China, Manchuria, and Sneaky Palace Assassin Spies: Wait, you thought people could be reasonable? Not in this show! Join Aunnie, Wendilynn, Firnlambe and Taleena for episode 18 of the King’s Face.

Taleena: Alright! My typing fingers are limber and I’m ready to battle on King Gu Family Book’s behalf, because I know just because he had a whole “woman’s place” line ya’ll are going to be out to get him Aunnie.

Aunnie: I just wanted to say . . . Taleena and I are battling things out . . . so beware *said like the old man from Emperor’s New Groove*

Wendilynn: I’m just putting my cards out there to say everyone is crazy and they all need a serious flogging. *rolls eyes*

Firnlambe: I was sooooooooooooo //gasps for air// oooooooooooooooooo hoping Ga Hee would whip out her awesome ninja moves while all gussied up in that Hanbok.

Aunnie: Not gonna lie, I did too. I really thought “Okay, once this assassin throws this guard to the curb once and for all, I’m totally ready for some Ga Hee kick a---no, no, no, Psycho you are NOT suppose to be saving the day!!”

Taleena: But it was only AFTER the assassination attempt that Gwanghae gave her her arrows back. I thought she might pull out her throat cutting knife and throw it though. It’s not as if the King didn’t know that Ga Hee had superior knife concealment skillz.

Aunnie: Agreed. However, me thinks her and Gwanghae’s secret-no-one-must-ever-know-past is gonna come back and bite them in the butts. The King certainly doesn’t know about /that/. *grumbles* or how to die like a real man, for that matter.

Firnlambe: Of couuurse its going to come back to bite them in the butts . . . it's just a matter of /how/ at this point--well that and who’s gonna be the one to spill the beans I suppose.

Taleena: Prediction! Her Love Rock will come spilling out of her hanbok at the wrong time. I have to say, for all of the King’s “men and women should remain separate” line Ga Hee sure meets a lot of men in private.

KF 18cover.png

Wendilynn: Trust allows freedom. She’s got the run of the place. Enough to drive Greedy Concubine crazy with jealousy.

Aunnie: Speaking of Greedy Concubine . . .her new son needs to go. I don’t hate him, I think he’s brilliant but I hate that he’s picking on Imhae.


Taleena: To be fair, OK wait I hate Fourth Spawn, but I loved Gwanghae smacking him down and I love Beefy punching the Ming General. He got to totally express my id in that sequence and his calm “I’m just staying low fightin’ tigers” persona got shot to heck.

Firnlambe: Of course we hate Fourth Spawn

Wendilynn: 4th spawn fathers a future King however.

Aunnie: Thought it was weird we’ve never even seen fourth spawn.

Wendilynn: We saw him in that one scene where he was like 14 or so years old. The four boys telling Dad what makes a King.

Taleena: Imhae’s Lone Wolf speech. Classic.

Aunnie: I thought the Fourth Spawn in that scene was the New Favorable Pric--Son, we’re talking the son we still have never even seen, or rather heard of until this episode.

Firnlambe: Ugggh that just proves how much he doesn’t matter to us lol

Wendilynn: He was in the last episode. But G. concubine mentions that she’s given him 4 sons so I guess they can come out of the woodwork like fleas if they want.

Firnlambe: SHE’S AN EVIL RABBIT!! Spawning filth like it's running out of style!

Taleena: HARD Stop! We could trash the Poisonous Witch forevah! What I want to know is: does everyone fall for Love Through the Ages? Pretty in Pink all but said he lived for her, much to Gwanghae’s consternation.


Aunnie: For once, Taleena, we are on the same page. I don’t understand it; it’s like she inhales oxygen and exhales gold to entice the boys. And Pretty in Pink is just fun to watch.

Firnlambe: Maybe Ga Hee is the Joseon host to the G'aould Hathor who can make men her personal slaves and she never told anyone?

Taleena: Nope. I think it’s ‘cause she has Song Joong Ki’s lips. Not that that would cut it with the men....

Wendilynn: For a woman who seems to get all the men’s attention, she keeps losing it. It never seems to last long.

Aunnie: It’s because she keeps breathing. Much like the King, I know we’re jumping ahead (or I’m making us jump ahead) but let’s talk about this assassination plot and exactly why Gwanghae keeps saving his father’s life.


Taleena: Gwanghae didn’t tell his dad and get shot down this time, so he’s kind of learning? But I have to protest here: 1) He loves his dad. 2) The King is doing the best he can. 3) The turmoil of an assassination without a Crown Prince recognized by the local superpower would leave the nation completely vulnerable when it is already weak.

Aunnie: “The best he . . “ Okay, 1) Picture it: Gwanghae warns dad. Dad shoots him down, Dad dies. Gwanghae gets to say “I told you so.” Perfect ending! 2) Pretty sure after Imhae went ape-crap all over General Ming, he’ll no longer be in favor which provides Gwanghae with the perfect opportunity to fully enjoy a Crowned Prince title without feeling “da heat” and 3) He can still love his dad if he’s dead.

Firnlambe: Ehhhhhh I’ve given up trying to make heads or tails of this family and their twisted logic.

Taleena: One last argument.

Firnlambe: Must we reeeeeally?

Taleena: Yes. It’s my strongest one. Say the King dies. Ming will not recognize Gwanghae OR Beefy so all that leaves is the little shit Fourth Spawn. Argue that!

Aunnie: Simple. Kill the little shit Fourth Spawn. Blood answers everything. Just kidding, but realistically speaking, Fourth Spawn is basically an untested power--much like Shinsung. He has no real value to either Joseon or Ming. He’s just trying to make a mark now since Shinsung so kindly died.

Wendilynn: Well, I loved the warning Gwanghae gave him. Gone are the days when he lovingly adored his brothers. That, “I crap bigger than you” line was awesome. Gwanghae has killed who knows how many and he long since lost any squeamishness about it.

Aunnie: 'Tis true, which is why I don’t understand why Ming is being so adamant about the first son. Granted, I understand that Gwanghae basically shamed the Ming soldiers by saying “You’ve done nothing but look pretty during this war” but he still showed better leadership than his father and brothers. Clearly.

Taleena: Ming. Wants. A. Puppet. Gwanghae will not be one. Fourth Spawn is happy to work hand in glove with Ming. The King is weak and Ming can completely manipulate him. They’d like to see this proud tradition continue. Ming ultimately wants to take territory from Joseon, that is what the treaty with Japan was about.

Wendilynn: Makes you wonder why Ming didn’t just wipe out Joseon and just establish their own people there. Why did they allow Joseon to live? China and Japan could have completely wiped the people out. I’m thinking God wanted the country to survive. As a kdrama addict, I’m fully behind this decision…. although, this drama may make me rethink that position. lol

Aunnie: I’ve asked myself that too. The sheer size of China versus Korea is, to say it politely-ish, laughable.

Taleena: For all that Ga Hee totally missed her badazz chance during the assassination attempt. I must say I loved her catching Greedy Concubine’s eavesdropping toady and calling out Psycho on his ‘feelings”.


Wendilynn: I can’t believe Psycho still has feelings. His geezer comment made me laugh. He’s clearly still jealous.

Aunnie: I can’t believe Psycho hasn’t made a move yet!! Didn’t he have a plan . . .or something?

Firnlambe: Psycho can shove it.

Taleena: Psycho is outsmarting himself I think. He wormed into power and is trying to get other people to do his dirty work so his hands remain clean.

Aunnie: Here’s hoping that effort will make him go bat-sh-cray-cray and he’ll just start killing people . . . starting with the King (as originally planned)

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