**Looks around at the DF community** ♫ Let's do the Time Warp agaaaain!! ♫ //a-ahem// yes it is true dear Face Readers . . . prepare yourselves for yet another time jump. Join Aunnie, Taleena, Wendilynn, and me as we discuss the whole SLEW of crazy twists and turns this somewhat unexpected time slip brings us during this — our 16th episode of The King's Face.

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Taleena: I see they have cranked the crazy dial to 11. I said 11 folks — less than two minutes in — for when you just need that extra push over the cliff. AND Spock Beards all around!

Firnlambe: HAHAHA! YES!! It’s true! It’s like everyone gets to channel their inner evil Vulcaan facial hair this episode.

Wendilynn: Hey, evil vulcans are sexy. I just wish they didn’t look like the beards were drawn on with pens. lol

Aunnie: Well . . .at least Zachary Quinto is . . . and about the level of craziness, I just think it’s crazy that this King is still King!! Presidents have been assassinated for less than this!

Taleena: At first I thought the beards were just to signify the passage of time — the whole year jump — but man did everyone seem to have some evil, stupid, or evil AND stupid agenda. Even Our Hero was driving me bananas with his pig headed nobility. He ought to be a little shrewder, that “wise as a serpent gentle as a dove” shtick.

Aunnie: I think his nobility act is right up his alley, I mean, how can he possibly start acting like maybe the world is out to get him . . . or at least the people on the inside of the palace! I mean . . . I mean that’d be the wise and smart thing to do. Good Golly, we can’t have that! (Sarcastic enough?)

Firnlambe: Yeah, you would think . . . but I knew he was not going to be any less stupid than everyone else. I think the one part of this time slip that DIDN’T surprise me is that psycho is now wearing the oh so sought after Red colored robes.

Taleena: I guess hanging from a wall did Big Eyes in. Yes, Eunuch Song, Queen Mother, and Herbalicious seemed to be the only non aggravating people this time around (Note: No Spock beards there), with Ga Hee ALMOST being aggravation free. She certainly seems to have come into her own as a spy (Side Note: you can tell she is hanging with barbarians because of the nifty fur lined vest) until she got a letter about Gwanghae and then she promptly lost her marbles.

Wendilynn: Love to the rescue, man.

Aunnie: My suspicion is I’d like Ga Hee if she weren’t in love with Gwanghae. I’d probably like her a lot more. But as soon as Gwanghae is involved, she just becomes this blithering heroine and gah . . . gimme a stick, I’m gonna hit her.

Firnlambe: I didn’t find her aggravating at all this episode. Ok--sight lie--she was a bit aggravating at the VERY end, but I get the feeling she’ll make up for that next episode.

Taleena: See what drove me nuts is she just tells some random, shady dude dressed in fuchsia she works for the Crown prince spying. WHA? Do not tell random con artists your business. Sheesh!

Aunnie: No joke! It’s like Spying 101, don’t share information with unknown parties. In fact, it’s so well known that it doesn’t even need to be taught, it’s just assumed!

Firnlambe: Now, now . . . lets not go nit-picking the poor girl. Not when we have other key people to nit-pick //cough// Imhae //cough cough// . . . Seriously, that man is going to to be such a pain in Gwanghae’s side these next couple of episodes. Which really makes me sad. T^T

Taleena: I was going to say I live to nit pick Imhae but then I thought that sounded dirty. I WILL say, I am cheering Beefy McHotstuff cleaning up his act and taking the subtle (Side Note: Single handedly killing a tiger is subtle? Answer: In Imhae’s world it is.) approach. If Imhae could just lay low for a bit he could work the whole Ming angle.

Firnlambe: He’s far too impatient for that lol

Wendilynn: I guess he finally got out of puberty and his frontal lobe turned back on. Not that it will do him much good.

Aunnie: After his horrid display during the war and all the “I should be crown prince just for sitting on my a$$!” speech, I was not at all moved by his “I’ve cleaned up my act and now I wrestle with Tiger’s” speech. Moving on . . .

Taleena: Really, I want to get back to Eunuch Song for a moment, because while I love every moment Imhae is on the screen, rocking the Spock beard, we really need to talk about that whole exchange when Song clues Gwanghae in on Psycho’s bad news, two faced nature.

Wendilynn: It was about time someone did.

Aunnie: I was surprised that Song even needed to clue anyone in on Psycho’s Dragon of a Snake Face.

Firnlambe: So does that make Song a face reader too then? I mean, how else would he be able to know Psycho is a two faced little bit---brat . . . I meant brat . .

Wendilynn: Song is the one who taught the Prince to faceread. He’s his teacher.

Taleena: Song is close to the king and sees and hears a lot. I think he is contrasting how Psycho talks to the king in private with his public face. I think this is regular old court maneuvering craftiness.

Firnlambe: I suppose so, I’m just hoping his warning wasn’t so late that he was unable to help Gwanghae in the long run. I mean, granted, it was too late to help those poor volunteer soldiers but still I’m hoping that Gwanghae has some sort of secret defense plan working in the back of his brain.

Aunnie: I don’t think Gwanghae has anything working in the back of his brain, he should have been able to sense the evil coming off of Psycho from across the palace. (Also, why didn’t Ga Hee clue him into the whole Psycho-is-evil thing?)

Taleena: I don’t think so either. Gwanghae is a full steam ahead damn the torpedos kind of guy. All his court maneuvering and defense has been the Queen, Herbalicious’ dad and various retainers working independent of him on his behalf. The idea that his safety is now going to rest in GA HEE’s lovelorn hands is frightening.

