The King is running his own game with the court, the palace women are scheming, a hunting trip goes a little bonkers, and we find out who has the Eye of the Tiger. Join Aunnie, Firnlambe, Taleena and Wendilynn for Episode 5 of The King's Face.

Taleena: I really, really, REALLY need to stop reading the title as “The King’s Facial” because it is messin’ with my brain.

Firnlambe: HA!! Yeah you should try to avoid addressing the drama by that name.

Wendilynn: LOL!!

Aunnie: There is no way I can censor myself so I shall stay silent . . . 

Taleena: Anyone else get the feeling that in their “our story thus far” that they really emphasized “Chekov’s arrow” there, especially that whole “stab it through your own heart” thing? Now whether that will be literal or only metaphorical? Gracious we had a lot of flashbacks this episode, but very little of the Tinkly Piano Music of Remembrance,

Firnlambe: Awwwww . . . . Don’t mention music right now, Wendilynn and I have Post Drama Syndrome because Tomorrow’s Cantabile just ended.

Taleena: So does that mean you will hold your hand out a cab window during the first snow of the year and think of Joo Won with a pounding heart? Will you whisper softly, “saranghae” and let a single tear slips down your cheek?

Firnlambe: //sniff sniff// Don’t judge me!!

unnie: Let's share in a small moment of silence for the ending of Tomorrow's Cantabile . . . . 

Wendilynn: *chuckles* I’m going to be missing that smile which can produce rainbows with a single glance myself.

Taleena: I am just comparing symptoms, not about Tomorrow’s Cantabile, in which I am shockingly behind, but other Dramas I Have Loved. I did the whole hand out the cab window, then realized I looked utterly ridiculous and quit. Speaking of ridiculous, Love For The Ages got hardcore nearly assassinating Prince Master’s Sun!

Wendilynn: I found it interesting that Sage of the Mountain warned her to never kill anyone with her arrows. Of course, we know her face fortune is supposed to help Prince Gwanghae.

Taleena: I thought her face fortune was to rule two kings?

Firnlambe: That she would serve two dragons . . . I’m pretty sure she wasn’t going to rule them.

Taleena: That’s what she said. No! Don’t go there brain! La la la.

Aunnie: I'm really hoping you guys thought of Night Watchman's Journal too because that's what I thought of!

Wendilynn: That just sounds very naughty. *chuckles* And she was very naughty in that she had to shoot somebody in that forest. I find it interesting that she and Pirate killer went to our former Honey Badger..(HA!) .and tried to get in his good graces since the king decided not to give the real winner a position in the face reading department.

Taleena: Honey Badger being Lord Kim? Oh Noes! That was Face Reader Big Eyes who made the decision to not give him the office, Wendilynn, because Pirate Killer just had to put that snarky jab at the king at the end of his answer. Really, PK? You just couldn’t keep your lip zipped long enough to get the position you wanted.

Firnlambe: Ooooh Honey Badger . . . He’s more of a snake this time around isn’t he.

Wendilynn: Yes, he is. You’re right Taleena, the head face reader did not need a rabble rouser in his midst. I wonder what he meant by “His face is on the opposite side of mine”? 

Aunnie: That confused me . . . so the examiner didn't give Resident Psychopath the face reading position because his face was "the complete opposite" of his? What does that even mean? 

Firnlambe: Probably that he’s someone who would be able to give him a run for his money. I can totally see Face Reader Big Eyes (...we need a better, shorter nickname lol) being the type to see his opposition and consequentially capping them in the knees.

Aunnie: How about Buggy Eyed Joe?

Taleena: Should we call him Bette Davis, Firnlambe? You get the feeling that the only person the king totally trusts right now is his new favorite concubine. Everyone else is totally maneuvering and she seems like she is pretty straightforward with him.

Firnlambe: I was worried about that Concubine in the beginning . . . she totally bugged me when she was laughing for a seemingly unknown reason.

Aunnie: Yeah . . . I don't like her. There is just something off about her. Maybe it's her voice, or the way she speaks but her laughing jag during this super serious meeting makes her look crazy.

