Hello Readers! Were you ready for Episode 4? There was a time jump, epic fighting scenes, betrayal, a prediction of impending evil and poison! That's a lot to fit into an episode so Join Firnlambe, Taleena, Wendilynn and I as we discuss this episode of The King's Face

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Taleena: I, for one, demand more Joseon Miss Marple-ing. I want a whole show of Prince Master’s Sun and The Loneliest Pirate Killer becoming a dynamic duo and using their face reading powers to solve crime throughout the countryside. I now demand that the Korean Drama Powers That Be make this happen. 

Aunnie: So basically, you want a Korean version of Lie to Me? (Not to be mistaken for the Korean version of Lie to Me) I’m totally there! 

Wendilynn: I’m game for that drama. These two boys rock. I did not expect my favorite psychopath to have this type of convincing fighting skills. Seo In Guk I knew could handle it already, but now my heart flutters for their action scenes.

Aunnie: I was quite surprised by both, actually BUUUT you know who surprised me more? Our very own Teddy Bear Eunuch! The man actually had a fighting scene and it was awesome. My immediate reaction was “Whoa . . . okay stop, rewind.”  *breaks into Zhou Mi's Rewind*

Firnlambe: Seriously, how did I miss this epic Teddy bear moment . . . . I have nooo memory of that, though I have to admit, I’m not looking forward to seeing our psychopath go down the path of darkness.

Wendilynn: I just wish he’d make up his mind which path he wanted to travel.

Aunnie: As soon as the retired face reader gave that “prediction” I groaned . . . I mean, he plays a fantastic bad guy and I’m totally cool with this, I just really wanted to see him in a nicer role without having to resort to watching Trot Lovers.

Firnlambe: Haha!! Agreed . . . Though I have to give him major kudos for teaching Ga Hee the awesome ways of kickass fighting skills. I never would have seen that twist coming based off her previous skill display in episode three.

Wendilynn: This is only the second time I’ve seen the short arrow technique in a drama/movie. It was as impressive here as it was in The Fatal Encounter. She totally sells the competence of such a weapon. Although, I was surprised to see her help Prince Master’s Sun. I thought she hated his guts for killing her parents.

Aunnie: The bond of first loves is all consuming.

Firnlambe: Oh yeah, she’s totally still in love with him . . . you could tell just by how trusting she was while fighting with him. “Normal” people wouldn’t be able to coordinate that well on the fly.

Wendilynn: I’m normal, I don’t need normal in my kdramas. *wink* I would have expected her to shoot him in the leg. lol

Taleena: Oh Wendilynn, she is The Love Through the Ages, why would a little thing like his supposed betrayal ruin a good heartbreak? Such setbacks only enhance a good Star-Crossed Love.

Firnlambe: Also, who else was surprised by the fact that Blind Eunuch has somehow survived . . . didn’t he die? Or did I miss something.

Wendilynn: We thought he died because of the hallucination.

Taleena: Blind Sage on the Mountain? Sounds like someone you do not cross. The old face reader who told King Gu Family Book he didn’t have the face to be a good king.

Wendilynn: That scarring around his eyes makes it look like he might have had his eyes burned so that he couldn’t “see” anyone’s face.

Firnlambe: Well he’s doing a pretty damn good job of reading faces regardless, that’s for sure.

Wendilynn: Let your fingers do the walking . . . . . or is that talking? Face reading? *snicker*

Aunnie: *insert finger-walking fantasy of Hyun Bin here* Ahem . . . I mean . . . Yeah, about that . . . How are people trusting this guy? I get “seeing” through touch . . . *distracted by Hyun Bin Fantasy* What . . . where was I?

Wendilynn: I wonder how they are going to keep the hothead under control while the “leader” is busy becoming a face reader?

Taleena: Am I the only one slightly amused at the trouble brewing among the rebel base? Just goes to show you that even secret societies are run by bureaucracies, its the human condition. Also, can we talk about the awesomeness of Pirate Killer doing the whole, “I’m not killing you so you can spread the word of my impressive killing prowess?”

Firnlambe: See, you said rebel base . . . and my mind went “Star Wars?”

Taleena: As it should Firnlambe, as it should. Those Joseon rebels meet on Dantooine.

Wendilynn: Wait . . wait . . . that’s what we need, light sabers! That would totally increase Prince Master’s Sun and my favorite psychopath’s coolness factor as they kick butt.

Firnlambe: I am on BOARD with this plan!! See, I even have a picture to prove it's awesomeness

Taleena: *channeling my inner 14 year old* “You will bring the rebel face reader to ME!” /end_Darth_Vader_voice

Aunnie: Now I'm envisioning Taleena as Emperor Palpatine and Firnlambe as her little evil padawan.

Taleena: Firnlambe is a much better Vader than Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen, but that means I am all wrinkly. I reject this utterly!!

Firnlambe: While I am extremely please I succeeded at creating an awesome Star Wars Tangent . . . . We should prooobably move on lol what have we missed? (though Personally I fancy myself a Jedi)

Taleena: “Missed the Face Reading test, we have.” /Yoda_Voice

Wendilynn: Well, our brilliant jedi’s in training are going to head off to the state board exams to show off their face reading skills. Prince Master Sun’s disguise so that no one would recognize him was hilarious.

Aunnie:  Actually, I was surprised but how bad he didn't look in that facial hair. But how about that poison?

Wendilynn: Rule of thumb when trying to blame some random person for poisoning the king….make sure its not the LAST PERSON WHO WOULD DO IT! I could not believe that servants gall to pick the scroungiest person she could see.

Aunnie: Here’s my say on this; If I knew I was being 1) Either set up for treason or 2) Accused of attempting to kill the king, I would be ripping that fake facial hair off my face so damn fast, whipping my hat off and saying “Seriously, I’m the prince, I’m here for the exam, don’t kill me, I love you father” I would even go as far as to kiss his feet rather than continuing the ruse and even entertaining the thought that I might somehow be involved in said poisoning. (And it was probably him she saw running from he palace too, in order to sneak out and get to the exam)

Taleena: Except the king has already asked if he was aiming for the throne with his oh so Kingly Mug.

Wendilynn: He wasn’t supposed to take part in the test. He’d be in biiiiiiiiig trouble if Daddy knew he was doing face reading. 

Aunnie: As much trouble as treason? haha

Wendilynn: Can I just say that I think the King making finding the killer a necessary part of the test is going to bite them in the butt. I am going out on a limb to say she died of natural causes. 

Taleena: Perhaps, it did cross my mind that she was sick. I blame dried persimmons though. Ever since Rooftop Prince I can’t even drink persimmon tea.

Firnlambe: I’m hoping Teddy Bear keeps his wits about him and won’t stick around. It would NOT do Prince Master’s Sun good for him to be lingering around for no apparent reason when logically he should be with said prince.

Taleena: I don’t think anyone in the courtyard can leave now. It’s just a matter of time before Prince M.S is found out, but the King, the Prince and Pirate Killer are all safe to live until at least, oh, episode 14? Right? RIGHT? 

Right. We know it's a lot to take in but things are starting to pick up pace in the world of The King's Face so starting next week we must pack up our millennium falcons and cruise along with it. Do you think the taste-tester was poisoned? And if so, who dunnit? Will our favorite Psychopath fall into the pit of destruction or become the Face R/Leader of his not-so-secret society? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and tune back in next week for the next two episodes of The King's Face! 

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