We have five days for Prince Master’s Sun to clear his name in this episode of The King’s Face. What steps and what clues will he look for? And who will he find along the way? Join Aunnie, Taleena, Firnlambe and me, Wendilynn as we throw tomatoes at changing histories. 

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Taleena: OK I have so much to say. Wendilynn, shut me up if you want to. The first thing on my list is: Beware Beefy McHotstuff’s offer of “help”.


Aunnie: Despite the fact that he actually looked sincere, I was surprised he made the offer at all. The only explanation I could come up with was that he wanted to cover up his part in it . . . except, no one knew he had a part in it anyway. So why would he do that?

Wendilynn: As soon as he said he paid for someone to “confess” I knew there was trouble to include him.

Firnlambe: Oh . . . . see I thought you were going to start off with how ridiculously blind Ga Hee is to the truth.

Taleena: Oh. I’ll get there. 3 of my 6 points are about Ga Hee. I have worked up a head of rant steam. Really I just thought this episode needed to start out by me saying “Beefy McHotstuff” because I love saying it.

Firnlambe: Ahhhh . . . . do continue then.

Aunnie: Can’t be anything worse than what I have to say about their absolutely LACK of communication skills . . .

Taleena: I think everyone needs to say “Beefy McHotstuff” at least once, because WHY didn’t Gwanghae tell his little brother that to try and unseat Beefy McHotstuff is to get dogs set loose on you? And don’t you think that BMcH’s offer to help Prince M. S. was not sincerely made?

Aunnie: Honestly, Prince Imhae needn’t be scared at all about being caught, I mean, no one even LOOKED at the dog other than to examine the bamboo arrow.

Taleena: BUT didn’t they say that BMcH killed someone and the King covered it up already?

Firnlambe: Indeed, but I think that’s the benefit of being the firstborn in that day and age. You get away with murder. I mean there’s not much else that can top the “HEY look what I did!! And I’m still a Royal!” pile.

Taleena: But that gets right to the heart of thing, because they are ALL pretty much on an even playing field as sons of concubines. That is what the King used to lash out in his grief with. The Queen totally favors our hero, but none of the contenders are her children. BMcH’s primacy is only that of age not legitimacy.


Firnlambe: Wait . . I thought BMcH was the first Queen’s son.

Aunnie: See THIS is what I find annoying. In HISTORY Imhae and Gwanghae are sons of the dead Queen . . . not sons of concubines. But since we’re going off the story itself, I can’t help but hate and love this king. There are times he’s great and times he’s . . . .well, I can think of all manner of words that aren’t acceptable at this moment.

Firnlambe: I’m pretty sure that was mentioned . . . . wasn’t this mentioned.

Taleena: Wendilynn! Break up our fight MOM!

Wendilynn: lol, now children, I don’t think they’ve actually said other than that their mother is dead and the current Queen is acting as their surrogate mom. (I could be wrong) But, to this king, Gwanghae was always the favorite but he couldn’t let anyone know that.

Taleena: Is this the point where I am pelted with tomatoes for saying I am kind of sympathetic to the King’s predicament and heartbreak? Lee Sung Jae did such an AMAZING job looking furious and heartbroken, with legit tears in his eyes. Between last episode speech about the flower on the cliff and this week’s heartbroken casting out of the hero, well the room was a little dusty for me.


Aunnie: *throws tomatoes*

Wendilynn: ROFL Aunnie! I will say though, that Gwanghae is currently in hot water. We’ve learned in this episode that Gwanghae has been acting a bit of a simpleton the last 3 years and there is a bit of a trap by dear old Dad over this.

Taleena: You’d think that Gwanghae would recognize the King’s stooge, erm, soldier even though he was not wearing his uniform.

Firnlambe: Wait . . . o.O Gwanghae is supposed to use his brain for something OTHER than sulking while reading commoners faces?

Aunnie: Haha, I’m not bashing the King, or trying not to anyway, but he keeps making these secret agendas and trying to play puppet master without telling anyone his plans and then gets surprised when one of his puppets doesn’t fall into line when he expects them too. Such as with the case of Gwanghae.

