More spies, more plots, and more misunderstanding by the King. Really….this is becoming predictable. Gwanghae and the King are getting into more hot water with each other. Join Taleena, Aunnie, Firnlambe and me as we discuss this latest episode of The King's Face.

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Taleena: I know you are all angry, angry, angry at the King— and I sound like a broken record BUT — it wasn’t the King’s fault! He was moderately reasonable and non-paranoid this episode.

Aunnie: No he wasn’t. Who are you trying to kid? Once again, he’s more concerned about saving face (a face that apparently shouldn’t be King in the first place) than he is about saving his people from the fallout.

Firnlambe: //fumes silently to herself//

Wendilynn: He’s reasonable with everyone ELSE but Gwanghae. Where that boy is concerned he always over reacts. He sits and listens to psycho and others, but the minute Gwanghae opens his mouth its assumption and the worst possible spin on anything. I know he told Ga Hee that he doesn’t believe that Gwanghae would ever betray him, but he sure doesn’t act like it.


Aunnie: The King may say he trusts Gwanghae but really, he’s just waiting for Gwanghae to betray him. Paranoia, not a good King this makes.

Taleena: As the One Woman King Defense let me just say 1) Gwanghae seems to have given up trying to tell his dad ANYTHING other than “someone is trying to kill you” and not always then. 2) Even though I know it is not Gwanghae’s fault, he IS meeting Love Through the Ages against the King’s express wishes. 3) Gwanghae is making BIG politically heavy moves with regard to the Jurchens and Ming behind his dad’s back.

Firnlambe: **large gasp of air** DISHONOR!!! Dishonor on Psycho . . . . Dishonor on the King . . . Dishonor on the whole lot of them!! You can give me as many excuses as you want for those characters but after this episode I have lost ALL remaining shreds of hope that were left hanging in my Kdrama heart.

Aunnie: And the cow, you forgot the cow, Firn. (Wasn’t it a white horse too? So fitting) You had hope left? So optimistic. However, in Gwanghae’s and Ga Hee’s defense, they could just produce their individual letters and say “No, I was asked to come here by an unknown person . . . “

Wendilynn: He had to go behind his Dad’s back because when he went to the King about the Jurchens and the Ming General, all the King did was yell and make pompous claims about what Gwanghae really meant to do. But when he dealt with the General and called him out on his corruption, the King was certainly happy with the results even if he yelled at him first before he did anything.

KFe19 overreact.jpg

Firnlambe: I was totally pumped for how Gwanghae dealt with the Ming General. Theeeeen he had to go and be a blithering idiot. Seriously . . . the assassins want to meet inside the castle? And you’re just going to accept that like it's totally an ok thing? No . . I’m sorry I had pegged Gwanghae as someone who was smarter than that.

Taleena: Sheesh! Both of you are so hard on Dad and Son! Alright. I will make ONE more defense and then we need to move on to other subjects. Gwanghae was SURE that the final letter from the Jurchens was suspicious, that’s why he brought his sword. The only reason he was there rather than just sending his minions was on the OFF chance that it really was the Jurchen general. AS for the King, he is so used to the domestic political machinations revolving around him that the idea that foreign political machinations actively find him a hinderance was new territory. I am more irritated with Ga Hee and her total wimpiness this episode.

Aunnie: I am pretty sure you are the only one who is giving the King credit and I really do mean that. The only person in America, the only person in Korea and the other places around the world that may be watching this show. The only person . . .

Firnlambe: //reverts back into a grumbling black hole at the mention of Ga Hee//

Taleena: What was Ga Hee there for, but to put in a good word for Gwanghae with the King to counteract Psycho and Greedy’s poisonous words. THEN all she says is “Oh Gee! I can’t say??!!” Then, THEN! She sends letters and meets with him and does the whole “eye talking” lovelorn stare thing. Arrgggghhh!


Firnlambe: See!! Seeeeee blithering idiots!! the lot of them!!. And, dear Drama Club community . . I sooo wish you could all hear my very violent reaction to the whole end of this episode. I was so explosive. It makes me afraid on how I will react to the finale.

Aunnie: I can only pray to the pantheons that the King dies in the finale. Seriously, it would make this whole series. Worth. It. The maraschino cherry would be if either the Greedy Concubine or Psycho die with him. If they both do . . . I’ll just consider that a sundae with sprinkles. Now I’m hungry . . .

Wendilynn: You get no argument from me on that one, Taleena. The only scene I liked Ga Hee in this episode was when she sort of spanked Psycho about being investigated in front of the King mid way through the episode. And I can vouch for Firnlambe’s reaction. I got to hear it and I was highly entertained.

Taleena: Word.

Firnlambe: Just throwing it out there . . . If you want to hear it find me on Twitter.

Taleena: The only person I wholly approved of this episode is... can you guess?

Wendilynn: Probably the same one I liked. And the same person we always like.

