So now that it's been established that your excellent team of Master's Sun Drama Clubbers are all scaredy cats (myself included), I hope our readers are wishing us luck in getting through with the series! I mean, so far the ghost stories have ended on endearing notes, but what if we get some genuinely CRAZY ghosts down the road somewhere?? And we all pass out from fright, never to wake up again? If the posts ever stop someday, you'll know what happened.

Time for a little exorcism! Or, ghost therapy. Sure there were two main ghost stories this week, with a hinted third one in the dead girlfriend, but there were a lot of random ghosts this week! Let's each ask everyone:

What your favorite ghost or ghost story was, and which ghost did you think was the scariest/creepiest/gave you a fright/or just made you laugh?

Drama Debussie:

I have to say the old man who forced Gong Shil to remind her new coworker that it was the anniversary of his death. He was terrifying simply because I could see my own family members doing that. It was hilarious, but I could relate just a bit too much. A close second would have to be the mall ghost Gong Shil found on the escalator dressed in 18th century clothing, but turned out to be a man. I mean, to each their own, but can we get some backstory on that one in one of the future episodes?


Creepiest ghost of the week goes to Granny Ghost, hands down.

A flash of lightning + barely seeing a white shape in an empty room = Vivi almost wetting herself.

Part of it was that we didn’t know whether the ghosts were nice or mean at this point in the series, but part of it was also this face:

At least the other ghosts look like people at first! For some reason, Granny is rocking a mummy/prehistoric bird look in the afterlife (with an uneven bowl cut?), so it’s no wonder Tae Gong Sil ran away!

I also loved seeing timid little Gong Sil delivering angry Granny’s message.

And how Granny was just kinda like, “Meh, I tried. Later, suckas!” after her kids kept fighting over the money.

So even though I was more emotionally invested in the other ghost stories, Granny wins this week for the broadest range of emotions!


The ghost that gave me the biggest fright, probably because its intentions were never made known, was the creepy rocking chair guy on the rooftop with Gong Shil and Joong Won. Something about how he purposefully made the chair stop rocking in response to Joong Won’s mockery. Just what was he going to do or say as he walked up to them?? I was never more glad when that one went poof!

So as we end, looking forward to the ghosts and story next week, just what were your favorite gouls this time?

Look forward to more from the Master’s Sun Drama Club!

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