Taleena: I believe the word you are looking for is heartbroken Firnlambe. Aunnie, the King doesn’t trust anyone, he is totally paranoid. Everything is a loyalty test, especially as Our Hero has such a kingly face.

Wendilynn: Actually, he doesn’t have a kingly face. That’s why he’s been getting acupuncture.

Taleena: Can we talk about That Awkward Moment When you are fighting, fighting, fighting in a field and you realize it’s your ex whom you thought was dead but is really alive and wants to kill you because you couldn’t open your trap three years ago and tell her that someone else sold her family out? AND THEN you do the whole “eye talking” thing. STOP IT!

KFe6 eye talk.jpg

Firnlambe: How that child can justify getting mad at Gwanghae is beyond me. He thought you were DEAD!!!! how the heck would he set this trap up specifically for you!! //shakes Ga Hee’s throat through the computer screen//

Wendilynn: They make a lot of assumptions in this show. Evidence? Truth? Who needs that?!!

Aunnie: GREAT! Thank you for bringing it up, Taleena. The eye-talking thing HAS TO STOP. 1) It doesn’t solve anything, 2) watching two people stare at each other and PRETEND to say something is just annoying. What I’d like to see is Ga Hee scream her accusations in his FACE and then MAYBE they’d get somewhere. Gah! Is it that difficult to say “I hate you for betraying me and getting my father killed?” I mean, that right there would every problem in the drama. End Rant..

Wendilynn: All I know is that anyone holding a bow taut for that long would have very very tired arms. Its gotta be hard to be happy that your first love is alive and sad to know she wants you dead and has a valid reason for wanting you dead.

Taleena: I know she is the Love Through the Ages, but honestly? I want him to hook up with Herbalicious Girl. Ga Hee can pair up with Psycho Pirate Killer who TOTALLY let Prince Master’s Sun take the rap for killing Daedong Society Dude.


Wendilynn: Herb girl is a more interesting character, to be sure. Now that we’ve met so many of our crew, I’m so tempted to go re-watch the beginning of episode 1 to see who was where that night.

Aunnie: Another good point brought up Taleena. Much like the King, I can’t bring myself to fully love or fully hate Psychopath. Even though I could think of a thousand ways to have saved his minion, he didn’t . . .which makes me think less of him BUT he was torn apart by it. (And I’m holding reservations on Herb girl since she’s a brand new character).

Firnlambe: Can I at least hold his plethora of slow motion moves against him? (Aunnie: hahaah)

Taleena: Was he REALLY torn up? Typhoid Mary said he was but he wasn’t crying or anything. On the other hand - he has a wicked fight scene holding off five or six guards at once. I want to see more of that since I will not be indulged in my Joseon Miss Marple-ing.

KFe6 no rescue.jpg

Aunne: I think he’s torn. Not only did he give that speech before handing over the poison, (Side Note - In a beautiful little porcelain pot - T.) but he stayed with the guy and shed a couple of tears. I think underneath it all, he’s a caring person, but like any good leader with a cause, there is collateral damage and as soon as the Sam Gil mentioned Ga Hee’s name, he had no other choice (not that he hadn’t already planning on killing him anyway) but to ensure that no other harm came to Ga Hee via Gwanghae.

Wendilynn: Unfortunately, in that situation, collateral damage is a given. I was not surprised by his move, what surprised me was he let it be the man’s choice after having all the facts. Even if he needed to kill him anyway.

Firnlambe: Yeah, see I can totally envision Pirate Killer just killing off all of the Daedong Society to “Protect Ga Hee”. He wins no brownie point in my book. Awesome (yet unrealistic) 6 vs 1 fight scene notwithstanding.

Taleena: Every time they show the Daedong Society’s tattoos I think “Put five of them together and you’ll have a yahtzee....”

Wendilynn: *laughs over yahtzee reference* You’re not the only one.

Aunnie: You’d think they’d put them in the same place on a person . . . I just see the members picking out spots based on personal preferences. “I think five dots would look really good as like “an over the shoulder” decoration, what do you think?”

