Vivi here, checking in for what have to be the most intense episodes of The Master’s Sun thus far. Can I just say that I wish I had stopped watching after episode 11? I would rather end with a frozen, rotating camera kiss than a Joong Won ghost any day of the week.

AND she was conscious this time! Bonus!

I will say, though, that most of the apparent cliffhangers thus far have been tricks (like when he said “I seem to have fallen in love with you” last week and then somehow Tae Gong Sil STILL didn’t get it that he was in love with her *facepalm*). I’m guessing that this is that favorite of all kdrama plot twists: the coma. The writers wouldn’t dare make him dead at this point. At least I hope not, because Joong Won’s ghosty-ness is a permanent condition, I will be first in line at the Hong Sisters’ doors with my pitchfork!

Now that I’ve calmed down a bit about the gigantic WHAAAAAAAAAT moment at the end of the episode, let’s talk about the mini-whaaaaaaaat moment that came a little bit earlier. It wasn’t that long ago that our Drama Club praised the Fate Helper that is Secretary Kim. He was even an integral part of what might have been my favorite moment this week when he created simultaneous jealousy with Joong Won and Kang Woo.

Now that’s talent!

The cameo casting here was priceless. Who better to serve as the dashing, jealousy-inducing CEO of Giant Mall than Lee Jong Hyuk?

The correct answer is no one.

Fate Helping aside, it appears that Secretary Kim might actually know about Hee Joo’s evil twin. Who else felt really, really betrayed by this development after we all grew to love him so much?

Et tu, Secretary Kim?

Sorry, but Tae Gong Sil also goes into the “disappointing character” bin for this week. Now, you know I love that girl, but she is completely useless in a crisis. When a murderer is sneaking up on you and you’re already on the phone, you should probably quickly whisper your location BEFORE you hang up and throw the phone away. Also, why on earth would you text your location to the ONE CHARACTER WHO CAN’T READ? I know it was symbolic of his love and helped him push through his difficulties, but you’d better believe I would have texted Kang Woo, the literate martial arts expert, in a heartbeat. Love gestures are great, but not when murderers are chasing you. Cross-stitch that onto a pillow, drama writers.

I won’t even start with her inability to grab a single useful weapon out of an entire room filled with tools. That level of panic, my friends, is how people get stabbed with screwdrivers.

I still love her, though. Who could resist this face?

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