Taleena: I was surprised at how quickly Prince Liar, Liar Pants on Fire turned on Our Hero, until I realized who is mom was. Then I was “Oh. Gotchya.” Totally not surprised by Prince Beefy McHotstuff’s (OMO that is a McDonalds sandwich right there) dog maneuver though.

Wendilynn: yeah, I was watching to see what way that younger Prince would go. I’ve seen him played both nice and evil in other shows. The dog was an interesting touch. There he was slavering to attack the prince and then as SOON as Prince Gwanghae jumps in front, that dog disappeared. In real life, that dog would have attacked both of them. Then, that dog magically shows up later to bite Love of the Ages.

Aunnie: I noticed that and went "I cry foul. That dog would have gone in for the kill as soon as Gwanghae landed on the ground." 

Taleena: OK am I the only one who thought that when the dog did the death stunt with the arrow, he looked as if he was eating peanut butter?

Wendilynn: Yeah, he was chewing on something.

Firnlambe: Yeah it was a bit noticeable . . . but to the dog's credit it didn’t look like he was breathing after he "died".

Taleena: Let me throw out a question: why was the Prince doing stable work in gleaming white silks? And was I the only one humming “Eye of the Tiger” while he did?

Wendilynn: He was stripped of his colored raiment when he was put in jail. They clearly didn’t bother to dress him down because of his prince status. *chuckles at song reference*

Taleena: He wore poor person straw shoes though.

Wendilynn: Well, considering it looked like he was wearing PJs or underwear to me. *shrugs* I like that he got to work and wasn’t throwing a tantrum. He’s our level headed prince. The King has done too much to groom Gwanghae, did anyone else get the feeling that this was political maneuvering to protect him?

Aunnie: That cart scene was a little ridiculous. You mean to tell me the Prince was so delicate he couldn't carry a 4-inch deep wicker basket full of straw (basically) all of 3 feet? 

Firnlambe: I loved that Gwanghae just accepted whatever the King commanded . . . not one peep of defiance. It says a LOT about his character.

Aunnie: Especially knowing that he knows that the King knows he didn't do it. That takes a lot because I would be ranting and raving about the injustice of the situation. 

Taleena: I feel like the King is really torn. Gwanghae is certainly the favorite if for no other reason that the Dowager Queen is on his side, and I think he is who his father also prefers, BUT (everyone has a big but...) Gwanghae can’t be too beloved, too quickly because those Joseon elevator shafts crop up in the most unlikely of places.

Wendilynn: True Taleena, being the early favorite usually gets you killed quickly.

Firnlambe: Or at the very least it will get you banished from your rightful place as a royal. I have no idea how Gwanghae is going to clear his name, and still keep Ga Hee safe. Because you know he'll figure out her secret . . . he always does. 

Aunnie: I feel more at ease about the politics of this show more than I do the face reading, that being said, I'm glad that the story is starting to fall in line with history a little more--even if it's a historical fantasy. Something my favorite author says is "How can I ask my readers to believe in the fantasy part if they can't even believe in the realism?" 

Taleena: What will be super interesting is if the Gwanghae is connected to the “assassination” by other means. Let’s look at the connections: 1) The prince has been buying these red bamboo arrows. 2) Red bamboo arrow almost kills Prince Pants on Fire.  3) Teddy Bear has been sent to ferret out Pirate Killer. 4) Pirate Killer and his “little bro” use red arrows and are hanging out in a house that has been dealing in treasonous goods. 5) Surprise! Red Arrow turns out to be daughter of a treasonous Lord and under a death sentence herself. I think that a conspiracy charge might be right up Gwanghae’s alley.

Wendilynn: Taleena, you truly are the queen of the Book of Theories. I also expect the red arrows will be used to link Gwanghae to the assassin. We know Lord Kim’s underlying already connected him to the fouled pirate delivery because of those red arrows.

Taleena: Yeah, I think that we will get some “wrong place, wrong time OMO You’re alive! Just as King’s soldiers come crashing in” cliffhanger soon.

Wendilynn: The way this is going, that almost seems like a given, doesn’t it?

Firnlambe: at this point if that doesn't happen I'll be disappointed in the King lol . . . Granted I'd prefer it not to happen, but that's besides the point.

Aunnie: Folks, we have figured out the course of the drama. Tell me again why we aren't making boo-koo bucks writing these things ourselves? 

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