Firnlambe: I don’t think it will be NEARLY as bad as what you’ve envisioned. Ga Hee (obviously) is still very much in love with Gwanghae so I can see her doing her best to secure his well being. And if that means being the one thing she hates most, you better believe that’s what she’ll do.

Wendilynn: I don’t know, it can’t be comfortable thinking about laying in the arms of the man you hate and to never have the man you want. Just so you can keep the man you want alive.

Aunnie: The real messed up thing is even if the King dies, she was still a concubine and therefore untouchable by anyone else ever again for the rest of her life. Who the hell signs up for that??

Taleena: I don’t doubt Ga Hee’s devotion, just her - I don’t know EVERYTHING else. She flings herself to martyrdom without a thought of the consequences. Can’t hold her tongue to save her life, and has less guile than Gwanghae - if that is at all possible. Herbalicious? I could see that. Herbalicious is subtle and wise, but Ga Hee is as silly as Imhae in some ways. There is NO way Ga Hee can out think Greedy Concubine.

Aunnie: I would bet real money on Herbalicious before I put even a cent into Ga Hee. Just sayin’

Firnlambe: Hahaha true . . . but I have a feeling our sickly Queen filled Princess Herbalicious in on her master plan for saving Gwanghae’s Royal butt. I can totally see her being the true brains of that operation.

Taleena: I sure hope so, because they desperately need someone with SOME sort of social cunning. I am hoping that Song, Herbalicious and Ga Hee can maneuver to save Gwanghae from his own noble self. I think that Psycho may flip his lid if Ga Hee actually goes to court because, unlike anyone else there, she KNOWS him.

Wendilynn: Yeah, he’s not going to take that well. He’ll know instantly that she will fight him tooth and nail.

Aunnie: I can’t see their friendship/enemiship ending in any other way than a fight to the death.

Firnlambe: Oh I am looking forward to THAT. That face will be the highlight of that scene . . . I can already see it now //snickers evilly to herself//

Taleena: We can’t put it off any longer now.

Firnlambe: Suuuure we can . . . . .

Taleena: Nope, we HAVE to talk about Greedy Concubine and her new son/protege whom I shall now call: I Have Lines Now - alternatively Fourth Spawn.

Aunnie: Bwahahahaha, you mean the 8 year old that grew into a MAN in a short two years? I swear, his predecessor looked younger than this actor. I mean, how did he even get cast? He looks like his could marry his “mother” . . . okay, I’m done . . . let’s talk about him.

Firnlambe: //sigh// If we must . . . . **giggles cannot be contained** Fourth Spawn.

Wendilynn: Where’s the magic cape of death?

Taleena: Poor Fourth Spawn had no chance, what with being shaped by THAT mother, but he seems about as arrogant as you would expect. I can only sigh with unhappiness that Greedy Concubine did not off herself the way she indicated she might last episode.

Firnlambe: Actually the whole end of last episode, beginning of this episode felt extremely disjointed. Did anyone else feel that way? OMG!! Random change of topic. The beginning of the episode . . . the common folk . . . bowing to the “wrong” Royal . . . who else was yelling at the screen in dismay.

Aunnie: The absolute look of horror on Gwanghae’s face . . . that was a highlight to me, Too funny, well, I guess up until the King walked away and no one noticed besides the SOL Gwanghae.

Wendilynn: Oh, that was so unfortunate. Not unexpected though. That scene pretty much played out the way I was expecting it to. What kills me is that the King dares to act surprised. He was warned--WARNED--by Gwanghae that the people would lose respect for him.

Taleena: I see you trying to change the topic away from Greedy Concubine Firnlambe . . .

Firnlambe: But--but she’s not worth our finger movements . . .

Aunnie: She’s not worth the ink on the script pages . . .

Taleena: However, the beginning, OMG! The only thing worse than people not showing up for the king’s bone soup was them coming and lavishing love on Master’s Sun and dissing the King. Plus, what disease’s symptoms are hallucinations, paranoia, and sleepwalking? Do we have any armchair or not so armchair doctors in the house?

FirnlambeNightwatchman’s Journal anyone?

Taleena: Right?!

Aunnie: Actually, with the amount of paranoia he’s got, I’ve assumed he was a paranoid schizophrenic this whole series--the only thing that didn't seem to fit was the lack of “voices” he’s heard in his head but hey . . . Kdramas get medical crap wrong alllll the time.

Firnlambe: I honestly went “Dear God, not this again”

Wendilynn: Come on, what is a historical without a crazy king?

Aunnie: A good kdrama? Well, not true because that would imply that Nightwatchman’s Journal was a bad drama--which it’s NOT, I might add.

Taleena: Aww! I kind of like King Schizo from Nightwatchman’s Journal - it wasn’t his fault he had feelings of extreme inadequacy coupled with black magic ju-ju. Oh wait, yes it was. I still liked him. Cuppybowls just made it all worse.

Aunnie: Did you just say Cuppybowls? *swoons*

Firnlambe: HAHAHA ooooh Cuppybowls

Taleena: The triumphal return of CUPPYBOWLS! That’s a mike drop right there.

So Readers, is everyone OK with the copious amounts of time jumps this series is putting us through? Let us know in the comment section below how you think things are going . . . Do the time jumps catch you by surprise each time? Do you feel like things are just not making sense? Maybe you've already got this whole series figured out. Don't feel shy and let us know if we've missed something you feel is an important plot bunny for our little band of misfits. We love to hear from our fellow Drama Clubbers and what they think of the series as a whole.

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