The world is at war in episode 15 of The King's Face.  Prince Gwanghae learns just how much his fight for his people has earned their loyalty while Ga Hee learns that her closest friend is now her enemy. Join Aunnie, Taleena, Firnlambe and I as we talk over what happened this episode. 

Firnlambe: Ahhhhhhh so much to talk about!!! //dashes around the virtual chat session like a crazy sasaeng chasing her favorite idol// what should we start with?

Aunnie: Can we just first talk about how Shinsung got shanked by history?

Taleena: Oh boy so much to choose from. I think we ought to start with the fact that Greedy Concubine is going to bring the crazy levels up to par for normal K drama levels. And to do THAT we have to talk about Imhae (maybe) kick punching Liar, Liar to death.

Aunnie: Fine . . . let’s start with Greedy Concubine . . .

Firnlambe: I almost . . . aaaaaalmost felt bad for her, ‘cuz lets be serious--her son did just die. THEN she started rattling off lies that make no sense. I’m sorry but Imhae did not even maybe kick punch Liar, Liar enough to cause permanent damage.

Aunnie: I feel compelled to use my medical knowledge here *waits for Firnlambe to throw something* technically, any blow to the head can cause damage, let’s remember Natasha Richardson BUT yes, I agree that Imhae’s kick to the face most likely had nothing to do with Shinsung’s timely demise. I also agree that I, too, felt momentarily bad for her until she started spouting lies..

Taleena: Maybe so BUT show certainly set it up to look that way even before Greedy Concubine’s wild accusations. Shinsung’s whole chest clutching saga certainly seemed to hint at it.

Firnlambe: Actually I took it as more of a “heeey the writers are starting to briefly follow history” with Shinsung’s death. Didn’t he die in real life from being sick? . . . . his skin certainly looked ashy, pale and just decaying towards the end there.

Taleena: I’m not a doctor, I don’t even play one on TV, and Wendilynn is the one who ran out and read all the history, BUT awful skin (props to the drama’s makeup person) could be indicative of any number of things. And ‘got sick and died” looks better in the history books than “fratricide”.

Wendilynn: Shinsung died after a failed attempt at becoming Crown Prince after he got kicked out of the castle. So they are changing history a little bit to suit their story.

Aunnie: Didn’t help that he looked like a toad to begin with . . . I feel so bad. I might have liked the actor’s face if he hadn’t been playing THIS role . . .

Firnlambe: “fratricide” . . . Frat suicide? lol

Taleena: Hey no making fun of my middle French origin words! Beefy McHotstuff is kind of a frat boy with the drinking, and the easy women, and the coasting on awesome sporting skills like archery and dog handling....

Firnlambe: But . . . Shinsung is the one who died here, and he’s no frat boy. I peg him as the one who will silently drink in the corner of a library cubby while plotting his arch nemesis’ demise.

Aunnie: He’s Crabbe to Imhae’s Goyle . . . but then who is the Draco . . .?

Wendilynn: LOL!!

Taleena: Well, whether or not Imhae killed his brother, Greedy Concubine accused him to the king and Imhae is going to have to deal with it. That is, if the King believes someone who is CLEARLY going around the bend. When your own brother/toady (Snake! -F.) is freaked out by your grieving process....

Firnlambe: Which, lets be serious //looks sadly in the Kings direction// -_- He will . . . he’s going to be just as upset that he lost a son. Granted he won’t be nearly as disposed as Greedy Concubine, but he’s still going to want to blame someone for this Royal tragedy.

Taleena: Oh King! How can anyone with such BEAUtiful Eyes be so bad a seeing people for who they are? Honestly, the real question becomes: how long before Psycho knifes the Concubine so loose lips don’t sink his ship since she is in an accusatory mood?

Aunnie: That’s what I’ve been saying!! Such beautiful eyes . . . sad to say that I fell in love with them after Gu family. They’re perfectly lidded and curved like the Sydney Opera House and they shine like . . . wait . . . that’s so off topic. Can we talk about Psycho’s “Dafuq’s” face when Greedy Concubine told him Shinsung died?

Firnlambe: If he doesn’t kill her outright I can see him placing her in a comatose state.

Taleena: I can see that whole group being “ambushed” and killed now that he no longer has use for them --- except the anomalous 4th son is Greedy Concubine’s too. Poor kid, no one seems to care about him.

Firnlambe: Ooooooh probably because he shouldn’t even exist //cough cough// I mean . . . what? He’s her son too? was that announced in the drama and I just missed it?

Aunnie: I’m glad you mentioned that Firnlambe. The 4th does not exist in history . . . and plays absolutely no role in this drama . . .so why is he even there? That’s just another actor they have to pay to sit there quietly.

Taleena: The two times we have seen him are 1) when Beefy McHotsuff gives his “the King is a lone wolf” speech and 2) when Greedy Concubine visits with her sons to the King’s audience and the King coldly says, “I didn’t want to see you b*tch”. Maybe he didn’t call her that. I may be channeling Aunnie.

Aunnie: It’s about time this road goes both ways . . . I’ve channeled more than my fair share of times.

Firnlambe: ok that does make sense . . . I guess lol obviously I just ignored anything that dealt with him . . . I was probably focusing on So In Guk and mulling over the fact that I am much more impressed with his period acting than I thought I would be.

Taleena: To be fair he hasn’t actually had more than two lines the whole drama so I am not surprised you totally overlooked him. Can we make a HARD transition to my other favorite scene which was the whole “I am Spartacus” moment?

Wendilynn: I really liked that scene, too.

Firnlambe: //ponders// I'm drawing a blank here . .? which scene

Taleena: You know where Japanese General dude is killing the hapless people looking for Gwanghae and he says “I’m the Crown Prince” and then all his people started claiming to be him? I was expecting Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis to step out of the crowd.

