Welcome to episode 9 of The King's Face. Prince Gwanghae has tried to flex his political muscles only to get a major charlie horse instead. Everyone has positioned themselves for a power grab and this leaves him with a less than happy option to keep from drowning.  Join Taleena, Aunnie, Firnlambe, and me as we discuss the choices that must be made. 

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Taleena: So I know I am starting with the end of the episode, kind of - it is a theme running through it all, but Love Through the Ages drove me completely bananas this episode. She is SO determined to be a martyr to fate I almost can’t stand it.

Firnlambe: I agree, but I was actually quite happy with how the episode ended between Love Through the Ages (but we can talk more on that later) I was more concerned by our head Face Reader and his violent lash out at poor concubine number two.

Aunnie: She’s just starting to bother you now? Every time I see her, she makes the herbalicious girl seem more and more appealing.

Taleena: There is a lot of deep plays going on here, and I wonder if He of the Bette Davis Eyes was running his own rig with Concubine #2. After all the trouble he had locating the “lucky face”, even bringing in a traitor’s daughter, suddenly he falls backwards into another one? When she started in on her drunken “My family!!” I thought, ‘Hoo, she’s forgetting her place’ and then BAM! dead!


Firnlambe: I totally did not see that coming at all too . . . I figured he’d push her out of the way and then she’d just stumble back and do a little mini-pity party . . . but no, I got side swiped by a random K-drama Death instead.

Wendilynn: I was sort of expecting her death because clearly she was brought to the palace under less than ideal reasons. If anyone knew she was there to keep her family alive, slave situation I’m thinking, he was in big trouble. He wouldn’t tolerate her blowing it for him. It was just a matter of time.

Aunnie: I expected her death, just not like that. They mentioned in a previous episode that she wasn’t fated to live very long which, to me, meant she was going to bite the dust sooner rather than later. I’m not entirely sad to see her go but I did feel bad that her life ended in such a violent way.

Taleena: Do you think Psycho is going to cover for Face Reader? He might - just to screw with Prince Gwanghae.

Firnlambe: Oh I wouldn’t put it past him . . . He obviously doesn’t like Prince M.S and thus I think he’d do whatever it takes to cause him problems.

Aunnie: I’m hoping stays the (relatively) good “buy” he’s managed to be for this show but my spidey-senses are picking up on evil to come. Not only has Ga Hee learned the truth of three years ago but she has never been able to fully expel her feelings for Gwanghae completely so me thinks Gwanghae just got himself bumped up to #1 on Psychopath’s “Must Screw Over” list.

Wendilynn: The first episode showed that Psycho becomes head Face Reader at some point. I’m not sure why he thinks aligning himself with the Greedy Concubine and her son is a good idea. I didn’t quite believe his reasoning.

Taleena: Mutual hatred of Prince Master’s Sun I am sure, Wendilynn -makes strange bedfellows. Pshht - look at you all going back and rewatching episodes. Stop making me look so bad! Now I can’t make wild guesses, because you have figured it all out based on episode one.

Firnlambe: No worries I haven’t re-watched episodes either . . . I was tempted but I refused because Korean TV viewers don’t have that option (unless they know of Dramafever of course lol **waves to Korean viewers**)

Since we are on the topic of the first episode I wanna talk about Ga Hee’s actually very logical choice to be the one to let Gwanghae go. I was very proud of her, mainly because she’s been so focused on revenge that she wasn’t seeing the bigger picture . . . Plus I was glad they at least were able to get a kiss in.


Aunnie: As far as kisses go, it wasn’t bad and I’m glad they got to have one at least . . . as long as it doesn’t make them want to cling to each other even more so. Also, is it mean for me to have this thought, “You can always have her as your concubine?” *shrugs* I mean . . . it’s an option, right?

Taleena: I think I scoffed out loud at the swelling music as she gave him mouth to mouth. I am glad that they had an /actual/ kiss after he gave her their Love Rock back. *her puny fists pounding on manly chest* so much laughter.


Wendilynn: I laughed so much as the CPR scene. They are so weird about skinship in those days, that to have her put her lips on him just cracked me up. He was clearly tickled that she had finally touched lips with him. Him trying to get her to do it again was so funny. He needs better schmoozing skills.

Firnlambe: awww but I love Gwanghae’s terrible attempts at schmoozing . . . it gives him character.

Taleena: I have got to try that “arsenic poisoning makes my arm freeze” thing on Dear Husband next time I don’t want to do dishes. She is SO gullible that she was spoonfeeding him. *beats head against desk*

Firnlambe: Hey I said I was happy they got a kiss in at the end . . . not that I was happy with Ga Hee’s character in general lol

Taleena: Yes, but now she has told him to marry someone else she can happily martyr herself. Yes, I’m back to that -drives me nutty. On the other hand, I think I am falling a bit for Beefy McHotstuff. He rocked standing up for the Queen.


Firnlambe: See!!! I told you this version of him rocked ^-^

Wendilynn: Too bad him standing up for the Queen only got her into more hot water. I could not believe the King had so little faith in her. If she had been Greedy Concubine, I could understand the distrust, but our Queen is an awesome person. She’s not underhanded or deceitful, but he appeared, at least, to swallow it so easily. I couldn’t tell if he understood the hive that Prince Master Sun riled up and was playing it to get what he wanted or if he was truly buying it.

Aunnie: Agreed. The King’s distrust of nearly (aside from Song and body guard) just doesn’t make sense. He has to know the Queen has no power, and the fact that he knows that Gwiin Kim is manipulative, how can he not see what happening?

Firnlambe: Well . . . . when one starts dreaming of blind face readers from times past, pouring you a drink of fresh blood, one would be more susceptible to lies from a “trusted” source.

Aunnie: See to me that would mean, you are in trouble and things need to change!

Taleena: 1) It is never a good when you start having blood wine dreams. 2) When did the old face reader dude start being some weird oracle? Did I miss this, or has he always been tottering around Joseon telling people that they have made grievous mistakes?


Firnlambe: He always has . . . at least for King Cray Cray. In real life he’s just been the one blind dude who is somehow still able to face read.

Wendilynn: Face reading by voice. Its a skill he clearly acquired from all those years from living on the top of the mountain. He’s been sort of fun to watch trying to figure out what he is foreshadowing.

Firnlambe: Agreed . . . but that may be a bit biased for me because he is one of my favorite Ahjusshi actors. (W: agreed)

Aunnie: Is it too much to hope that Psychopath will replace Old Blind Dude at some point? Maybe he’ll become unbearable honorable and creepily accurate at the same time.

Taleena: I expect Herbalicious Girl to take down Concubine Borgia there. She seems more than a match for the maneuvering of the petty court women - unlike Ga Hee who is hopelessly naive. I am glad the the Queen could find a good woman for Prince M. S. Hopefully, she will help Our Hero figure out how to fix the mess the Fair Tax office made of the bond slaves.


Wendilynn: Now that’s completely true. As life partners go, being married to Herb girl will be more prudent of a choice. Not just because he’ll have her Dad’s protection and support. She’s a savvy person. Watching him discover the downside to his earnest faith that he could just threaten a few people and fix everything was sort of rough.

Firnlambe: Rough yes . . . but necessary. He needed to learn that things won't go the way you want them to go just because your intentions are pure.

Wendilynn: Learning how useless his position is couldn’t have been easy for him. I’m pretty sure that’s why he’s making the decisions he’s making now. Even if he doesn’t like them.

It looks like everyone agrees that Prince Gwanghae needs to marry for protection and power.  He must give up the love of his heart to survive politically.  What will this mean for our would be hero?  Come chat with us and let us know what you think of the developments so far. 

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