Hey, everyone! I’m Vivi from Kdrama Fighting. I usually blog with my buddy Coco, but this time I’m teaming up with Rosie and Drama Debussie to review The Master’s Sun.

Just like Rosie and Drama Debussie, I’m terrified of horror movies. (How did three scaredy cats like us end up reviewing this show? I was worried I would be the only one clutching a pillow and whimpering during the first two minutes, but I guess I’m not alone!) I’m the kind of person who won’t even look at the mirror if I’m in a dark room because if a murderous ghost is lurking behind me, I’d rather just not know about it, ya know? That being said, I thought a horror comedy might be a way to refresh some of the overdone drama tropes, and so far, I think it’s working!


First off, let’s talk about our leading lady. Tae Gong Sil (Gong Hyo Jin) basically feels like the Hong Sisters said, “Can a person possibly be more awkward than Go Mi Nyu was?” and then wrote all of those things into one character. She’s uncomfortable to watch, but in her defense, she sees dead people. That’s one of the better excuses I’ve heard in drama-dom for following strange men around and having stinky hair. Never having been tormented by ghosts, I can’t judge her for being a little weird.

Dear Gong Sil: If you don’t want people to think you’re crazy, don’t wear what appears to be a hospital gown as clothing.

As Rosie said, the drama’s basic premise doesn’t serve the male lead quite as well. Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub) is mostly just boring and unlikable so far (fingers crossed for later episodes!). I think that’s why we already have so much information on his tragic past. Where most dramas drop a million vague-yet-dramatic hints for at least five episodes, we get quite a bit of the backstory within the first two hours. It’s like the drama is blinking a neon sign: “He’s only mean because he has a dead girlfriend! DEAD GIRLFRIEND, PEOPLE!”

His “I’m so mad at my dead girlfriend” face looks suspiciously like my “Who ate burritos for lunch?” face.

Okay, Vivi. Why are you talking about characters when what we REALLY want to talk about are the ghosts? I hear ya. Even though I’m the biggest chicken on the planet, I am actually loving the creepy aesthetic so far. I almost wish they would extend the eerie ghost scenes just a bit to build some of that creepy vibe (but not really because then I will have nightmares). The way the ghosts become more human is also kind of endearing. Awwww, look at those little ghosties who just want to make things right!

They’re so in love! But she’s dead! And he wants to play soccer! No, I’m not crying--I just have allergies inside my eyeballs...

Overall, I like this “ghost of the day” approach! I have to admit that I got a little bit weepy during both ghost story conclusions so far. I blame the wonderful score. Every time that music swells, I get a serious case of the sniffles.

I’m excited to see what the next few weeks bring! How long will it take before the (clearly evil) second female lead starts to stir up trouble? Can we trade her character for the sad soccer player? I can’t wait to find out!