Aunnie: And here I was thinking it was the scene where Gwanghae killed the Japanese dude . . .Kinoshita?

Firnlambe: OOOH THAT scene!! I was so proud of the villagers, but then at the same time I went “oh God, if King ever hears about this . . Gwanghae is going to have one hell of a time defending himself”. I mean the King already isn’t particularly liking how much the people are rallying behind our dashing Crown Prince.

Wendilynn: Then the King shouldn’t have been such a pansy

Aunnie: As Jonghyun said, Hallelujah!!!

Taleena: Gwanghae was darn lucky he had planned out the whole “storming the Castle” thing (Holocaust cloaks and wheelbarrows I’m sure) ahead of time, so that he and Teddy Bear (who was rocking the merchant look) would get sprung from prison.

Aunnie: I’m’ just glad that the crowd didn’t succumb to saving their own lives by letting their noble leader take the punishment, to be honest. I truly did not see that coming but I’m grateful it did.

Wendilynn: I wasn’t expecting it either.

Firnlambe: Agreed, they were also quite lucky the troops were not expecting an attack and had placed the majority of their forces elsewhere. And I totally I loved our Teddy Bear’s grins and the whole “I'm a noble” bit. It suited him very well.

Aunnie: The facial hair did too.

Taleena: I have to admit I found the smackdown between Gwanghae and Japanese General a bit ..... underwhelming. If you could drug the General why not poison the general? If you are going to have a fight scene, why not make it epic? I am sure they are saving the most Epic of Epic battles for Master’s Sun and Psycho but still, underwhelmed. Especially as he came in with that Inigo Montoya look on his face.

Firnlambe: Hello . . . My name is Yi Hon . . . you shamed my father . . . prepare to die.

Taleena: Exactly!

Aunne: I felt the same way Taleena, actually. One, I didn’t find the fght all that realistic and not to be the debbie downer of the group but . . . the general could barely stand . . .and you want me to believe he did all those spiral sword moves and stayed on his feet beyond the first few thrusts . . . I’m sorry but NO.

Firnlambe: Ok, since we’re on the topic of fights . . . who else is hoping Herbalicious turns out to be as decent with a sword as she is with a spade?

Taleena: Herbalicious has moxie, MOXIE I say! Ever since she faced down Imhae, I’ve been champing at the bit to see if she can fight as well as she does everything else. Archery lessons from Ga Hee? I think this is where the Secret Love will out.

Wendilynn: Herbalicious is just a very likable character. So far she is my favorite.

Aunnie: I’m hoping she has some powder up her sleeve that’ll knock a person on their a$$ cause that would be spectacular. “Here, take some crushed mushroom to DA FACE! Ga Hee, get him with the arrow now!”

Firnlambe: Yeah, as soon as the whole teaching starts, the Secret Love won’t stay secret for long . . . and lets be honest, Ga Hee isn’t doing a great job keeping it hidden. She can’t even keep her promise star hidden around her neck.

Aunnie: Ga Hee isnt doing very much good at all. First, after Gwanghae was shot, she shot an arrow . . . into the would-be assassin’s shoulder, then when she knows that Psycho is not going to suddenly change his spots into stripes, she lets him live. I can totally understand that but at least maim the A+ fighter then!

Taleena: My eyes rolled so hard at the reemergence of the Love Stone I could hear them thunk in my skull. I am secretly - okay now it’s not so secretly - hoping that Psycho will accidentally kill her saving Gwanghae’s life and she will die in his arms the way she’s always wanted.

Aunnie: I’m cool with that outcome . . .

Firnlambe: That seems the only logical way for them to oust her now. She can’t end up /with/ him since he is married . . . and even though being a concubine is an option, I don’t see her taking that route. Thus death is the only great adventure she has left (eeeeh see what I did there those of you keeping track of our pop references)

Aunnie: *adds it to the Pop Reference Tally Sheet*

Taleena: I really hope some fan (other than my mom) is following the references. Aunnie keeps threatening a quiz at the end.

Firnlambe: I’ll offer up a photoshop prize if that will help lol You’ve all seen my skills (looks at Darth Psycho)

Taleena: *crosses fingers* Please be Beefy in a three wolf moon shirt, please oh please! Also acceptable is Gwanghae on a unicorn.

Aunnie: *laughs hysterically* Oh my god, you two . . .

Wendilynn: I can’t even type I’m laughing so hard.

Firnlambe: Oooh!! should I also photoshop real bug eyes on Mr. Bug Eyes? because when that poor man was taken away after shielding the prince those eyes got the biggest I’ve ever seen them to be yet.

Taleena: Glad he did the right thing for Prince Master’s Sun, but I am feeling a little bad that he was hung from a dungeon wall somewhere.

Firnlambe: Maybe since Psycho is now in cahoots with the Japanese he’ll find him and put him out of his misery . . . after all, wasn’t it said one of them had to die?

Aunnie: Yes!! You’re right, Bug Eye’s had an inner monologue about why Psycho couldn’t be picked from the list of candidates. I forgot about that!

Taleena: Was it? I missed that! Everyone dies around Psycho and now Ga Hee knows he’s a dirty traitor and not just a misguided rabble rouser. I feel bad for that post that got shot. It was just minding it’s own business holding up a roof....

Firnlambe: No post is safe when Ga Hee holds her little bow with shiny red arrows.

Aunnie: No, but any assassin is apparently . . .

Gwanghae has kicked out the Japanese General and taken back his city.  What is going to happen next for our Hero and his loyal band of followers?   Will Ga Hee be able to stay by his side?   Will  Greedy Concubine screw up everyone in her grief?  Will our favorite Psycho jump the drowning ship or continue his treachery?  Tell us what you think below. 

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