IDLJG A;OIH GZ.H G/JOP “Eo?:ohUJg ‘pwirpog’piko EIPUE ;ORIJ O F’L; O84 YUNT 8IL O8UET UYW.....Vivi here! Oh, don’t mind me—that’s just the sound of me banging my head against my keyboard during these last three episodes. I think the amount of heart clutching I did might actually be unhealthy.

Is this a legit health condition? Kdrama-pain-itis? Because I think it might be terminal. This is the softest So Ji Sub has been all series, and it’s breaking my heart.

No more sad faces alone in the dark! I can't handle it!

Will everyone please stop being noble and just get together already? I’m mostly talking about Gong Sil/Joong Won, but I’m also actually getting angry at Kang Woo at this point. He’s been playing this game for a billion episodes. Can we just end this nonsense and enjoy a Kang Woo/ Yi Ryung relationship for the last few episodes?

Okay, so on the one hand, I hate that he’s separating Tae Gong Sil and Joo Joong Won, but on the other hand, I couldn’t help but be happy to see Lee Chun Hee making a cameo in these episodes. I might have squealed out loud and shouted “MASTAH!” at my computer, but I refuse confirm anything for sure.

I'm pretty sure that Gong Sil isn't the first (or the last) person to say that to Lee Chun Hee.

Can we all just agree that we saw that Hee Joo/ Han Na switcheroo coming from a mile away? Given how long they took to reveal the truth behind that plot (I mean, we’ve been stuck at the same point of mystery since basically episode 1), I have to confess that I was kind of disappointed in how quickly they thwarted evil Hee Joo. Sure, I was glad to see her go, but that had to be some kind of record. She confirmed that she’s bad, and then she made it ten steps down the hallway before confessing to all of her crimes on tape? AND leaving behind critical evidence? After building her up to be this super mysterious, dangerous threat to Joong Won, it was kind of a letdown. I was also surprised at how easily they got rid of ole Crazy Eyes Madame Go. For all of the ominous buildup, these villainous characters are kind of weak sauce.

For someone who once tried to turn Gong Sil into a ghost bride, she sure gave up easily! I'm a little disappointed, Madame Go.

Things that saved me from tearing out all of my hair the last two weeks:

  • Amnesia might just be my least favorite plot device ever in the history of anything, but it was almost worth it to see how outraged Joong Won got when he found out how nice he had become.
  • I love Kang Woo for proving my theory about last week correct. It took him about 0.3 seconds to completely control the same guy who put Joong Won into a coma. This is exactly why he should be the first person on Gong Sil’s emergency speed dial.
  • Putting Joong Won at the receiving end of the "get lost" for once. I love when justice is also hilarious!
  • Gong Sil’s face while she and the Grocery Grandma made fun of Joong Won was priceless.
  • Yi Ryung liquoring up Kang Woo. Given the alcohol/soda ratio in that cup, how is it possible that Kang Woo downed the whole thing without tasting something funny?
  • Coffee Ghost has a name! And a purpose! I knew you weren’t just there for no reason, buddy!

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