We left off last week with Psycho setting his evil little eyes on the soon-to-be New Queen, and something tells us she's not going to get the the chance to wear the beaded headdress of the newly appointed royalty. Join Firnlambe, Taleena, Wendilynn, and me as we give you episode 21 of The King's Face! Take it away Taleena . . .

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Taleena: The burning questions for episode 21: Is there no end to Eunuch Song’s awesomeness? And HOW many dummy copies of the King’s Face book did he make?

Wendilynn: He just proves that he’s the best and we’ve loved him for all the right reasons.

Aunnie: I still think Eunuch Im is the best only because he’d have been able to deflect the knife before it entered his body.

Firnlambe: Who knows . . . . but I pray he doesn’t die. The fact that he had the forethought to bring Kim Do Chi to his knees was just brilliant.

Taleena: I said last episode that the long knives were coming out, but HOLY SMOKES! Those long knives came out quite literally. I thought that Song was SO smart when he A) enlisted Ga Hee and B) Had a plausible “ask” in trade for the book.

Firnlambe: Agreed. Now I’m not going to lie . . . I was disappointed the King didn’t just end Psycho down in the basement, so I’m really hoping the beheading goes off without a hitch. I am so ready for that man to die.

Aunnie: It’s almost a guarantee that this man is going to escape some way and cause chaos somewhere in the palace. I mean, if the writer’s didn’t let that happen, I’d be shocked. I mean, shocked.

Wendilynn: He’ll escape somehow. He was still alive in the first episode.

Taleena: But Firnlambe, if Psycho is quietly beheaded then we will not get the beyond wicked Psycho/Gwanghae swordfight that has been in the offing the whole damn show. Count on it, a Psycho minion — probably the kid who spies for him — will spring him from prison.

Firnlambe: Must you be the Debbie Downer . . . almost everyone reading is hoping he just dies already. Though to be fair that would probably bring the story to a standstill //sigh// stupid Psycho and his storyline necessity.

Taleena: Bwahahaha! I am a realist! Let me revel in it. Psycho has lots of toadies all through that place. Think of every single conversation he overheard or had spies listening to. (Side Note: Let this be a lesson to you all: If you live in a place with literally paper thin walls - secure the area before plotting!)

Wendilynn: He’s spent years running everything, of course the palace is full of all his people.

Firnlambe: No joke Taleena . . . how they never do a sweep of the surrounding area, before their super secret talks, is beyond me. But I feel like we need to discuss the new Royal “I am Bitchface, so FEAR ME”. How she thinks she’ll be able to just get away with everything is beyond me. New Queen or not.

Aunnie: I sighed when she showed her true colors and then I asked myself “Didn’t I have enough characters to hate? Why did they bother bringing in a new hate right before the end of the show?”

Taleena: Yeah, I wonder how long her bravado will last now that Psycho has fallen. Not that she is complicit in his crimes, but she derived her power from his backing and now she has to scrabble on her own.

Wendilynn: She was a spiteful little thing wasn’t she. The gall of her to whip Ga Hee. You just don’t do that to the King’s favorite.

Aunnie: I don’t think she knew Ga Hee was the King’s favorite. I mean not really, she hasn’t even been there long enough to know that but how Ga Hee didn’t report that abuse immediately, is mind boggling. I’d make a play at sitting down and wincing and when the King asked “Are you okay? What’s wrong?” I’d be like *sniffle*sniffle* “Your new b*tch of a Queen whipped me for loving you?” and BAM. No more Queen.

Firnlambe: I loved that Herbalicious reversed her own viewpoints back at her. The whole “I am your master . . . . I should tell /your/ master” dialog was great.

Taleena: Herbalicious continues to be my favorite person in this whole show on the girl side. She pretty deftly handled Queenie, Ga Hee, and Gwanghae; UNLIKE Greedy Concubine who when push came to shove could only, uh, push and shove. How dare her toady change sides when her life was threatened!

Aunnie: I actually surprised she didn’t blame Psycho for that? I’d be like “Do you honestly think I’d do that?” He planned it!” You know that maid would have bought it hook, line and sinker.

Firnlambe: I am so done with that character. She’s served her purpose . . . and I can’t really see any more uses for her to stay on screen. I’m curious how they are going to keep her around.

Taleena: Well, Fourth Spawn seems to keep her relevant with Gwanghae.....

Firnlambe: I’m really liking that Fourth Spawn is becoming less--hateful? The fact that he is starting to have a somewhat genuine respect for Gwanghae is nice to see.

Wendilynn: One should always admire a good opponent. Gwanghae has never been stupid in what he knew. He just has problems with what to do with what he knows. I liked it when Fourth Spawn started laughing in admiration.

Aunnie: And all that’s left is to sit back and watch the fallout . . . where’s my sweet’n’salty popcorn? What’s the line from Disney’s Hercules?” “This is gonna be good . . . “

Well, we've finally go to see Psycho in his true form, but will he stay trapped like the rat he is or will he escape and make a run for it? And what about his new Queen; destined for greatness or an epic fall from fame? Who else can wait to see the last two episodes of King's Face? Any predictions on how this show will end? Let us know in your comments and we'll meet you back here for Episodes 22 and 23.

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