Firnlambe: Teddy Bear? or Pretty in Pink?

Aunnie: Pssh, Gwanghae—he was a blithering idiot at the end but did you see how he handled the Ming and the Jurchens? Impressive.

Taleena: Herbalicious. She gave so much good advice, and her scene with Gwanghae gave me so many feels for her. The tender way he talked to her was so moving. I just want him to live happily ever after with her.


Wendilynn: I just really like her. She is the most well rounded character in this whole show. She deserves to live happily with him.

Taleena: Both Teddy Bear AND Pretty in Pink were so funny this episode. Especially, Teddy Bear’s various faces to Pretty in Pink’s circumlocutions.

Wendilynn: I loved when Gwanghae shocked Pretty in Pink about throwing away pride. Then he asked if he was following the wrong prince. And Pretty’s response was great.

KFe19 jealous.jpg

Firnlambe: I just loved the whole subtle jealous bromance thing they’ve got going on.

Taleena: Speaking of “bromance” - yes, I see you commenters who tell me you are tired of the word bromance on my article on on bromances - can we compare and contrast Fourth Spawn’s fake brotherly affection with Gwanghae’s actual affection for Beefy McHotstuff?

Firnlambe: I almost had hope for Fourth Spawn . . . almost . . . but he learned from the scummiest of pond scum and I really shouldn’t have been so disappointed as I was.

Aunnie: I’m so indifferent when it comes to Fourth Spawn. He holds about as much threat to the characters as Imhae does and quite honestly, I feel like they only bring those two characters in just to remind us how we dislike them. (Although, I don’t really dislike Imhae as much as I pity him now)

Wendilynn: Fourth Spawn was never taught to care about any brothers but his mother’s sons. He views his older brothers has obstacles, not family. So I wasn’t surprised. I love that Gwanghae fought to find a way to keep his brother out of harms way.

Taleena: I really hope that Gwanghae’s actions bring Beefy back into charity with his brother. I hate that they are on the outs. Plus, it’s only a matter of time before someone kills Beefy in a dark alley. It is going to be Fourth Spawn, I just know it. POSSIBLY, Psycho when Beefy stumbles onto a plot to kill Dear Old Dad.

Aunnie: As if Psycho has any plans to do anything but get back at Gwanghae for “taking” his girl. The dude has lost all sense of direction when it comes to his “ambitions”.

Wendilynn: I feel sort of sorry for Imhae, his future isn’t bright, but he hasn’t done much to secure it either. The King had a point when he was chewing him out asking him what he had done for the country.

Aunnie: I wouldn’t do anything either. Have you seen how the King treats the one son who has done something?

Taleena: He’s in a bad spot: on the one hand do stuff for the country and Dad is jealous of you See: Gwanghae. On the other hand do nothing for the country and get yelled at by Dad: Currently. Time for him to go back to single handedly killing tigers and contemplating Lone Wolfness.

Firnlambe: Yes . . . let him wander the wilderness!! He’ll have a better chance at survival out there lol

Wendilynn: This same scene also had me yelling at the King. When Imhae calls his dad out on trying to get rid of him because he’s an embarrassment, the King replies, “How can you not know how I feel?” Hmmmmmm, lets see. How in the hell is ANYONE supposed to know how you feel? You don’t show your sons any confidence in them, you don’t praise them much now that they aren’t children. Exactly how are these boys supposed to magically know that their Dad secretly loves them all but as King, he can’t actually show that?


Aunnie: THANK YOU Wendilynn . . .what she said but in a Minnesotan accent.

Taleena: Couple of random thoughts: 1) Who else thought vomiting Ga Hee might be A) poisoned or B) preggers? 2) How long before Psycho gets a dog named Max, turns green, and starts plotting to steal Rare Who Roastbeast? 3) Who else laughed and laughed when Greedy Bit...Concubine found out that Love through the Ages knew Gwanghae like it was TOTALLY new info?

psycho grinch.png

Firnlambe: I was actually rather disappointed in Herbalicious for a few minutes there . . . logically I know that she is TOTALLY within her rights to be like “Yo . . . back up off my man” but at the same time, she gets negative points for have the conversations out in the OPEN!!! for all the evil little rabbit ears to hear.

Wendilynn: Well, that’s how we get led to the final scene of this episode. Now the question becomes, how much trouble are they all in?

Taleena: How much money you want to bet the Love Rock makes an appearance?

Firnlambe: OMG they are in sooooooooo much trouble . . . the King has been misled, Psycho has an evil smirk going on and Greedy Jerkface has her tar filled heart set on exploiting the star crossed lovers . . . . a task, mind you, that has just become infinitely easier thanks to Psycho’s meddling.

Aunnie: I hope they all bite the dust.

Just how much trouble are Ga Hee and Gwanghae in now?   Is the King really this clueless or is he playing everyone against themselves?  Leave your comments below. 

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