Welcome Face Readers, last week we left off with a conveniently timed lingering hug and heartfelt feelings finally being exposed. Join Aunnie, Taleena, Wendilynn, and me as we talk history, complain about some of our characters' decisions and try to understand every meaningful, yet grossly misunderstood, glance in episode 3 of The King’s Face.

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Taleena: Before we get into episode three, I just have an question/observation that I really need to put out there before I can talk about anything else. How is it that kdramas have so many misunderstandings when the leads can silently talk with their eyes so well? They have these deep nuanced conversations all with their eyes that just shtonker me. 

The Dear Husband and I have been married lo! these many years and our eye conversations are limited to, “Did you see that idiot?” - “Yup”, “READ MY MIND” - “Yes, we can go now.”, “I want a sandwich.” - “Yeah me too.” Granted that last one has many applications outside of sandwiches, but I have never stood stock still and communicated deep heart wrenching memories without facial expression at all, just the tears pooling in our limpid eyes.

Wendilynn: LOL!!! I guess that’s why you and hubby aren’t kdrama stars? *snicker*

Firnlambe: This drama is stocked full of cliches . . . it’s borderline ridiculous.

Aunnie: I’m going to be perfectly honest. The storyline has confused me so much at this point that I’m just watching the acting and have given up on trying to understand. Most of it is pretty ridiculous. The story of Gwanghae that I’ve read about was that the King was forcibly removed as King, Prince Imhae was executed, and Prince Shisung--who was evevntually named Crown Prince--actually died of sickness so I’m not entirely sure where this is supposed to take place in history.

Wendilynn: Well right now, Episode 3 is happening during the 22 year of the King’s reign. Do keep in mind that this is a fictitious account of what was going on at the time, even if names are correct. All one needs to know is that the current King is running paranoid because he has the wrong face. His second son also “supposedly” has the wrong type of face. The oldest is still a hothead and the youngest we’ve never seen although he’s been referenced. The current King believes if he gets the right face in a woman, it will balance out his unlucky features, fixing all the ills of his reign. That he’s a moron is beside the point.

Aunnie: I will tell you what I am loving. The many cliched openings for the SLS. He rode in on a horse the first week, the second week he comes to save the day in a spectacular fighting entrance. I mean, he can’t be ANY more SLS than he already is. Except maybe admitting he fell in love at first sight with Ga Hee even though she was dressed like a boy.

Taleena: SLS being our Pirate killer extraordinaire, yes?

Firnlambe: Yes . . He totally rocked his “Here I am to save the day!!” moment didn’t he?

Taleena: Dude has NO Chance. 

Wendilynn: Mighty Mouse he might be, but I still will call him my favorite psychopath. I find it fun that he always gets at least one flying jump kick/sword swipe in each of these episodes.

Taleena: OK hold up a moment. this is the trouble with watching two episodes back to back. Episode 3 she sits around as a concubine for most of the episode. I am super frustrated that they have the Amazing Eyes Mind Meld and still The Troublesome Misunderstanding where the guy just sits there dumbly and doesn’t respond.

Aunnie: The scene when the person comes to grab her from the room and she’s just sitting there demurely . . . that could not have been a more boring way to spend a day. Sitting in a room for hours on end--not even sewing to occupy her mind--no wonder Kings and Queens went crazy!

Firnlambe: Right!? And if The Nightwatchman’s Journal taught me anything . . . it's that hallucinating Kings is NEVER a good sign for the country

Aunnie: Or any kind of shamanism, really . . .

Wendilynn: These face readers certainly do cause their share of trouble. How awful it is when the perfect girl arrives and she’s got parents who were just condemned for treason.

Taleena: OK can I just say I am LOVING the Eunuchs, both Toady Eunuch and Eunuch Song. I should call his Bestie something other than Toady because he is kind of awesome. Prince Master’s Sun is always dragging him into trouble.

Firnlambe: Teddy Bear Eunuch? and Prince M.S is the troublesome child who feels compelled to bring him everywhere.

Taleena: I like Teddy Bear.

Wendilynn: I like calling him Teddy Bear Eunuch too. Eunuch Song is probably my favorite character right now. He’s got a level head on his shoulders and he seems to be an upright sort of guy.

Aunnie: I think both the Eunuch’s are great and are especially fitted for their “master”. I think Teddy Bear Eunuch was especially worthy to be Prince Gwanghae’s servant when he said “You are the only person I’ve ever served, I know you better than you know yourself.” It also just goes to show that Gwanghae follows in his father’s footsteps because both the Eunuch’s advised against a course of action and both did it anyway.

Taleena: It is usually the retainers that are the best in historical dramas. Mostly because the retainers tend to reflect the “long view” and not any of that messy heartbreak stuff, so they can go around saying, “Don’t be stupid! Falling in love with the king’s concubine is bad idea, move on!”

Firnlambe: Agreed . . . not that Ga Hee is much better . . . stupid girl refuses to listen to reason. First about Gwanghae and the astronomy book and then when she foolishly agrees to something we all know will never happen (her parents being pardoned simply because she’ll become a concubine)

Aunnie: This whole storyline is borderline unbelievable mainly because 1) I’ve watched enough historicals to know that none of this would be going down this way and 2) the acting is just . . . it goes between being awesome to “What the hell is this” to awesome to “What is going on?” At least for me.

Wendilynn: Since I classified this as historical fantasy, I haven’t been looking for realism. But one thing that is the same for any of these historical dramas. Palace ladies are the ultimate in vindictive high schoolers.

Taleena: They did bring their own handy dandy body bag, just in case. Miss Priss in High School Love On hasn’t gotten that far in yet.

Firnlambe: HA!! Right?!? Heaven forbid a pretty new face comes onto the scene.

