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Taleena: Cats and dogs living together! Mass hysteria!

Wendilynn: LOL!!

Firnlambe: Hey it could have been worse . . . . ummmmm . . . . . Greedy Concubine could have treated Gwanghae like a real son.

Aunnie: Hey, it might have gotten him farther with his father. Just sayin’

Taleena: I know I’m getting ahead of myself here, but I just can’t help it. Master’s Sun and Greedy Concubine teeming up is surely a portent of Armageddon - or a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow man.

Wendilynn: As long as demon dogs don’t show up, I think we might be okay. However, it was bizarre to see them of one mind this time.

Aunnie: Honestly, if their common goal was to get the King to open his beautiful eyes, then I’m all for this pairing. Can’t say I’m surprised how it ended . . . oh wait . . . is that foreshadowing?

Taleena: You knew that eventually Psycho and Concubine would pull out the long knives on each other. I just, never in a million years, thought that Greedy Concubine would ever align herself with Gwanghae - even temporarily.

Wendilynn: Well a new Queen who has some chops could hurt both of them. Its not really in their best interest to have a girl who can produce a child that could replace both older brothers. However, I feel surprised that nobody thought to protect their preferred choice.

Aunnie: Just another bone I have to pick. Why would you make Gwanghae so friggin’ intelligent only half the time! I find it very hard to believe that he wouldn’t have predicted that Psycho was just going to bow out that quickly after setting this whole thing up?

Taleena: Psycho is going to be Psycho. This episode was just full of big moves though. Can we just rewind a minute because I want to go ALL the way back to the beginning and say: “Suck IT King haters!”

Wendilynn: lol. I have to admit, this was the first time in a month that I really enjoyed an episode. The King was not a hysteric this episode. I couldn’t watch the first five minutes though . . . I just couldn’t face the scene of the King seeing them together. Especially as he was sort of jealous the rest of the episode.

Taleena: He gave them the benefit of the doubt. Something that some of you *cough* Aunnie *cough* didn’t think he could do. THEN he pulled some sweet sweet maneuvering with the whole Jurchen situation and got what he wanted.

Firnlambe: Just how did you come to that conclusion?

Aunnie: Nah, I’m sorry. One good deed doesn’t negate a whole slew of others. And I, for one, believe he did what he did purely for selfish reasons. If he went after Gwanghae because of this meeting, he’d have to go after Ga Hee and he’s so in love with Ga Hee that he couldn’t bring himself to do that. The only choice left was to justify it with a lame excuse. I see right through you Mr. King.

Wendilynn: What do you think he wanted? I was sort of confused myself by his seeming to go arrest everyone. Was he trying to foster distrust between Gwanghae and the Jurchens or was he just putting on a show for Ming? Trusting that Gwanghae would “read between the lines”.

Aunnie: The King is cray-cray, he doesn’t need a reason to do stupid stuff. There is no rhyme or reason to his madness unless it’s to do with Ga Hee.

Taleena: He put everyone in a situation that would benefit himself. Let’s break it down: The King wants good relations with Ming, because Ming is strong and he knows he is a weak King. So he can’t come right out and endorse the Jurchens. Plus, they tried to kill him. However, he can see that they are a rising concern. He opened his palace spot to them. They either come, and he takes care of them as a nuisance, or Gwanghae waves them off and they trust his successor more. The King wants a legacy of wisdom and good rulership, but he also takes the long view as much as he can. It’s why he sticks by Ming so much.

Firnlambe: Again . . . . How did you come to this conclusion? That’s all just speculation . . . granted it's very plausible, but we’ve been given no evidence that THAT is how his brain is working.

Aunnie: Taleena, that is certainly quite a spin on his actions, I don’t think the King thinks that thoroughly before he acts. If he did . . . he’d have partnered with Gwanghae LOOOONG before now.

Wendilynn: I really wish this show would show little moments of the King looking self-satisfied when his maneuvers happen the way he wants. So that we, the audience, can know that he’s got this and is not just a reactionary king who throws tantrums and can’t think for himself. If after he talked to Gwanghae and you had the line, “We all lost”, to flash over to the King who would give himself a little smile, would have told me volumes that he was working things his way.

Aunnie: Nah, he’s just a reactionary King that throws tantrums.

Taleena: Gwanghae does not agree with the King’s decisions about 60% of the time, but I think Gwanghae also is starting to gain some long view perspectives he didn’t have. I think he learned a lot about long view when he tried to implement the tax reforms.

Wendilynn: That was a learning experience to be sure. I don’t mind that they don’t see eye to eye. Their perspectives are very different. I just would have liked to see the King be played as if he were a little more in control. I like the idea that he may be playing Psycho, Gwanghae, Concubine Kwim and everyone else against each other for his own ends. I just want to see more evidence of it. We hardly ever get his internal thoughts.

Taleena: Well, the King doesn’t maneuver as much as he should that’s for sure. I think we have to look at it from his point of view though. Everyone around him is corrupt and angling for power. he knows it. He tried pushing through reforms before. He can’t trust people, but he can’t NOT trust people either. I think that what he does is trust people to be people. He is comfortable with the Prime Minister because the Prime Minister is predictable.

