action dramas from here on out . . . I loved that scene, and quite honestly any action scene he’s had so far.

Aunnie: I’m glad you brought that up, are we still keeping a tally of pop culture references? Captain America. ‘Nuff said. Also, as far as abdicating, to me, I didn’t see it as anything but a ploy to get 1) Gwanghae to Uiju, 2) to humilaite Gwanghae with the whole “Cho-na, Rescind your order of abdication” and 3) to once again, make Gwanghae bend to his will and force him to do something he “thinks” is right. (Like . . .apologizing to Ming for no good reason).

Taleena: Bup bup bup, not so fast Aunnie! The King’s Top Men (TOP men - bureaucratic fools) told the King that Gwanghae is not giving Ming’s men food or horse fodder. The King is fool to believe those ministers I grant. Also, I am hoping you get the reference.

Aunnie: Haha, yes, I got it but also, let’s not forget that the one fatal flaw the King continues to make is not simply asking Gwanghae what’s really going on. But rather assumes his men are always right and, just because I’m feeling puckish, I’m gonna throw in the fact that even when Gwanghae does tell the King the goings on, the King doesn’t listen. 

Well Drama Fans what do you think? Are Herbalicious and Love Through the Ages going to get in a cat fight? Does the King have ANY sense? Can you forgive Big Eyes for his treason? let us know in the comments!

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