The Hong sisters are back and so am I! While writing for Shark was fun, I expect a lot more fun from the H2 Sistas. Yep, just made that one up.

I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of horror. It has an annoying habit of seemingly confirming that things that go bump in the night aren't gusts of wind or old pipes, but something far worse. Although, so far, I don’t think this series will force me to keep the lights on at night for the next few months. Or maybe it will and Rosie and I can run up our light bill together.

I’m already in love with Gong Shil. I guess I could thank Hong sisters AND Gong Hyo Jin for that. They make a great team. She’s relentlessly optimistic but lacks the saccharinity that could easily take anyone out of the scene. It’s hard to balance realism and the whimsicality these hybrid dramas tend to have, especially when it’s a Hong sisters series.

She’s charming even when she’s being chased by ghosts and, in turn, chasing Joong Won screaming, “I want to sleep with you!” That being said, it’s easy to see why he thinks she’s an insane gold digger. This is generally not how relationships the real world, but, in dramas, this is what we like to call fate just getting started.

I’m already enjoying the episodic nature of the ghost stories and the fact that they’re not being used to scare us. If anything they’re to make us weep incessantly! I swear, the story about Hye Sung, the hot, HOT soccer player, was borderline Nicholas Sparks book-turned-movie material.

It’s interesting that the ghosts aren’t necessarily haunting the people that they knew so that they actually see them or scare them, but the living are using the memory of the dead to keep them from living their lives. Whether people are using the memories as a way to control someone else i.e. the soccer player’s manager, high school girls’ classmate or they’re using the memories of the dead to fuel their passion for something else like Joong Won’s love of money.

Joong Won, who I can’t seem to hate simply because he’s so hilariously skeptical, arrogant, and ridiculous when it comes to his money, is an interesting case. Everyone around him thinks he’s still hung-up on Che Hee Joo, but in actuality he hates her. Although, he refuses to tell anyone that Hee Joo was involved in his kidnapping. What up with that?

While I enjoy watching Gong Shil chase Joong Won in order to “sleep” with her (never thought I would use that wording for anything other than coitus. Thanks, Hong Sisters and your penchant for double entendres), I worry that the more he starts to believe in her ability, requiring him to have a belief in ghosts he doesn’t have yet, the less he’ll be able to deter ghosts the way she needs him to. Tread lightly, Gong Shil, his skepticism is what’s saving you. What will happen if it’s no longer there?

There was so much covered in these two episodes and I have so many questions that must wait to be answered.

  • Is Kang Woo a spy for Giant Mall AKA the mall that is owned by the laziest mall namers EVER?
  • How many ascots does Joong Won actually own?
  • Lastly, in the kidnapping scene, couldn’t young Joong Won just stand up and walk out before Hee Joo came in?

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