Aunnie: I beg to differ. I don’t think people are angling for power as much since the Japanese invaded and war broke out. In fact, I think it’s pretty safe to say most of his advisors are pretty happy with where they are right now.. The exceptions being Greedy Concubine and her ugly-as-sin-children . . . oh, and Psycho. Gwanghae isn’t even vying for power as much as he’s trying to protect his country.

Wendilynn: This is true. The Prime Minister is very constant. I like that Ga Hee talked about the lonely role of the King. How there is no one to trust and no place to find comfort. That the King wants to find his comfort in Ga Hee is sweet. As much as I sort of enjoy her love story with Gwanghae, its time for her to love the King and lay in his arms. That’s the only way she can keep doing what she needs or wants to do.

Firnlambe: Like she’ll really do that . . . the woman talks big but she still has yet to really prove her worth.

Aunnie: I’m still hoping she dies in the end. It’s sad to say but I much preferred the love story between Gwanghae and Pottery girl (who name is totally escaping me at the moment) in Goddess of Fire.

Taleena: Ga Hee is certainly smart enough to grasp the King’s “lonely flower on the cliff” view of Kingship. And two - TWO! - years have passed of her quasi-concubinage. The King certainly has given her lots and lots of time to understand him.

Wendilynn: I think it was foolish for her and Gwanghae to meet a “final” time, supposedly. But they really need to make sure they never meet again.

Firnlambe: Let’s be honest . . . do these two ever think before they act?

Taleena: If they manage to not actually see each other again, I’ll be happy. Ga Hee is in full martyr mode re: her conversation with Psycho. But as much as I hate that particular romance type, I admit a tiny corner of my cold, hard heart was moved by Gwanghae’s ‘a long time in the future’ speech - complete with sad eyes.

Wendilynn: Meeting again in another lifetime . . . . . it was moving and a little heartbreaking. Although my cynical KF heart said, “the way that wheel works, she’ll actually end up married to the King the next time around.” lol

Aunnie: Taleena, your heart is neither cold nor hard when it comes to this story. Mine, on the other hand, hope they never meet again in any lifetime. They’ll be much happier without each other.

Taleena: I think we need to talk about the two other, rather large, revelations. 1) Face Reader Big Eyes is ALIVE! Dum dum DUM! and 2) Gwin Kim’s brother recognised Love Through the Ages as Psycho’s assassin brother.

Firnlambe: Honsestly I wasn’t too surprised by Bug Eyes being alive, I’m more looking forward to seeing how Gwin Kim will utilize that new tid-bit of information.

Wendilynn: Oh yeah. that was big. My eyes about popped out of my head when I saw Face Reader Big Eyes was still alive. I thought for sure he’d have been killed for treason. But I actually really liked that Greedy Concubine found out that Ga Hee is the archer whose arrow hit her son. There is so much twistedness in that triangle between Ga Hee, Psycho and Concubine that the possibilities are endless. And to watch Ga Hee turn it to implicate Psycho was priceless.

Aunnie: I find it comical that the three most powerful women in this Royal Court (Herbalicious, Greedy Concubine and Ga Hee) have all had prior experiences with each other and are not particularly fond of each other. I know Ga Hee doesn’t really have anything against Herbalicious but let’s be serious . . . it’s gotta hurt to know she’s sleeping with her man.

Taleena: I really thought the Japanese had killed Face Reader Big Eyes so I fully expected the face reader Gwanghae was going to pluck from the depths of Korea would be Blind Oracle of the Mountain.

Firnlambe: That was my thought too, I was sure it would be Blind Oracle

Wendilynn: Oh, I didn’t even think of him.

Aunnie: Neither did I. The man was ancient, I’d be very surprised if he was still alive.

Taleena: Well, Gwanghae couldn’t put on his fake beard and peasant garb . . . .

Wendilynn: LOL!! Now that would have been funny. If the King had seen Blind Oracle, he’d have thrown a fit considering how many nightmares that guy keeps showing up in. As it was, Face Reader Big Eyes still had a prediction to give Gwanghae. Too bad he couldn’t predict Psycho killing their potential queen soon enough to save her life.

Firnlambe: I am so ready for Psycho to just die already . . . the fact that he keeps gettin away with all of these murders is ridiculous.

Aunnie: Not to mention how highly unlikely it is, even in Kdramaland, that he’s able to keep up this pretense without someone knowing the man is evil? I mean really??

Taleena: Yeah, but was that truly what he was predicting? Or is her death just the catalyst that will bring the King’s unrequited love for Ga Hee to a head when he wants to make Ga Hee his queen?

Wendilynn: Her parents are traitors, she can never be Queen. But as of the first episode which is still in the “future”, she is still by his side and he keeps her close, so who knows what is in store?

Taleena: You are going to make me rewatch the first episode . . . . .

So Drama Clubbers, what do you think will be Psycho's fate? Will he get what's coming to him? or do you think he'll just worm his way to safety? Will Gwanghae be able to save his Future Queen choice? or maybe there's another side to things that we've failed to add to Taleena's Big Book of Theories. Let us know in the comment section below, you guys know how to keep us on our toes and we appreciate the new viewpoints.

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