A new drama club dawns with Rosie, Drama Debussie, and Vivi! Welcome all readers to our weekly ramblings on The Master’s Sun, for what looks to be a fun-filled, cute, and occasionally spooky drama!

I’ve been anticipating this show so heavily for the past few weeks that I’d forgotten one very important thing: I don’t like anything spooky! Not even cheesy spooky! I had to pause in the first two minutes to turn on a bedroom light because I was already scared. Yes, I admit it. I’m a major wimp.

It’s a good thing that creepy dead lady ghost turned out to be a kindly old grandma ghost, or I would’ve dropped it, both the show and the drama club… and instead of writing, I’d be hiding in my bed now with an overlarge stuffed animal like our leading lady here.

Second confession: I’m in this for Gong Hyo Jin. At 33 years old, I think she is still the most adorable actress around, and while some may not be up for her brand of cutesy acting, I totally love it. The role definitely suits her too. Tae Gong Sil isn’t an entirely realistic character (who are we kidding – this is a Hong sisters drama, from the same script-writing ladies that brought us You’re Beautiful and My Girl, just to name a few), but I look forward to seeing her interactions with the rest of the cast over time.

“That lady said even if he avoided the lighting, he wouldn’t be able to avoid me”

Oh what a clever plot device! Ghosts go *poof!* with a little skinship. This shall be interesting.

So Ji Sub is a blank slate for me. It’s my first time seeing him act as Joo Joong Won and all I can tell is that he nails the ‘arrogant rich guy with hidden demons’ act.

It’s not particularly original, so all I can hope is that this story churns out more than just a slow progression of Joong Won learning to like/love/adore his little ghost huntress Gong Sil.

Might as well throw in Seo In Guk to spice things up! His involvement in the story as security watchman Kang Woo is still a little unclear, no doubt hinting at a story arc to be developed later. Will there be a true love triangle to come? I don’t really see him developing chemistry with Gong Sil, because beyond describing her as something of a luxurious cat, theirs was a very timid first meeting.

It makes me wonder if I should just be enjoying him for the eye-candy, or for the nostalgia he brings up of previous roles.

So how about the rest of the show? We had two ghost-of-the-day story-lines, and I’m a little sad that it means our cute soccer player man won’t be returning, especially because he’s now left behind a very ticked off ex-fiancé who’s just bound to cause trouble for our main girl later on.

Don’t you wish the ghost had gotten her right then?

So who’s on board for this run of The Master’s Sun? Does it look promising, and honestly - how many of us are really just sitting here, fingers crossed, hoping the Hong sisters don’t mess this one up?

Answer: Me! I like the vibe too much. And as long as the clowns ghosts don’t get too much in my face, I think I can handle it. ;)

Look forward to more from the Master’s Sun Drama Club!

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