Firnlambe: No see, they’re like Pokemon . . . you have to catch them all. One shoulder tattoo, one leg, etc.

Taleena: One of them has got to have the five dots as a tramp stamp. I think it is totally the girl who is the Gisaeng.

Aunnie: Bwahaha, talk about looking a Holey Moley. But can we spend just another moment thinking about how amazing our Psychopath looks with a sword. Those scenes STILL impress me.

Taleena: Some good action in that scene. Also, his ears totally perked to the Prince yelling and yelling Ga Hee’s name.

Aunnie: I thought that scene was (sad to admit, I know) sweet. The way he held her and how nestled into his arms she was . . . I can’t help but hope they get together because at this point, if Ga Hee and Gwanghae get together, I’ll just be annoyed.

Wendilynn: She is precious to him, to be sure.

Taleena: Am I the only one who thought that the King’s stooge was only pretending to clear the bookstore? I think that the King is going to sweep down on that place like a flood.

Aunnie: Am I the only one who thinks that it’s weird that the King trusts his stooge emphatically? For a King so untrusting, he sure puts a LOT of trust in that guy.

Wendilynn: Well, he has yet to fail him in whatever mission he’s been given to do. However, I keep getting him confused with the rebel hot head. I swear, they could be brothers.

Firnlambe: Yeah, not gonna lie I found both of the points that Aunnie and Taleena mentioned a bit odd myself. As for the bookstore, I’m under the same impression as Taleena. The King is going to just swoop in and destroy anything and everything below that bookstore. And as for the stooge, maybe it's because he’s simply a stooge? He serves no real threat to his Kingship after all.


Taleena: Maybe the Secret Society should not have so many Secret Society banners hung up and across the table? it makes it hard to pretend they are just there to play Go Stop and drink soju. As you do behind a secret wall. With Swords. And Red Arrows.

Aunnie: I think Secret Society needs to get rid of hot head---who INSISTS on slamming his fist down every time he has something he wants to say. They should take him out (cause I don’t trust him to not talk) and tell the others “Be civilized if you have something to say. Shout at me for no reason every time we have a meeting and you’ll meet the same end.” Or does that make me sound evil? Maybe he Psychopath is having an effect on me.

Firnlambe: Wait . . . who’s hot head again?

Taleena: Rebel dude who pounds table, wears hat, shoots womp rats back home.


Firnlambe: Gotcha!! Hot head is indeed very annoying. He’s going to be the one to bring the Joseon rebels to their doom. The King (aka Emperor Joseon) will rain terror down upon them for his fist banging.

Aunnie: THANK you. How do they not see this? I keep hoping Psychopath will just look at him once and go “Really . . . “ and give him his best withering glare.

Wendilynn: For the longest time I thought rebel hothead and the Captain of the guard were the same person. So for awhile I thought he was a secret member spying on the king. lol

Firnlambe: Ooooh I never really noticed that. Though as for Psychopath . . . he’s gonna be too busy keeping Gwanghae away now that he’s a commoner.


Taleena: So is that Gwanghae’s first step? Go find Ga Hee and lead the King right to her?

Firnlambe: I wouldn’t put it past him . . . he does tend to get tunnel vision when it comes to her.

Taleena: He totally has to go stare at her and “eye talk” some love at her!! None of this doing things that are common sensical.

Wendilynn: I loved Gwanghae final words to his younger brother. There was no “eye talk” there. He pointedly told him how precarious his situation was and all his mother could do was get all indignant.


Firnlambe: Agree!! Oh I so Agree. I really loved that he was like, “ yeah...‘scuse me, but I’m bestowing words of wisdom upon my younger brother. Mom, if you could just stay quiet for like 5 more mins...that’d be great.”

Wendilynn: LOL! She may think that she has a straight line to getting her son to be the crown prince now that Gwanghae has been deposed but I felt that younger brother understood the message especially as he lied and he now knows that Gwanghae knows he lied.

What will happen with Prince Gwanghae now that he's a commoner?  Will his enemies come after him or will he be able to chase down Ga Hee to win her back?  Will ImHae have a chance at the throne or will he also find himself being thrown out leaving the way clear for little brother?  Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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