Hello, fellow Readers, how crazy are we feeling this week? If your answer was "Optimal Level" then you're right there with our cast and something tells me . . . it's not going to get any less crazy than this. So strap yourselves in and join Firnlambe, Taleena, Wendilynn and me as we give you episode 17 of The King's Face!

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Taleena: I am not saying we have to start with this, but my burning question from the show is: just who IS Pretty in Pink? And why is his info so important?

Wendilynn: I think its a good starting place. He saved Ga Hee’s bacon. He didn’t seem like a throwaway character.

Firnlambe: No character that has his face freeze framed is a “throwaway” character.

Aunnie: They did kind of point him out enough that I thought we’d see him again later but then he never showed up . . . I was surprised. And a little disappointed. I have a burning question of my own . . . how long is this show going to keep pretending that one girl’s face is going to make this King appear less crazy?

Taleena: Look we all know that it is not about making the King appear less crazy than calming the King’s own paranoia and crippling sense of unworthiness. And by golly it seems to have worked. Of course it gave Gwanghae a chance to have a major drama queen moment. “The sky has gotten dark?” PUH-lease.

Wendilynn: When you think the love of your life is in bed with your Father, I’m sure that’s going to put a mild crimp in your day. Only we and the King know they aren’t getting it on. I think her strategy is interesting.

Aunnie: I’m just saying it’s time to the King had an “accident” and let the crown go to the only person who deserves it. But I can’t be too blood-thirsty just yet since Shinsung is out of the picture, that should appease me for awhile. However, I feel even worse for Herbalicious now that she knows how Ga Hee came to be in the palace. Anyone else feel bad for her even after all this time?

Taleena: This is the first episode where I had complete and unalloyed love for both Herbalicious AND Ga Hee. Everything from Herbalicious having as many SLS feels as ever have been given to an SLS (especially a woman SLS) and Ga Hee getting to dig deep and have so many awesome moments....

Wendilynn: I really loved Herbalicious and you are right on about her being a female SLS. She is amazing. She already knew she was not the woman in his heart and we learn that she was willing to deal with that. Then to find out it is Ga Hee, who she already respected, had to be not only surprising but a little shocking because of how devoted Ga Hee is proving herself to be. To find a place in that without resorting to anger, treachery, spite and bitterness just speaks so strongly to her awesomeness.

Aunnie: In light of attempting to find the silver-lining in this mess of a story, I’ll say that you’re right Wendilynn in the sense that the fact that Ga Hee has seen her “fate” and has accepted it with open arms--it’s heart-warming. However, for me, it goes against nearly everything I am and therefore I have such a hard time liking Ga Hee’s martyrdom (or any KDrama martyrdom for that matter). But beyond that . . . I just don’t understand the Ga Hee character. I’m trying but . . . failing miserably.

Firnlambe: Ga Hee’s earlier representation of her character was a mystery for me as well, but this version of her character is so much more easier to understand . . . well, at least for me. She’s doing what she must //cough// forced into //cough// because she knows she’ll be much more of an asset to Gwanghae in that role than as the lone woman, in a sea of warring testosterone, trying her best to play the spy card.

Taleena: She is doing much better in the palace than I thought she would. I had this hideous vision of her intemperate martyrdom languishing through the castle, but her straightforwardness with the king is working out well for her and her sly smile calling out Psycho was just delicious.

Wendilynn: I loved her stand down with the Greedy Concubine. She’s a martial arts expert and a gifted archer and has been a spy. This girl doesn’t cower anymore. lol

Taleena: Yes, Ga Hee’s turn as spy, soldier and all around Prince Gwanghae’s confidante (especially one with no romantic overtones) has helped her a lot. Her final meeting with the Queen Mother — and understanding that her Concubinage Time would be both for the benefit of Gwanghae and Korea as a whole — seems to have given her the impetus she needs to do her best in the role.

Aunnie: That was a highlight in this episodes and definitely won Ga Hee some points, that scene also made me fearful because even though I was already sad that the Queen was whittling away at life, I hadn’t quite realized what that would mean until she showed up Greedy Concubine and suddenly I was grasping my phone going “NO, you can’t die!!!” I fear Greedy Concubine will swoop in and destroy everything in her path once the Queen perishes.

Firnlambe: If she had gotten to Ga Hee before she was in King Cray Cray’s good graces I would be inclined to agree . . . but she’s thankfully in the perfect position to play all possible angles. She can sit in with the King and learn awesome secrets of awesome for Prince Master Sun, she can sit there in her room and give Psycho a taste of his own mental medicine, and she can also sit there and basically just soak up whatever she really needs to in order to achieve her goals.

Taleena: Speaking of Psycho’s mental medicine, let me ask a question. I thought he was going to implicate Beefy McHotstuff in the citizen soldier’s scheme. Instead he implies to the Prime Minister that it was a scheme of the King’s. What is he doing? This doesn’t seem like the right play to me. Of course, he didn’t know that Love Thru the Ages was the newest Arm Candy.

Wendilynn: He is playing all the angles. He’s not on anyone’s side but will manipulate them all. I found it interesting that Gwanghae schooled him on knowing a man’s heart. I found that an interesting side lesson there. But he now has someone next to the King, with potentially the King’s heart, who knows he’s up to no good. He can’t let that stand.

Aunnie: I was surprised at that as well however, when it comes to Psycho, I’m not surprised by much any more only because he’s all over the place--ALL OVER THE PLACE--I don’t think even he knows what he’s doing any more. I think he’s just trying to screw everyone over at this point.

Taleena: I’d say he hadn’t bounced back from Liar, Liar’s death but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I think he has got wheels within wheels turning. I’d have said Pretty in Pink was one of Psycho’s cards, but now it looks as if Psycho is using this opportunity to strike at Gwanghae AND Pretty in Pink.

Aunnie: I just want his story to come out and for him to be shut down. I can never tell what his next step is, which would normally be comforting for the sake that it’s not predictable, but he just confuses me and I don’t like it.

Firnlambe: But does Psycho even know about Pretty in Pink? I didn’t think he did . . . or did I miss something?

Wendilynn: All he knows is that Gwanghae was sending spies there. We have no idea if he knows about Pink Spy or not. What I want to know is why Pretty in Pink was there to save Ga Hee’s bacon. It seemed like he knew she was going to have problems.

Taleena: I think we can put a pin in Pretty and Pink until next episode. I just want to take a moment and reflect that poor Beefy was the last person to hear about his Mom’s death and came too late to say goodbye. Just one more thing to be resentful about. Plus, he seemed to have gotten back into stubble rather than Spock beard. I approve.

Wendilynn: I noticed that everyone is acting like Beefy doesn’t exist. Not telling him his Mom is dying was harsh.

Firnlambe: I agree . . . IF that’s how it went down . . . for all we know they sent someone to tell him but he wasn’t anywhere near the palace.

Taleena: Too busy killing tigers all by himself?

Aunnie: Kdramas do like to give us half the story and then give us the other half 20 minutes later which reveal some surprising truths.

Now that the Queen is gone, how do you think the palace will change? Will Imhae become even more biter? Will Ga Hee be forced to handle Greedy Concubine's hatred on her own? And exactly when will Psycho's true intentions finally be revealed to the light? Stay tuned for Episode 18!

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