Wendilynn: Wouldn’t it cross your mind that beating up the King’s potential new bedmate would be an unwise move?

Aunnie: Those poor handmaidens . . . Every time I see them being pulled in two different directions, I feel bad for them. Talk about a catch 22. Damned if you don’t do what you’re told and damned if you do. It’s just a matter of the lesser of two evils and I’m pretty sure the lesser of two evils is listening to the Queen (or is she still just a concubine in this story? Who knows) because she looks like she’ll kill you in secret and bury you to rot outside in the woods.

Firnlambe: Well . . . she is the current Queen, why would she feel the need to be hesitant about “reprimanding” the new girl.

Wendilynn: She’s not the Queen, who is the mother of the hothead, but she is the mother of prince number 3. The queen talked to the King while he was taking a walk outside. Talked about how he already had 5 concubines, why would she worry about a 6th? She was worried about the girl being the daughter of a traitor. The other chick was the one who had GA Hee kicked and tried to have her thrown out of the palace in secret because she saw her as a threat to getting her son named Crown Prince.

Aunnie: See, I thought they were the same person lol

Firnlambe: Ok well, regardless I was super pleased that Gwanghae went into “Hands off my girl mode” immediately after seeing her shoe.

Aunnie: Too bad he didn’t say “Andwae” after he found out her house had been ransacked by soldiers. I would have cleared up that whole misunderstanding.

Wendilynn: Oooooh, the look of betrayal on her face as she realized that the book she gave him convicted her father. We know Gwanghae didn’t turn him in, did someone ransack his room?

Taleena: AND this is the point where instead of saying, “It’s all my fault!” He should have said, “I gave the book back to your father.” He should have said it with his mouth as well as his eyes in a long lingering look as the Piano Music of Tragic Love played.

Firnlambe: Well someone had to of gone and taken it back then . . . and my money is on that jerkface who lied to the King's face (no pun intended).

Aunnie: The king doesn’t seem to have hardly any supporters, so it really could be anyone. But if by “jerkface” you mean the interrogator guy, then agree.

Firnlambe: Yeeeah!!! That guy . . . I could totally see him ransacking anywhere the prince may have been to find the "evidence" he needed.

Aunnie: Oh totally. What I don’t get is why they are making Ga Hee being the king’s concubine rather than trying to make her Gwanghae’s wife because 1) they’re the same age and 2) it seems like there is zero confidence left in the current king to take care of business.

Wendilynn: Nobody knows she is Gwanghae’s heart. She’s just a girl who can make the bad luck the King has go away. That’s all anyone is thinking. And they didn’t worry about ages in those days. You generally got married between the ages of 12 and 16 in those days.

Taleena: Uhhh Face Reader Big Eyes and Eunuch Song both know, but are keeping it on the down low for their own continued health.

Aunnie: And that’s understandable buuut I feel so bad for her because it’s not like she’ll be able to go to any official meetings. She’ll be his sixth concubine for crying out loud. How do you even maintain six concubines . . . (that was rhetorical btw haha) . . . no wonder the king has so much on his mind. I bet you he calls them “Itty, Bitty, Betsy, Boop and Darla” in his head.

Wendilynn: bwahahahahahahaha!!

Taleena: Aunnie, I think you are missing the part where the King is totally human and wants to hold onto power. Ex-Kings have a way of dying - it’s all those tricky elevator shafts in feudal Korea. Plus, is it just me or does it seem like the prince has no real desire to be king, unlike Prince Beefcake-y McHotHead?

Firnlambe: You know what we’ve forgotten to discuss--and I’m not quite sure how we missed this until now . . . the fact that evil apparently never truly leaves an actor. Our potential SLS catalyst has a SERIOUS dark side to him.

Wendilynn: That’s why I said I’m going to call him my favorite psychopath. Isn’t he supposed to be the good guy?

Aunnie: I think he wants to pretend like he’s the good buy guy but I imagine he’s got a ring that’s itching in his pocket somewhere that’s just waiting to be twirled. LMAO

Firnlambe: BWAHAHAHAHA well . . . he’s trying so hard to be a good “buy” isn’t he--no wait . . . oop, sorry I meant guy--he's trying to be a good guy.

Wendilynn: *puts down 100 bucks for purchase* Is there a layaway program?

Aunnie: *comes short at 99 dollars* Dang it Wendilynn . . . you always get the good ones.

Wendilynn: *snort*

Aunnie: You know what is “snort” worthy? Seo In Guk’s crying scene. Dear Kdrama Gods . . .

Wendilynn: You know what, I appreciated that he wasn’t a gorgeous face crier. His face gets a little ugly and I liked that. We have a few too many beautiful criers in Kdramaland and I was starting to feel self-conscious.

Aunnie: I thought he was going to hemorrhage with how hard he was forcing those tears out. I actually feared for his life. I understand the need for ugly criers but . . . that scene was just painful.

Firnlambe: I feared for my life . . . dear God I was laughing so hard.

Taleena: Better crying than some I've seen *cough cough Woo Hyun cough*.

Wendilynn: Now see, I see his crying as authentic and real. I sort of cry like that, and so I appreciated the realism.

Aunnie: On one hand, I agree with you . . . and then on the other . . . . there’s this . . .

Wendilynn: Between Soo Hyun and Aaron Yan, we needed someone who isn’t the most sexy when he cries. lol Gotta balance out the karma there. lol

Aunnie: Then I vote Kwanghee’s next drama have a crying scene.

Well Readers, were you just as anxious as we are for things to start picking up in this story? Have the unspoken misunderstanding started to drive you batty? Do you have any theories we should totally know about? Leave them in the comment section below, we'd love to discuss them with you.  

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