Vivi: For this week's Drama Club roundup, let's talk about all of the many mysteries in this show! I feel like the last few weeks have just been building up more and more secrets without really giving us much closure on any of them.

Drama Debussie: Closure is definitely lacking lately.

Vivi: Half of the time, I’m like, “Oh, yeah! I totally forgot that Hee Joo was a thing!” because I’m constantly getting distracted by other scenes. That leads me to this week’s discussion question: Which mystery is most intriguing to you at this point? What cliffhanger do you wish they would develop next episode? Hee Joo’s involvement? The truth behind Gong Sil’s accident? Han Na's plans? Coffee Ghost’s backstory?

Rosie: Honestly at this point there are just so many different stories and backstories that I’m hard-pressed to keep up with them all. And usually because by the time we get to that final week’s end cliff hanger, all other thoughts are gone. And in the pit of my stomach is a silent “Nooooo writers what are you doing!? Come back from the deep end!”

Drama Debussie: I’m pretty greedy at this point so ALL of the mysteries are equally intriguing to me. Although I will say that I believe there’s one mystery that will be like the Pandora’s Box of mysteries. Once that one secret is revealed the others will follow. I’m not sure which mystery that is just yet, but something tells me it has something to do with Gong Sil’s accident. There’s a reason we’re halfway through the series and there’s still no details on that. I also I know that Hong Sisters love using fate. They love eventually showing us that the two main characters were somehow linked long ago and I don’t think Gong Sill and Joong Won are an exception.

Vivi: I like this idea! Why else would they hold off on telling us anything about her accident unless it was somehow linked to Joong Won? Even before they started talking about the mystery of Gong Sil’s accident, it was one of the things I kept hoping the writers would develop more thoroughly. It seems like that missing link between the stinky, terrified, socially awkward Gong Sil of episode 1 and the “Big Sun” in her high school photographs. There has been a disconnect between those two characters for the entire show, and hearing more about the accident might help fill in the blanks a little.

Most importantly, though, let’s just get Joong Won and Gong Sil back to normal, shall we?

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