Honestly, the last few weeks of plot progression have been killing me. It’s that classic third quarter homestretch that brings on all the Kdrama “plot twists” (aka amnesia and noble idiot syndrome) with a heavy dose of characters just spinning their wheels in place.

Followed up by the resolution of… everything? Moah?

There are two more episodes left, writers! How on earth are you going to fill up all that space?

Throwing us a red herring in this handsome guy is not gonna be enough! Not that I wouldn’t mind staring at dreamy hunk for a good while – but seriously, I would’ve loved an introduction 10 episodes ago, and then maybe there’d be room for a good last minute dilemma. I feel gipped. There’s a whole drama to be made in the story of a man who had a ghost follower, and lost her, only to find her years later… it’s a gold mine, people. Why wasn’t it utilized before now?

Maybe we could request a spin-off in the space of a few episodes. Or maybe I could just start writing some fan fic…

Okay focus.

What I actually enjoyed most about the last few episodes was how *not* threatening Cha Hee Joo/Hanna Brown was to the the OTP. Her insidious attempts to reintroduce herself as Joong Won’s “special” friend stressed me out, and every time she wrung her fake sun necklace through her fingers, poised so it would always be visible when Joong Won looked at her, I could’ve strangled my computer screen.

It makes me sad because I’ve loved this actress since she was in City Hunter, and now here she is a meddling creature and I’m not even sure why. Did the show give us ample reason why she stole her sister’s life? Just being an orphan, jealous of her twin’s more glamorous life and easier success talking to the boy of her dreams?

I wanted more from her story than just this.

Fortunately what we got instead was a Joong Won who, though traumatized and post-amnesic, still has his romantic priorities in order. Not only does he NOT fall for this girl’s tricks, he is steadfast in his love of Gong Shil (just not enough to know, make her stay)

“I guess seduction wasn’t your forte. Even though you were her twin, I’ve never once been interested in you.”

I give this line a whopping hooray! If there's anything rom-coms teach us about life, it's that true love conquers all, and all fakers will be swept away. I’ll take my life lessons and run.

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