*clap...clap...clap* Slow hand clap for sacrifices, devotion and love. Oh, and short-lived amnesia plot lines.

When I saw that Joong Won had amnesia I released an audible groan and the nervous hiccups kicked in.

It's a plot device that we're all familiar with and, sometimes, it can open the door to many creative ways to regain someone's memory.

Nevertheless, it's overused and can be very frustrating. Although, in this case, I appreciate that the amnesia was more used to solidify the feelings Gong Shil and Joong Won have for each other instead of a way to keep the two apart until we reach the final episode.

The entire scene where Gong Shil gave herself to Madame Go felt very similar to when Ariel gave her voice to Ursula. I just kept screaming, “NOOOO!!” at the screen even though I know no one can hear me, but I understood that Gong Shil was making the ultimate sacrifice for Joong Won. Not only did she give up her life so that he can have his but she was left with all the memories the two shared together while, as far as she knew, Joong Won will have no memory of anything pertaining to her. That’s just torture. In just two episodes, these two are willing to give up everything in the name of each other. Romantic, but I wouldn't practice this at home, kids.

What’s more romantic than reciprocal sacrifices? The fact that even when Joong Won’s memories of Gong Shil have been erased he’s still drawn to her because every part of his being was wrapped up in her. It’s a natural pull that not even Ursula--I mean, Madame Go can control.

It's basically the same pull I have with my refrigerator.

This is not to say that the two got back together as soon as Joong Won regained his memories. Gong Shil wants to protect him but she knows that she can only do that by staying away from him. She also needs to learn how to deal with her ability on her own. Sure, she loves him, but she needs to be with him because of that, not because he can chase the spirits away.

I do have to admit that seeing how the tables have turned where she's telling him to get lost gets me all giddy inside. Especially knowing that he won't actually fulfill her empty request.

You do have to wonder how all of this will work out in the end. It seems she's not only accepted her ability, but she actually enjoys having it. We all want her to end up with Joong Won (obviously), but his ability will no doubt interfere with her. Maybe there's a middle ground that we haven't figured out yet. I wouldn't put it past the Hong Sisters.

I mean, they're the ones that brought this little gem of a man to our lives.

Seriously, where have you been all this time, Yoo Jin Woo? A love triangle involving you would have been much easier to buy than one with Kang Woo, even if, let's face it, there was never a REAL love triangle.

I'm glad that Kang Woo could serve as her confidant while Joong Won was trying to recover his memories and he was able to help Gong Shil catch Han Na Brown--I mean, Cha Hee Joo. BUT! It's time to move on to...other people.

Watching your one-sided love is painful, especially when Yi Ryung is around. I've grown attached to him and his dry wit so I'd like to see him happy with someone.

I will say that I was very disappointed with her getting Kang Woo drunk without his knowledge. Again, don't try that at home, kids.

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